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Adobe Camera Raw as a filter

From: Noise Reduction and Sharpening in Lightroom and Photoshop

Video: Adobe Camera Raw as a filter

So, we've taken a good look at all of the things Now, let me show you another trick.

Adobe Camera Raw as a filter

So, we've taken a good look at all of the things that you can do around sharpening and noise reduction using Lightroom. Now let's talk about Photoshop. And, with Photoshop, we can either choose to send the files over from Lightroom, hitting Cmd+E. Or if you're more inclined, we could use Bridge. And with Bridge, you'll notice that things appear in folders. And so, if I'm wanting to work on one of my images for sharpening, we could just come in here. Now, a couple of cool tricks to know. We can use all of the functionality that we just used in Light Room, in Photoshop.

And we can use it on non-Raw files as well. So, for instance, this JPEG file. We can pass that into Camera Raw, and use the same noise reduction and sharpening. We just need to know how to trick Photoshop into opening them. And so what we would do, is we would come over to our preferences. Our Camera Raw preferences. And we would say, automatically open all supported JPEGs. And then click OK. You notice we could also do that for TIFs. There's another way to do that, which is with the file selected, just hit Cmd+R. And if I do that, I've got the Camera Raw dialogue, I can do all the things we did before, like recover our highlights, open up our shadows, introduce some clarity.

I could double-click on my zoom tool, and we can do our quick sharpening here. And our keyboard shortcuts like option and alt, all of that carries over here. Everything works just the same as it did over in Light Room. Now, let me show you another trick. Let's take this image, which is a PSD. And, if we're in Photoshop CC, we can use Camera Raw as a filter. So think of this as all of Light Room's develop module, available from within Photoshop.

And to show you just how powerful this can be, let's go ahead and take this image, and we'll just duplicate it. And now we'll come up here to our Filter menu, and go to Camera Raw Filter. So, essentially we could open any non-Raw file. Not just JPEGs and .TIFs, but anything that Photoshop can open, which is just about everything, can now pass through Camera Raw. Again, we pop in here, and we can do all those things that we did before. Clarity, to fake our focus a little bit, zoom in. Maybe we want to sharpen this a bit.

I'll exaggerate it, just so we can see on screen, and maybe we want to do something like, s little bit of an additive vignette. Zoom out here, and throw that in. Bring the focus to the center. Now, what's great about this, is because I am in Photoshop, I can do all the cool things I can only do with layers. Like, have a multiply blend mode. Turn the opacity down on that. And if we zoom in here, let's toggle that effect. Not only am I getting the controls that I love in Camera Raw or Light Room, but I've got blend modes as well.

So I can play around quite a bit with this. Now, if I like, I can even do things, that I could never do before, like select a particular part of this image. I'm just going to make a really rough selection to show you how this works. And use that, to come into Camera Raw. And we'll go ahead and just do something ridiculous, like cool that down. Darken it. And soften it. Click OK, and that will be applied to just that area. So you can just imagine, with selective edits and sharpening, you could do all sorts of things using Camera Raw as a filter.

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