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Logic Pro 8 Essential Training

with Joe Godfrey

Video: Welcome

How to record and mix professional audio using Logic Pro 8, from simple production to multi-take recording.
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  1. 14m 25s
    1. Welcome
      1m 45s
    2. Understanding Logic Pro
      1m 35s
    3. Using this title
      1m 49s
    4. Using the software's Keyboard
      2m 30s
    5. An important note for laptop users
    6. Using the exercise files
      1m 52s
    7. Troubleshooting the exercise files
      4m 6s
  2. 16m 45s
    1. Installing the program
    2. Launching Logic for the first time
      2m 48s
    3. Setting up audio interfaces
      4m 33s
    4. Understanding WordClock
      1m 23s
    5. Setting up MIDI interfaces
      1m 9s
    6. Verifying MIDI input
      1m 18s
    7. Connecting outboard MIDI gear
      2m 7s
    8. Importing an existing environment
      1m 35s
    9. Selecting an outboard synth
      1m 5s
  3. 1h 18m
    1. Understanding types of projects and which to use
      3m 39s
    2. Completely customizable keystrokes
      5m 59s
    3. Understanding Logic's window structure
      12m 32s
    4. Creating and customizing screensets
      2m 16s
    5. Understanding the importance of saving iterations
      2m 12s
    6. Customizing the Transport window
      6m 1s
    7. Customizing the Arrange window
      6m 21s
    8. Exploring Meter options
      3m 23s
    9. Exploring Key Signature options
      4m 32s
    10. Exploring Tempo options
      3m 23s
    11. Using the Metronome feature
      4m 8s
    12. Using Channel Strips
      6m 30s
    13. Using Tracks
      3m 44s
    14. Using Regions
      4m 16s
    15. Merging Regions
      3m 18s
    16. Demixing
      1m 50s
    17. Naming Regions
      1m 44s
    18. Coloring Regions
      2m 38s
  4. 30m 9s
    1. Using the Window Media Browser
      2m 15s
    2. Sorting Loops
      3m 52s
    3. Auditioning Loops
      7m 53s
    4. Favoriting Loops
      1m 51s
    5. Using loops to build a groove
      6m 37s
    6. Editing MIDI Loops
      7m 41s
  5. 1h 13m
    1. Creating a live tracking session
    2. Building your groove
      9m 35s
    3. Tracking a virtual bass
      10m 51s
    4. Setting up a cue
      3m 35s
    5. Recording the vocal
      6m 56s
    6. Comping the vocal
      9m 27s
    7. Tracking a live instrument
      5m 45s
    8. Arranging the song
      7m 32s
    9. Understanding the Mix window
      3m 7s
    10. Mixing the song
      7m 20s
    11. Recording vocal automation
      4m 41s
    12. Bouncing the song
      3m 40s
  6. 45m 33s
    1. Understanding virtual instruments
      2m 14s
    2. Sequencing with Ultrabeat
      11m 23s
    3. Using the EXS24 MkII
      8m 7s
    4. Sound sculpting in Sculpture
      7m 5s
    5. Using the EVP88 Vintage Piano Synth
      5m 19s
    6. Using the EVB3 Vintage Organ Synth
      4m 27s
    7. Using the EVD6 Vintage Clavinet Synth
      6m 7s
    8. Exploring other virtual synths
  7. 50m 24s
    1. Using Logic with video
      2m 38s
    2. Importing a movie into Logic
      4m 47s
    3. Creating timeline markers
      3m 38s
    4. Understanding bars, beats, and timecode
      3m 50s
    5. Adjusting tempo and song structure
      2m 5s
    6. Scoring a movie
      14m 39s
    7. Adding sound effects to your movie
      4m 29s
    8. Exporting OMF and XML files from Final Cut Pro into Logic
      10m 15s
    9. Exporting XML files from Logic back into Final Cut Pro
      4m 3s
  8. 1h 5m
    1. Beginning the remixing process from a vocal track
      6m 36s
    2. Building the rhythm track using Logic's library
      13m 10s
    3. Editing the parts of the rhythm
      8m 0s
    4. Adding guitar strums using Delay Designer
      4m 36s
    5. Adding the instrumental solos
      10m 42s
    6. Editing and adding vocal effects
      6m 20s
    7. Final touch-ups
      8m 2s
    8. Bouncing the mix
      7m 53s
  9. 57m 4s
    1. The mixer interface
      7m 38s
    2. Learning the sounds using EQ Sweep
      7m 52s
    3. Mixing using MIDI velocity
      2m 59s
    4. Writing and editing volume automation
      13m 47s
    5. Setting up busses for reverb and delay
      6m 23s
    6. Using the Space Designer
      3m 19s
    7. Using the Delay Designer
      4m 0s
    8. Freezing your tracks
      2m 44s
    9. Naming your Input and Output labels
      2m 7s
    10. Learning how to "Surroundify" your mix
      1m 46s
    11. Bouncing stems
      4m 29s
  10. 29m 18s
    1. Introducing Printing
      2m 24s
    2. Editing in Score layout
      5m 29s
    3. Working with key signatures and transposition
      5m 53s
    4. Printing an orchestral score
      5m 17s
    5. Printing individual parts
      2m 26s
    6. Using the Camera tool for snapshots
      1m 17s
    7. Logic's Chord Analysis tool
      3m 51s
    8. Understanding what the parts tell you
      2m 41s
  11. 10m 23s
    1. Saving custom settings and templates
      3m 54s
    2. Archiving your project
      5m 14s
    3. Backing up custom settings to a network
      1m 15s
  12. 20m 12s
    1. Burning discs with Waveburner
      4m 35s
    2. Timing your tracks
      2m 33s
    3. Adding track markers and index points
      5m 48s
    4. Processing the audio
      3m 24s
    5. Normalizing the audio
      1m 49s
    6. Deciding whether to burn, bounce, or save
      2m 3s
  13. 1m 37s
    1. Additional resources
      1m 3s
    2. Goodbye

