InDesign: 2013 Creative Cloud Updates
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Working with hyperlinks


InDesign: 2013 Creative Cloud Updates

with Justin Seeley

Video: Working with hyperlinks

One of the most fundamental things that you can do inside of

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41m 17s Intermediate May 06, 2013 Updated Jan 16, 2014

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Adobe InDesign has transformed into InDesign CC, a sleek 64-bit application with an ever-evolving toolset. But how do these changes impact designers? In this course, get an insider's take on the new feature set and performance enhancements that ship with the latest update to Creative Cloud. Author Justin Seeley reviews the most compelling features in InDesign, including HiDPI and retina display support, the modern dark interface, EPUB enhancements, and QR code generation.

Note: Adobe Creative Cloud is updated on a regular basis. We will add more tutorials as features are added or changed, so check back often.

Justin Seeley

Working with hyperlinks

One of the most fundamental things that you can do inside of an interactive document inside of InDesign CC is to add hyperlinks to things. This allows you to launch websites, other pages inside your document, even videos and sounds, and things like that. And in this latest update to Adobe InDesign CC, they've added a little bit of an easier way to allow you to put hyperlinks on objects inside of InDesign. It used to be you'd have to select an object and then go up to the Window menu, you'd have to bring up the Interactive panel, and find Hyperlinks and then go in here and set your hyperlinks.

You no longer have to all of that stuff. All you have to now is have an object on screen selected, right-click on it and then go down to Hyperlinks and choose New Hyperlink. Here you can set the URL, so in this case I could set it up to just be I could set it to go to a URL, a file, email, page, text anchor or shared destination. I can also select a character style for this. In this case, it goes to a default hyperlink style, which is just going to be a blue link with an underline. You can easily change this inside of the Styles panel or by creating a new style that you select.

And so in this case I'll just hit OK, and now this object now has the hyperlink applied to it. If I went into the Window menu, and went down to Interactive and chose Hyperlinks. This is going to bring that back up, and you're going to see now that this object does have a hyperlink applied to it. It is telling me here that in this indicator, which is known as a traffic light, that this URL is viable and ready to go. You may see this be yellow or red depending on the status of the URL. InDesign is going to check that for the fidelity of the URL each and every time you launch the document to let you know if it's okay or not. In this case, I can click that, and once I do, it takes me right to the homepage.

I can navigate back into InDesign now and continue adding hyperlinks to my document, but as you can see with this latest edition, it's really, really simple to add hyperlinks to your objects that can go pretty much anywhere you want them to go.

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Q: This course was updated on 01/16/2014. What changed?

A: When Creative Cloud applications are updated, we refresh our training to make sure it covers the latest features and interface changes from Adobe. This update includes a review of important EPUB changes and changes to hyperlink behaviors.

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