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Apply effects to images Instagram

Applying effects to images provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Justin Seel… Show More

Sharing Photos with Instagram

with Justin Seeley

Video: Apply effects to images Instagram

Applying effects to images provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Justin Seeley as part of the Sharing Photos with Instagram
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  1. 1m 25s
    1. Welcome
      1m 25s
  2. 13m 31s
    1. What is Instagram?
      1m 3s
    2. Downloading Instagram for iOS
    3. Downloading Instagram for Android
      1m 4s
    4. Signing up for an account
      1m 59s
    5. Exploring the Instagram website
      4m 18s
    6. Viewing an Instagram profile
      4m 10s
  3. 10m 19s
    1. Exploring the Instagram app
      5m 24s
    2. Taking a photo and controlling the built-in flash
      2m 46s
    3. Working with Auto Exposure and Auto Focus
    4. Using the rule of thirds grid
      1m 10s
  4. 24m 52s
    1. Opening a photo from your camera roll
      1m 3s
    2. Cropping and rotating photos
      1m 21s
    3. Applying effects to images
      3m 49s
    4. Simulating a tilt-shift lens
      1m 53s
    5. Simulating shallow depth of field
      2m 15s
    6. Using the Lux feature
      2m 16s
    7. Adding borders to your photos
      2m 20s
    8. Adding captions and location information
      2m 54s
    9. Tagging photos with hashtags
      3m 24s
    10. Saving high-resolution versions of your photos
      3m 37s
  5. 30m 13s
    1. Sharing with social networks
      5m 41s
    2. Sharing photos with Foursquare
      1m 11s
    3. Finding people to follow on Instagram
      3m 59s
    4. Unfollowing a user
      1m 38s
    5. Blocking and unblocking users
      2m 46s
    6. Liking and commenting on photos
      1m 58s
    7. Deleting comments
      2m 28s
    8. Instagram for business
      4m 29s
    9. Creating a meetup for Instagram users
      6m 3s
  6. 22m 51s
    1. Viewing Instagram photos using a web browser
      6m 14s
    2. Integrating Instagram into a website
      6m 14s
    3. Finding essential apps for Instagrammers
      1m 35s
    4. Printing Instagram photos
      1m 0s
    5. Tracking your Instagram statistics
      7m 48s
  7. 32s
    1. Goodbye

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Applying effects to images
Video duration: 3m 49s 1h 43m Appropriate for all


Applying effects to images provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Justin Seeley as part of the Sharing Photos with Instagram


Applying effects to images

Once you have got a photo either taken or loaded into Instagram, it's time to start applying effects or filters to that photo-- after all, that's what makes Instagram, Instagram right-- are the filters that you're able to apply to the photos. My favorite part about the filters is the fact that they are live, meaning I can apply them instantaneously to the photos that I'm working with and I can switch between them at any given time without any render time or anything like that. So if I picked this filter here and then switch to another one, you see that it instantly switches between the two-- there's no render time in between there-- that's very helpful.

I couldn't do that in something like Photoshop. I would have to do a lot of Curves adjustment, Levels adjustments, and things like that and it just takes forever. And so that's why an app like Instagram is so much fun for me because I just get to come in here, scroll around and find an effect that I like, tap on it, and it's instantly applied to my photograph. Now there are some effects that work better for some photos and this will take some trial and error, but after a while you're going to find that you like certain effects more so than others. So for instance, I'm sort of partial to a couple of these, Nashville being one of my favorites. And so the Nashville Filter really sharpens the image, and gives it sort of a really high magenta/ purple tint, and it also has this really cool border around the outside of it, it looks almost like it was done in film, which is really neat.

Some of the other ones that I like are going to be the Hefe. The Hefe is really nice, because it adds sort of a fuzzy quality to the photograph, and it also puts a focus on the yellow tones in the image as well, really makes the yellowish tones sort of pop out. It's kind of a vintage effect. If you're into black-and-white photography, you are going like the Inkwell setting; it's very high contrast, almost like an Ansel-Adams-like effect, and it gives it a nice white matte border around the outside as well. Some of the other good ones that are available to you will be Sutro. Sutro is sort of a Sepia effect that gives emphasis on the purple and yellow tones, really makes the shadows dark and pops the highlights really nicely.

You have also got stuff like Lo-fi, and the Lo-fi is kind of a slightly blurred image. You'll notice it's kind of a blurry quality to your images when you select this, and it really oversaturates the yellows and the greens in the photo. So that's really going to pop those out. You'll also notice it's a really high contrast as well, which is kind of nice. If you're into sort of the older faded looks, Sierra would be a good one for that. You can also check out something like Rise or Amaro; those are both sort of vintage looks. And then if you scroll all the way to the right, you have some really interesting ones like 1977, and so the 1977 gives what they call it a 1970s flair look to your photo. It's really cool though in some situations.

And then finally one of the more popular ones for people who like this vintage look is going to be the Kelvin look; it used to be called Lord Kelvin, but now it's just called Kelvin. And so this is a super-saturated retro photo but it's got this really cool scratchy like grungy border around the outside and that's really popular nowadays. So, that's another great addition to this filter as well. And so you just scroll through all of these different filters, you can pop them on one at a time just by tapping on them with your finger. If you don't like the one that you've chosen, that's fine, just switch to another one and you can keep going all the way through the list until you find one that you like.

And then once you found one that fits your photo just the way you want it, all you have to do then is commit to that by either tapping the Green check mark at the bottom or you can cancel that by hitting the red X, and that will take you back out to either take another photograph, or to load another photo from your Camera Roll. So again, if you want to come in and really use the heart and soul of Instagram, that's going to be the filters here inside of the Instagram app. So, once you take a photo or load them in just explore some of these and play around with them just by tapping, and once you find the one you want, commit to that, and you're ready to share your photo with hundreds, if not thousands of people all around the world.

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