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Using Survey view

Using Survey view provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Tim Grey as part of … Show More

Lightroom 4 Image Management Workshop

with Tim Grey

Video: Using Survey view

Using Survey view provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Tim Grey as part of the Lightroom 4 Image Management Workshop
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  1. 1m 46s
    1. Welcome
      1m 46s
  2. 44m 45s
    1. Library module overview
      3m 20s
    2. Preferences for image management
      10m 6s
    3. Catalog settings
      7m 57s
    4. Catalog backup settings
      2m 22s
    5. Backing up with Export
      2m 56s
    6. Working with the Lightroom interface
      5m 21s
    7. Grid view display options
      6m 37s
    8. Loupe view display options
      3m 19s
    9. Working with multiple catalogs
      2m 47s
  3. 27m 50s
    1. Folder structure considerations
      3m 20s
    2. Importing existing images
      6m 53s
    3. Importing new images
      9m 36s
    4. Importing subsequent images
      4m 4s
    5. Using tethered capture
      3m 57s
  4. 28m 54s
    1. Locating images to review
      4m 10s
    2. Getting a quick overview of photos with Grid view
      3m 7s
    3. Reviewing images in detail with Loupe view
      4m 11s
    4. Zooming and panning in images
      4m 19s
    5. Using Compare view
      6m 16s
    6. Using Survey view
      3m 42s
    7. Working with videos
      3m 9s
  5. 1h 8m
    1. Configuring the toolbar
      3m 8s
    2. Picking and rejecting photos with flags
      6m 30s
    3. Assigning star ratings to photos
      5m 39s
    4. Configuring color labels
      3m 20s
    5. Using color labels to identify images
      5m 13s
    6. Auto-advancing during image review
      2m 56s
    7. Working with image stacks
      4m 33s
    8. The Quick Collection
      3m 52s
    9. Using collections to organize photos
      5m 21s
    10. Using Smart Collections
      5m 33s
    11. Basic metadata updates
      5m 8s
    12. Adding keywords to photos
      4m 35s
    13. Using the Painter tool
      3m 13s
    14. Synchronizing metadata
      2m 53s
    15. Writing metadata to images
      3m 17s
    16. Correcting capture time
      2m 51s
  6. 35m 49s
    1. Setting image sort order
      3m 54s
    2. Catalogs, folders, and collections
      2m 30s
    3. Basic image filtering
      4m 32s
    4. Advanced image filtering with the Library Filter
      8m 3s
    5. Locking the Library Filter
      2m 47s
    6. Finding images on the map
      9m 54s
    7. Dealing with offline images
      4m 9s

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Using Survey view
Video Duration: 3m 42s 3h 27m Beginner


Using Survey view provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Tim Grey as part of the Lightroom 4 Image Management Workshop

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In this course, author and digital imaging expert Tim Grey teaches you how to use the Library module in Adobe Lightroom 4 to manage your images, ensuring that you'll always be able to find any image you need, when you need it. Learn how to make full use of the Import feature, sort and organize your images, add keywords and otherwise identify key images, filter and search images, create backups, and much more. Plus, get lots of tips on configuring the Lightroom interface to suit the way you work, making everything you do faster and easier.

Topics include:
  • Preferences for image management
  • Catalog settings
  • Backing up with Export
  • Importing, reviewing, and organizing images
  • Image filtering
  • Locking the Library Filter
  • Dealing with offline images
Photography video2brain

Using Survey view

The Survey View in Lightroom allows you to review several images at a time, so you can identify your favorite from a particular group. I find the Survey View to be most useful when you're comparing a variety of images that don't necessarily relate to each other. In other words, I don't typically use the Survey View when I'm comparing several images of the exact same subject. For that, I would tend to use the Compare View. But when I have a variety of images, and I just want to find perhaps my favorite of that group, then I'll tend to use the Survey View. For example, I have some photographs here that I captured during a photography event in California, photographing various subjects at the beach at sunset.

And I'd like to find one image that sort of epitomizes the overall experience there. I've click on the first image in a series. I like this one, a horse with a rider on the sand dunes. I can also then hold the Ctrl key on Windows or Cmd key on Macintosh, and then click on other images that I would also like to evaluate. So, I'll scroll through the film strip. I could also use, of course, the Grid review in order to review the images. And I'll include that one as well. And so now, I have five selected photos, we can see on the filmstrip here that out of the 22 images in this folder, I've currently selected 5.

I'll go ahead then and chose the Survey View. I can click on the Survey View button on the toolbar below the image, or simply press the letter N on the keyboard. When I'm in Survey View, you can see that all of the selected images are displayed all at once in the preview area. If I press Shift+Tab I can hide all of the panels, and I'm also going to press T to hide the toolbar. And then, I can evaluate these images to decide which I think might be the best. The basic process in Survey View involves removing images from the group. So, you review all the images and decide which is perhaps not the best fit for whatever you have in mind.

I think the smokestacks from a power plant here perhaps is not exactly what I'm looking for. So, I'll click the X in the bottom right corner of the image. That X appears whenever I mouse over the image. And when I click that X, that particular image will disappear. And the others will rearrange and resize to fill the available space. I like this wide shot of the sunset and the beach. There's a surfer walking in front of the waves here. But I think overall, it's a little bit too wide of a scene. I think there's not really a strong area of interest.

And the sky, while nice, is not remarkable. So I think I'll remove that image from the group. I also think that while this horse and rider is very very nice, it's just not quite dramatic enough, and perhaps wasn't framed as well as it could've been. I'll go ahead and remove that image from the selection. I'm left now with just two images. And well, I really like the image on the left. I think the image on the right is still little bit more interesting and dramatic. So, I think I'll remove the image on the left and that leaves me with the single image that I have narrowed down the selection to.

I can then press Shift+Tab in order to bring back my panels. And I might as well bring back the toolbar as well by pressing T. And as you can see, while I had selected five images to start with, now that I've finalized my selection to a single image using the Survey View, I only have a single image actually selected on the Filmstrip at this point. So, I could then continue working with this image, perhaps optimizing it, adding some metadata to it, or even just sharing it with others, with web gallery for example, or perhaps printing the image. The point is, that I'm able to take a group of images that I like, and find my favorite out of that group relatively easy with the Survey View.

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