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Joomla! 1.7: Programming and Packaging Extensions

with Joseph LeBlanc

Video: Welcome

Bridges the gap between site administration and customization by developing Joomla! components, plug-ins, modules, and other extensions.
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  1. 5m 34s
    1. Welcome
    2. Course overview
    3. Taking this course
      1m 9s
    4. Using the exercise files
      3m 6s
  2. 10m 2s
    1. Reviewing Joomla! applications
      2m 26s
    2. Defining extension types
      2m 23s
    3. Understanding how Joomla! buffers content
      2m 54s
    4. Understanding the execution flow
      2m 19s
  3. 11m 36s
    1. Choosing coding tools
      4m 0s
    2. Setting the PHP configuration
      4m 8s
    3. Inspecting Joomla! output
      3m 28s
  4. 18m 15s
    1. Installing and examining a minimal module
      3m 45s
    2. Exploring a bare minimum component
      3m 9s
    3. Understanding plug-ins
      4m 23s
    4. Translating essential language strings
      1m 58s
    5. Touring the component manifest
      5m 0s
  5. 14m 26s
    1. Displaying information in modules
      3m 4s
    2. Configuring through parameters
      3m 53s
    3. Styling with layouts
      4m 56s
    4. Overriding layouts
      2m 33s
  6. 24m 2s
    1. Defining MVC
      5m 43s
    2. Choosing with controllers
      4m 33s
    3. Looking at views
      4m 5s
    4. Modeling data
      3m 36s
    5. Joomla! MVC vs. the world
      6m 5s
  7. 23m 7s
    1. Displaying a single record
      4m 54s
    2. Displaying a complex record
      3m 9s
    3. Blending view data
      3m 27s
    4. Linking views together
      3m 31s
    5. Styling views with CSS
      5m 44s
    6. Overriding views
      2m 22s
  8. 20m 49s
    1. Comparing back-end and front-end MVC
      2m 15s
    2. Listing records
      6m 15s
    3. Adding back-end toolbars
      2m 49s
    4. Publishing with Controller Admin and Model Admin
      6m 3s
    5. Paginating results
      3m 27s
  9. 17m 10s
    1. Filtering records by state
      6m 17s
    2. Searching tables
      5m 43s
    3. Sorting columns
      5m 10s
  10. 18m 50s
    1. Building an Edit view
      4m 27s
    2. Using JForms
      5m 35s
    3. Loading JForms data
      2m 37s
    4. Splitting JForms into layouts
      3m 12s
    5. Handling HTML JForms elements
      2m 59s
  11. 15m 54s
    1. Implementing configuration panels
      3m 2s
    2. Reading configuration values
      3m 33s
    3. Configuring models
      2m 49s
    4. Linking views through menus
      2m 53s
    5. Individually configuring views
      3m 37s
  12. 26m 52s
    1. Why make URLs readable?
      2m 25s
    2. Aliasing records
      3m 20s
    3. Handling ItemIDs
      4m 39s
    4. Configuring SEF URLs
      4m 50s
    5. Building URL routes
      6m 12s
    6. Parsing custom URLs
      5m 26s
  13. 30m 41s
    1. Considering DOM libraries
      2m 43s
    2. Calling existing MooTools scripts
      5m 49s
    3. Using MooTools and jQuery together
      6m 5s
    4. Marking tours with Google Maps
      3m 58s
    5. Marking multiple addresses with JSON
      7m 9s
    6. Detecting existing copies of jQuery
      4m 57s
  14. 25m 48s
    1. Getting personal with users
      2m 4s
    2. Assigning an onClick event
      3m 30s
    3. Setting favorites
      6m 44s
    4. Interpreting JSON responses
      5m 20s
    5. Presetting a favorite state
      4m 0s
    6. Listing favorites
      4m 10s
  15. 30m 7s
    1. Strategic security
      5m 33s
    2. Throwing exceptions
      5m 12s
    3. Logging activity with jLog
      3m 18s
    4. Restricting back-end access
      3m 17s
    5. Premium front-end access
      6m 28s
    6. Checking out records
      6m 19s
  16. 17m 29s
    1. Selecting plug-in types
      3m 17s
    2. Searching and replacing with system plug-ins
      5m 54s
    3. Summarizing with content plug-ins
      2m 10s
    4. Alerting with custom plug-ins (onFavorite)
      6m 8s
  17. 7m 49s
    1. Creating extension language files
      2m 59s
    2. Debugging languages
      2m 45s
    3. Overriding language files
      2m 5s
  18. 7m 18s
    1. Packaging your extensions
      6m 28s
    2. Next steps

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Joomla! 1.7: Programming and Packaging Extensions
Video Duration: 0s 5h 25m Advanced


View Course Description

In this course, author Joseph LeBlanc bridges the gap between site administration and customization by developing Joomla! components, plug-ins, modules, and other extensions. The course shows how to configure various development tools, create and display modules, and receive, process, and display data following the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern. The course also covers making human-readable URLs, incorporating JavaScript , translating the user interface, and managing site security.

Topics include:
  • Defining extension types
  • Translating essential language strings
  • Displaying information in modules
  • Defining Model View Controller
  • Modeling data
  • Styling views with CSS
  • Handling HTML JForm elements
  • Implementing configuration panels
  • Building URL routes
  • Exploring DOM libraries
  • Marking multiple addresses with JSON
  • Setting and listing favorites
  • Restricting backend access
  • Debugging languages
  • Packaging extensions
Developer Web


Hi! This is Joe LeBlanc with Joomla! 1.7 Programming and Packaging Extensions. In this course we will walk through how to install minimal extensions, create a backend's interface, filter database results, configure development tools, make URLs human readable, and translate the user interface, and we will also build the custom component, a module, a language file and, several plug-ins. Then we will package the final codes to its installable on any Joomla site.

Let's start writing some extensions.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Joomla! 1.7: Programming and Packaging Extensions .

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Q: How do you change htaccess.txt to .htaccess in Windows 7? The Mac method is shown in the Chapter 11 movie "Configuring SEF URLs," but I can't get it to work in Windows.
A: Go to the Start menu and choose Run. Then type cmd and press Enter. This will bring up the command prompt. Finally, enter the following command:

rename c:\Path\To\Your\Joomla\Site\htaccess.txt .htaccess

(Replace c:\Path\To\Your\Joomla\Site\ with the actual path to your Joomla installation.)





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