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Editing video

Editing video provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Bryan O'Neil Hughes … Show More

Photo Workshop: Portrait of an Exotic Car

with Bryan O'Neil Hughes

Video: Editing video

Editing video provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Bryan O'Neil Hughes as part of the Photo Workshop: Portrait of an Exotic Car
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Editing video
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Editing video provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Bryan O'Neil Hughes as part of the Photo Workshop: Portrait of an Exotic Car

Photoshop Lightroom

Editing video

Okay. So the next one I'm going to show you guys-- and I show this to you guys because it usually begs some questions, but I'm really excited about it, and I'm really interested in it. So who here has a 5D II? Okay, few, bunch of you. Me too. Bunch of us bought these. Great camera. 5D III is another great camera. Pretty much since the 5D II there is been this arms race. I use the Mac, and I shoot Canon. I also have Nikons and PCs.

It's all just gear. Same with the car thing. Amazing, how often the guy in the ratty car comes out and passes everybody else out on the track. It's not about your gear. But having said that, I bought a 5D II because I thought I was going to be a filmmaker like these guys. They are filming Act of Valor using 22 5D IIs and Adobe software. Really, really crazy the things you can do with this. So anyway, this arms war started where everyone is putting video on the DSLR. Not only can you not buy a DSLR that does video, you can't even buy a telephone anymore that doesn't video.

Video is everywhere, and it's being pushed everywhere, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, generating it everywhere. Our research shows, yes indeed, everybody is recording video and out of all the people that are recording video 5% to 7% of people are sharing video, but you know, just about nobody is editing video. They are really not. Now you guys are probably pretty seasoned users. You're probably not the norm, but most people aren't editing video, because it's scary, it's challenging.

I took my 5D II, and I jumped into the Premiere Pro, and I thought, hey, I've been in Adobe for 13 years. I know our products really well. This isn't going to be a problem at all. Wrong! Scary, really scary. Great product. I've seen people do amazing stuff with it. It's crazy powerful. I was reminded of how people feel when they go into Photoshop. You feel like you're in the cockpit of a 747. Okay, I know this flies, but I've no idea how, right? Really scary, and then you mix in like time and audio and a bunch of jargon.

Anyway, so the idea is how do we present a tool for all those people that are creating video that want to do something with it? So we did a bunch of research around this, and we were really open-minded. Maybe this is a new product, maybe this is a change to Premiere Elements, maybe this is a change to Premiere Pro, who knows? What we heard from people is a lot of discomfort. Professional photographers saying, I got to go out. I am going to have to go out and buy. We're on Windows now. We are going to have to get on Mac, and we're going to get Final Cut, we have to. And I was like, why? Well, we got to do video.

I was like, wow, you guys are really making yourself uncomfortable to do video. Now more recently if you asked them, because Premiere is doing really well and Final Cut has stumbled a little bit. I need to go out, and I need to get Premiere Pro, and I need to learn all the stuff, and it's like, well, what do you want to do? I just want to, I want to cut my video and throw a title at the beginning and a title at the end. Well, I don't think you need Premiere Pro for that. But the other thing that you would hear people say is I don't want to learn the product, and the other thing we would hear people say is I know my way around in Photoshop, I know my way around in Lightroom.

Just give me controls I understand, give me something I'm already using. My videos are coming off the same devices. My stills, does it have to be different? And video has been in Photoshop since CS3 Extended. Most people don't know that. The video that we put in there, not especially intuitive. It uses adjustment layers. Where it really falls down as if you try to do transitions or cuts or dissolves. Those things are each a chapter on a book. There are probably some fantastic resources at lynda devoted to how to do a transition or a fade using Photoshop for video.

So we've figured, you know what this is a great problem to solve. You've got a lot of people that are looking for solution, people are being very clear about what they want, you've gotten an established workflow, a lot of people know how to use Photoshop. So we worked really hard on coming up with a video solution that was designed to be as easy to use as iMovie or Premiere Elements, but as powerful as Photoshop. You can do everything you can do in Photoshop to video. So let me show you what we came up with. I think it's going to be--I think it's really cool. It is really cool. So I take my video.

