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Saving a print job


Lightroom 5: 05 Printing

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Video: Saving a print job

When we're creating print jobs within the Print

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1h 6m Beginner Jun 12, 2014

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By carefully setting up and proofing your images in Lightroom, you can create prints worth sharing and selling. Author Tim Grey continues his exploration of Lightroom, this time in its Print module, and shows you how to print contact sheets and individual images, add watermarks and text overlays, create picture packages, correct inaccurate prints, and save print jobs for future use.

This course was created by Tim Grey. We're honored to host this training in our library. Watch more courses in this series here.

Tim Grey

Saving a print job

When we're creating print jobs within the Print module in Lightroom, we're utilizing a template-driven approach. In other words, we're generally starting off with an existing template and then perhaps fine-tuning the settings for that template and then producing the printed output. If we make changes on the right panel, we may want to save a new template so that in the future, we can print with that exact same layout for different images without having to make any adjustments on the right panel. But at times, you may want to save the actual layout, including the specific images that are included in that layout.

Here, for example, I have several images of flowers that are laid out in a custom package and if I want to be able to reproduce this exact layout in the future, I may want to save it. And I can do that by creating a saved print. I'll go ahead and click the Create Saved Print button up at the top of the Lightroom display above the Preview area, and that will bring up a Create Print dialog. You might recognize this as essentially being the exact same dialog as the Create Collection dialog and that's because we really are creating a collection.

It's just that in this case it is a collection that specifically references the printed output with the exact layout as we've defined it. And so, I'll just give this a name. I'll call this Flowers in Spain for example because these images were captured in Spain and they all feature flowers. I can include this particular collection inside a collection set if I'd like. So, for example, I could organize my various saved prints into a particular folder. In this case, I'll just leave this as a top level collection. I'm going to include only the photos that are actually used within this print layout and I'm not going to set this collection as a target collection.

That essentially means that I can then just press the letter B on the keyboard if I want to add an image to this collection. But since I'm saving a specific print layout with specific images, I don't need that option. So, having typed a name, I'll go ahead and click Create, and that will create my saved collection for this specific print job. I'll go back to the Library module, for example, and I'll choose the folder full of Spain photos, and you'll see that I'm able to see all of my images on the filmstrip. And so, for example, I could then go to the Print module and choose a different template in order to produce a different print, but I can also access my Flowers in Spain print job by choosing it from the collections.

And in fact, if I were in the Library module and I wanted to see just those images, I could certainly choose that collection. Notice that it indicates that it is a print job though based on that printer icon. And so, over toward the right, I'll find a little arrow that I can click on to automatically go to the Print module with that specific print layout set so that I could simply print it. So now that I have this saved print job, all I have to do is select it and then adjust my print settings as appropriate and print this layout. So I'm able to reproduce the exact same printed layout as many times as I need because I've saved this particular layout as a saved print job.

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