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Keynote: Using Photos and Videos Effectively for Great Presentations

with Richard Harrington

Video: Welcome

Learn how to add photos and video to your Keynote presentation and make it more professional and engaging.
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  1. 2m 27s
    1. Welcome
      1m 1s
    2. Related classes on
    3. How to use the exercise files
  2. 26m 36s
    1. Why use photos?
      2m 17s
    2. Aesthetics when choosing images
      6m 43s
    3. Technical requirements for presentation images
      2m 50s
    4. Using stock photography
      7m 42s
    5. Sources for free images
      2m 0s
    6. Copyright essentials for presenters
      5m 4s
  3. 10m 12s
    1. What is the Media Browser?
      1m 31s
    2. Browsing iLife and Apple Pro apps
      2m 56s
    3. Adding your own folders to the Media Browser
      2m 7s
    4. Previewing content
      1m 5s
    5. Filtering your view
      2m 33s
  4. 9m 47s
    1. Using the Choose command
      2m 42s
    2. Dragging and dropping images
      2m 13s
    3. Copying and pasting images
      2m 47s
    4. Using screenshots
      2m 5s
  5. 15m 31s
    1. Using the Enhance command
      2m 29s
    2. Adjusting exposure
      1m 58s
    3. Adjusting contrast
      2m 10s
    4. Adjusting color
      2m 13s
    5. Creating background images
      4m 52s
    6. Reusing an effect with a placeholder image
      1m 49s
  6. 10m 7s
    1. Using standard masks
      2m 39s
    2. Masking with a shape
      2m 40s
    3. Editing a mask
      1m 52s
    4. Adjusting an image within a mask
      1m 14s
    5. Straightening a photo
      1m 42s
  7. 11m 59s
    1. Using embedded transparency
      2m 47s
    2. Adding the Instant Alpha effects
      2m 50s
    3. Adding transparency with Photoshop
      3m 56s
    4. Adding transparency with Photoshop Elements
      2m 26s
  8. 12m 26s
    1. Designing with a grid
      2m 33s
    2. Using photo-oriented master slides
      3m 42s
    3. Using photo-oriented themes
      1m 58s
    4. Using builds to reveal photos
      4m 13s
  9. 10m 31s
    1. Adding a Smart Build
      2m 21s
    2. Rearranging images
      1m 2s
    3. Formatting a Smart Build's appearance
      3m 16s
    4. Ken Burns effects with Magic Move
      3m 52s
  10. 10m 25s
    1. Adding a video file
      1m 25s
    2. Trimming a video file's duration
      1m 52s
    3. Adjusting the poster frame
      1m 11s
    4. Setting the volume for a video clip
      1m 12s
    5. Setting playback controls for a video clip
      3m 12s
    6. Controlling video playback during a presentation
      1m 33s
  11. 19m 45s
    1. Starting a project
      1m 55s
    2. Populating a theme
      4m 22s
    3. Rearranging slides in Light Table view
      1m 16s
    4. Adding transitions between slides
      2m 17s
    5. Adding a music track to a slideshow
      2m 47s
    6. Reducing a slideshow
      1m 42s
    7. Recording timings for a presentation
      3m 5s
    8. Exporting a slideshow for the web or DVD
      2m 21s
  12. 9m 20s
    1. Prepping with Photoshop: Part one
      3m 2s
    2. Prepping with Photoshop: Part two
      3m 43s
    3. Optimizing a movie
      2m 35s
  13. 9m 14s
    1. Exporting a layered file with transparency
      1m 49s
    2. Assembling a layered file in Keynote
      3m 1s
    3. Animating layers over time
      4m 24s
  14. 52s
    1. Wrapping up

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Keynote: Using Photos and Videos Effectively for Great Presentations
Video duration: 0s 2h 39m Appropriate for all


Keynote is a great tool for businesses, educators, and creative professionals who want to pitch their idea or show off their portfolios. Join Rich Harrington as he shows you how to embed photos and videos in your Keynote presentations. Learn how to resize and insert images, enhance their color and contrast, and mask them with shapes. Then on the video front, find out how to adjust the duration, set the playback volume, and optimize video files for embedding in Keynote. Rich also shows you how to add transitions and music, animate your slides, and export your final presentation.

This course was created and produced by Rich Harrington. We're honored to host this content on our library.

Topics include:
  • Choosing images
  • Finding free images on the web
  • Using the Media Browser
  • Inserting images manually
  • Adjusting exposure, contrast, and color
  • Masking and straightening photos
  • Animating a presentation
  • Using Smart Builds
  • Inserting video files
  • Prepping images and video in Photoshop


Hi, my name's Rich Harrington and welcome today. We're going to be taking a look at using Keynote along with photos and video. Now if you want to go ahead and create photography or portfolio presentations, this is a great class for you. Or, if you're just a standard presenter needing to build more effective slide presentations, I'll show you how to add photos and video to your presentations, making sure that they're the right size, as well as proper aesthetics to really get some effective designs. We've got a lot of great stuff to cover today and I've been using Keynote for a very long time.

In fact, I find Keynote to be a great way, whether I'm showing my photography off. Or just building a business presentation for my company, or an educational presentation when I'm teaching. I use this application all the time, but I'm a big believer in the power of visuals. So throughout the course, we're going to share lots of ideas as well as some of the simplified theories that really take a presentation from being good to great.

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