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Lightroom 1.3 for Digital Photographers

with Colin Smith

Video: Welcome

Teaches picture takers how to import, organize, develop, and output images with ease.
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  1. 53s
    1. Welcome
  2. 52m 52s
    1. Setting Lightroom preferences
      12m 3s
    2. Importing images from a hard drive
      6m 29s
    3. Importing images from a flash card, CD, or DVD
      5m 1s
    4. Setting up a watched folder to automatically import images
      4m 53s
    5. Creating custom identity plates and using logos for end markers
      6m 51s
    6. Overview of the Lightroom interface and the Lights Out feature
      5m 50s
    7. Working with the panels efficiently
      4m 21s
    8. Overview of the side panels
      3m 17s
    9. Overview of the toolbar
      4m 7s
  3. 54m 50s
    1. Working with collections and folders
      9m 11s
    2. Working with Grid view and thumbnails
      7m 36s
    3. Using Loupe view to get a closer look at images
      5m 26s
    4. Comparing images and choosing the best
      6m 1s
    5. Viewing multiple images at once
      4m 32s
    6. Understanding previews
      5m 9s
    7. Managing catalogs
      4m 57s
    8. Exporting catalogs
      3m 42s
    9. Importing catalogs and managing catalogs on multiple computers
      8m 16s
  4. 54m 5s
    1. Using ratings, flags, and labels to organize photos
      7m 27s
    2. Using filters to find photos
      7m 30s
    3. Understanding and applying metadata
      7m 13s
    4. Filtering by metadata to find photos quickly
      2m 50s
    5. Working efficiently with metadata
      4m 47s
    6. Using keywords to organize images
      5m 38s
    7. Saving time with custom keyword sets
      5m 34s
    8. Fixing misspelled keywords on multiple images
      1m 16s
    9. Organizing keywords
      7m 12s
    10. Locating photos
      4m 38s
  5. 26m 43s
    1. Making molehills out of mountains
      9m 21s
    2. Changing the time zone on photos
      2m 39s
    3. Straightening crooked photos
      1m 14s
    4. Practical and creative cropping
      2m 56s
    5. Removing the dreaded red-eye with ease
      1m 25s
    6. Removing blemishes
      1m 34s
    7. Cleaning lenses and sensors to remove dust
      2m 32s
    8. Using the Painter tool to copy settings to multiple photos
      5m 2s
  6. 1h 1m
    1. Setting white balance
      6m 37s
    2. Understanding and using histograms
      6m 30s
    3. The Basic Adjustments panel
      4m 30s
    4. Special considerations for adjusting skin tones
      11m 39s
    5. Fixing underexposed and overexposed images
      6m 29s
    6. Comparing "before" and "after" images
      2m 51s
    7. Using curves for targeted adjustments
      7m 29s
    8. Using HSL and the color controls
      7m 47s
    9. Using image history and snapshots
      3m 3s
    10. Saving and using presets
      4m 27s
  7. 32m 51s
    1. Converting grayscale images
      4m 55s
    2. Advanced grayscale workflow
      5m 4s
    3. Using Split Toning to color grayscale images
      3m 50s
    4. Using Split Toning on color images for a cross-processed effect
      1m 18s
    5. Removing noise
      3m 15s
    6. Understanding and using the sharpening tools
      4m 51s
    7. Special considerations for sharpening faces
      4m 30s
    8. Removing color fringes
      3m 8s
    9. Compensating for a lens vignette and adding a vignette for a creative feel
      2m 0s
  8. 1h 10m
    1. Overview of the correction tools
      10m 21s
    2. Overview of the correction tools with people
      11m 36s
    3. Integrating Photoshop with a Lightroom workflow
      8m 10s
    4. Processing multiple images at once
      5m 1s
    5. Understanding virtual copies
      4m 24s
    6. Syncing RAW files with Bridge, Lightroom, and Photoshop
      9m 10s
    7. Exporting photos from Lightroom
      10m 9s
    8. What is DNG, and how can Lightroom help?
      5m 58s
    9. Sharing Lightroom presets with other computers
      2m 27s
    10. What is camera calibration?
      3m 12s
  9. 38m 57s
    1. A quick slideshow
      1m 30s
    2. Using slideshow templates
      2m 37s
    3. Customizing slideshows
      10m 43s
    4. Adding custom text to slideshows
      1m 37s
    5. Adding music to slideshows
      2m 59s
    6. Exporting slideshows for CDs or email
      1m 55s
    7. Getting accurate colors for prints
      9m 50s
    8. Creating contact sheets for proofing image collections
      7m 46s
  10. 45m 6s
    1. Overview of web galleries
      9m 17s
    2. Using fancy Flash galleries
      9m 49s
    3. Customizing the Flash galleries
      10m 21s
    4. Customize the HTML galleries
      10m 17s
    5. Uploading galleries to a website or exporting to disk
      5m 22s
  11. 40s
    1. Goodbye

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Lightroom 1.3 for Digital Photographers
Video duration: 0s 7h 18m Intermediate


Photoshop Lightroom 1.3 for Digital Photographers was created and produced by Colin Smith. We are honored to host his material in the Online Training Library®.

There's nothing more frustrating than having hundreds of digital pictures clogging up one's hard drive. Photoshop Lightroom 1.3 for Digital Photographers teaches picture-takers how to import, organize, develop, and output images with ease. Instructor Colin Smith breaks down even the most complex tasks into quick and easy-to-understand techniques, and demonstrates multiple methods that work in real-world situations. He teaches photographers how to work efficiently with metadata; create custom keyword sets; and understand Lightroom's ratings, flags, and labels. Colin also shares some of his secret tips!

Topics include:
  • Importing images from a hard drive
  • Working with the panels efficiently
  • Understanding and managing catalogs
  • Customizing the HTML galleries
  • Adding music to slideshow presentations
  • Converting grayscale images


Hi, I'm Colin Smith, Bestselling Author and Founder of I'm going to want you to watch over my shoulder as we take an in-depth look into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. This amazing program enables you to import your images, sort them, adjust them, categorize them, make amazing adjustments, and then output them to print to web, and to create stunning slideshows. This is the most comprehensive video available on this subject with over 78 lessons. You can watch from start to finish or come back and use it for a reference. Although the screen captures are done on Windows, you can use this for both Mac and Windows.

And I'll give you the keyboard shortcut when we come to both of those. The goal of this title is for you to spend less time in front of your computer and more time behind your camera. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this video. I'll see you at the cafe, that's

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