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Kevin Stohlmeyer

Kevin Stohlmeyer Kevin Stohlmeyer is a designer specializing in digital illustration with over 20 years' experience in the field. He has been teaching professionally since 2000 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and loves educating others and sharing his passion for technology and design. He serves as the higher education coordinator for C2, Wisconsin's only Apple Authorized Training Center (AATC), and sits on the advisory board for several colleges, developing curricula and software training using the Adobe products.

A self-proclaimed geek, his experience with publications, workflows, and illustration enhances his credibility as an Adobe Certified Instructor. He founded the Milwaukee Adobe Users Group/Graphic Design Meetup in 2007. This thriving creative user group has over 500 members.

Kevin is featured regularly in Photoshop User and Adobe Inspire Magazine and is the live on-site blogger for Photoshop World Conference since 2010. He's also an Adobe Influencer and an Adobe Community Professional who speaks at events and conferences on Creative Suite and design nationwide.
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  • view course page for Designing Templates with Illustrator

    Discover how Illustrator templates can boost your productivity and keep your design elements consistent.

    19m 11s

  • view course page for Perspective Drawing with Illustrator

    Add a sense of depth and space with Illustrator's powerful perspective tools. Learn how to draw in perspective, and add, position, and scale objects so that they blend within your scene.

    26m 6s
    Appropriate for all

  • view course page for Processing Product Photos with Photoshop

    Learn how to color correct, retouch, and enhance product shots with Photoshop and turn in images that will delight your clients.

    1h 31m

  • view course page for Working with Perspective in Photoshop

    Learn how to work with perspective in Photoshop: adjust it, repair it, and create better composites with your new skills.

    37m 12s

“All of the instructors you have for graphics/3D/animation are great! Many of them remind me of the wonderful professors I have at my college, just a LOT more mobile!” —Michael M.
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