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Jason Yim

Jason Yim Jason Yim, President and Executive Creative Director of the interactive agency Trigger LLC, brings fifteen years of experience to the digital marketing industry. Some of Jason's clients include Sony, Paramount, Universal, Red Bull, Cartoon Network, Disney, Lucas film, Jenny Craig, Nike China and Turner India. Trigger's robust portfolio includes Web, Games, Social, Media, Mobile and Augmented Reality projects for campaigns such as 2012, District 9, Angels & Demons, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, Hancock, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Spider-Man 3, and WB India. In addition to developing projects from concept through execution, Yim keeps an eye on the importance of technology and competition. Yim expanded Trigger's mobile team of iPhone application developers to additional smartphone programmers for the BlackBerry and Android. As these two devices build up their App Stores and media services, Yim is ensuring that Trigger's clients will remain at the forefront. Other inventive client offerings include "Trigger Replay," the agency's own advanced tracking and reporting product for games. Beyond interactive services, Yim also created "Trigger Change", a commitment to not only do good work, but to also do some good. Trigger participates annually in construction projects that help communities and wildlife in less fortunate countries around the world. Past projects include school buildings, orphanage housing and ranger stations. Jason Yim is called upon frequently as a guest speaker with past speaking engagements at Digital Hollywood; Comdex; SXSW; ad:tech: Singapore, Shanghai, and Tokyo; and Yim's alma mater, UCLA.
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    With web sites, online games, Facebook apps, and iPhone apps for major films and consumer brands, Trigger has mastered the integration of creative and technology.

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“I am in love with the After Effects program and have already started to apply some animation on our web pages. Even at this baby-steps stage, it looks awesome. You guys are the best thing that ever happened.” —Ida P.
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