This is my incredible video that shows you guys why I'm not a filmmaker that came off of my 5D Mark II, because I wanted to use something that at least came from me. I didn't want to use someone else's files. Now as I'm waiting for a second to show you guys this. That's why I shot so much on the way down here. So I drove down here from Carmel Valley, fun car, fun road. GoPro on the front, 5D inside, an iPhone inside and video.

I got as much footage as I can. That's going to take me a while to come up with, but watch--watch our channel for that, and I'm sure you guys will see an update. I'm going to put together a little video of the way up here. So here's the experience. I should mention--I said this is for everybody. This isn't just in Extended anymore. It's in all versions. It's in both versions of Photoshop. So I come in here, press the spacebar, I confirm, yes indeed. There is video playing in Photoshop. I've got a nice familiar timeline. I can mute my local audio. I can shrink that down.

If I want to add another video, I come in here, and I do that, and I can add whatever I want to add from here. Let's come in here, and I'm just going to throw another video clip right next to that. Let's do this one, and then I can say, maybe I want to throw a still next to that. So I'll grab this TIF right here, and now let's say I want to take the still and put it between those, and when I come over to the still, it's probably an entirely different resolution than the video.

So let's use my Move tool and just come back to that. And I can come back here, and we would play through those. The problem and where it breaks down for most people is in the transitions. This is where it gets really tricky. So if I want to fade in, I just drag and drop Fade. If I want a Cross Fade, I drag and drop Cross Fade. If I want to Cross Fade again, I do that. If I want to fade with black, I do that. If I want to animate the still and do sort of a Ken Burns kind of thing and have it pan and zoom and zoom out on an angle. I can do that.

If I want to make a particular part--let's put it where you guys can see--say, black and white. I don't need to know anything about video. I come over here, and I just make the Black & White. I click Auto, I've got a black and white video. So let's look at what we came up with here really quickly. My hack video skills. Back up, and we play. We fade in to our black and white video. That comes over, and then it's going to cross fade into a still that's going to pan and zoom.

Now I haven't rendered this at all, but there is my still, panning and zooming back, and then as it gets over to the grass it's going to cross fade to that and the grass is going to animate, and it's going to start moving. Here we go! Again, I haven't rendered any of this, but it's playing pretty well. There's the grass, and as we come over here, it fades out. Now if we want there to be a part of this that's persistent throughout all of it. Let's say I want some type on here.

Let's say, I want to come in here and say something about the video, whatever it might be, and it turns out, we did a lot of research in Hollywood, no matter who is doing video they are almost certainly using Photoshop for the text, because Photoshop is a really great text engine. So let's just say up here, make that a little bigger so we can see it. So there's our text layer, but what it's done is it's just dropped that in the middle there. That's not where we want it. We want that text to be over everything.

So now we just come over here, and we move that out of that video group. We moved that right up here out of there. The text sits on top, and now we can just stretch the text and say okay, you come on partway through, you go out at the end and maybe when you come in, you fade. If I wanted to change the duration of that fade, I'm just context-clicking on it and saying, you slowly fade on there. So designed to be really easy to use.

If I come back here--again, I won't make you watch my amazing film from beginning to end. But that fades on slowly, and it shows us that. Now when we were ready to send this out, we use AME, Adobe Media Encoder to render the video. The whole idea here is you want this to be easy. We want all those people who aren't editing video to edit video. So what we thought is okay, let's try to predict where they are going with this and not make them remember a bunch of esoteric stuff.

So you just come in here, and you'd say this is for YouTube, this is for hi-def, this is for 1080p, this is for Android, this is for Apple TV, iPhone. And we take care of all the jargon for you. So that's in both versions of Photoshop. So far the people I've shown this to, here lynda and NAPP and other places are really excited about what we were doing, because there are a lot of people that want this. So in about an hour, I showed you guys a ton of stuff. I'm going to stop demoing now, and thank you guys, but I'll stay up here and answer some questions for you.

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