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Logic Pro 8 Essential Training
Video Duration: 0s 8h 13m Beginner


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From simple audio production to multi-take recording, professional composer and musician Joe Godfrey shows how to record, mix, and remix professional audio in Logic Pro 8 Essential Training. Starting with basic customization and recording techniques, Joe goes on to explain Logic's library of sound loops, methods for recording analog and digital instruments and MIDI synths, how to add a soundtrack to a movie, and the process of mixing tracks for fuller sound. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Creating and customizing screensets
  • Using channel strips
  • Working with loops
  • Creating a live tracking session
  • Exploring the potential of sound sculpting
  • Creating audio for video
  • Editing, mixing, and remixing
  • Prepping and printing scores
  • Burning discs with WaveBurner
Audio + Music
Logic Pro


Welcome to Logic 8 Essential Training. I am Joe Godfrey and I will be your guide through these exercises. I have worked with digital audio as a musician, composer, producer and sound designer for advertising, TV, film and new media. If you are a beginner and you have never dealt with digital audio before or if you are already working in another program and you are switching to Logic, I hope you find these exercises to be a stimulating way to learn the program. I have been using Logic since version 4. I started with digital audio in the 80's with a Synclavier then moved to Opcode's Vision and when that went away I had to choose a new best friend and I went with Logic.

Logic has always had a reputation for having a very steep learning curve and with Logic 8, Apple has made pretty much made that go away. And now it has the intuitive feel of a lot of the other programs in the Apple Pro Suite. Logic 8 is probably best known as a music production software, kind of a recording studio on your computer, but lots of other creative artists need the tools that Logic offers. Animators, web designers, game designers, film editors, radio engineers, musicians, everybody that works with audio. Audio projects revolve around good dialogue and narration, good sound effects, and good music and we will be examining options inside of Logic for those audio elements.

Logic lets you accurately capture a performance but that's just the beginning. The beauty of editing digital audio is that you can perfect the performance and modify the performance in a thousand ways. So in this training we will learn how to do that. We will cover how to record, how to edit, how to use the loops and synths inside Logic to create your own compositions, how to combine sounds so they work together, and how to export. So let's get started so you can start creating better audio for your projects.

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