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Lightroom 5: 06 Creating Web Galleries

with Tim Grey

Video: Web gallery overview

Learn how to create and publish web galleries featuring your own photography with Lightroom.
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Lightroom 5: 06 Creating Web Galleries
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Learn how to create and publish web galleries featuring your own photographic images. Lightroom makes it easy. Tim Grey shows you how. Find out how to choose a template, adjust color and appearance settings, add valuable image information, and export and publish your gallery. In under an hour, you can learn how to get a gallery online.

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Web gallery overview

The web module in Lightroom enables you to create web galleries so that you can share your images online. And it actually provides a very simple and effective way of sharing images with others, without the need to actually build your own website. That said, you do actually need to essentially have your own website in order to create a web gallery in Lightroom. Or at least to publish that web gallery and make it available to others.

Here for example, I have a web gallery that I've created featuring some photos from Italy and I've posted it to my website. In order to do that, I need to have what's referred to as FTP access. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and this is the protocol that's used for transferring files between computers on the internet. If you have your own website with your own domain name, for example my website is Then you more than likely have FTP access. In other words, you're able to actually upload files.

So, just as you might upload files using FTP software in order to create your basic website, you can also make use of FTP within Lightroom's web module to post files to your server. To your website. And then you can simply share an address for that gallery with others, so that they can view the images. Here I've created this gallery, I can click on an individual thumbnail to see a larger image. I can then navigate among the various images that are in this gallery and all of that was done very quickly and easily in Lightroom.

I'll go ahead and switch to Lightroom and you can see I'm browsing among some of my photos in this case photos from Italy and I can then simply switch to the web module once I have selected the images that I would like to include within that gallery, making sure all of those images are available on the film strip. I can then simply choose a template that I would like to use for that gallery. Adjust any of the settings over on the right panel and then once I've configured my server settings, I can simply click the Upload button and Lightroom will process all of the images that are included in that gallery and will upload the files for me to my server.

So that I can then once again share that website address, with anyone I'd like. So that they can view these photos and perhaps let me know which image they'd like to use for a particular project. But the overall process is very simple. You make sure that the images that you'd like to include in a web gallery are shown on the film strip. You select a template, adjust your settings and then upload that gallery to your website.

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