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What we're going to build

What we're going to build provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by James Fritz a… Show More

InDesign CS5: Interactive Documents and Presentations

with James Fritz

Video: What we're going to build

What we're going to build provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by James Fritz as part of the InDesign CS5: Interactive Documents and Presentations
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  1. 1m 56s
    1. Introduction
      1m 18s
    2. Using the exercise files
  2. 11m 45s
    1. Interactive documents: Born Magazine
      1m 49s
    2. Annual report case study: Unitus
      1m 44s
    3. Self-publishing
      1m 59s
    4. Digital books: iBooks, ePub
      2m 15s
    5. Digital newspapers: Times Reader
      1m 51s
    6. Digital magazines: Wired, iGIZMO, The New Yorker
      2m 7s
  3. 12m 32s
    1. Setting preferences for interactive documents
      2m 36s
    2. Customizing the workspace
      3m 6s
    3. Understanding intent and presets
      2m 21s
    4. Working with images
      2m 37s
    5. Installing scripts
      1m 52s
  4. 9m 40s
    1. Comparing PDF and SWF presentations
      2m 5s
    2. Presenting from InDesign: Presentation mode
      2m 2s
    3. Presenting a SWF
      1m 50s
    4. Presenting a PDF
      1m 8s
    5. Creative tip: Practice your presentation
      2m 35s
  5. 33m 42s
    1. What we're going to build
      1m 28s
    2. Previewing your layout with the Preview panel
      3m 25s
    3. Creative tip: KISS (Keep It Super Simple)
      3m 11s
    4. Setting up a presentation with layers
      5m 21s
    5. Creating a navigation system
      5m 5s
    6. Creating a title and content slides
      4m 40s
    7. Overriding master page items
      3m 21s
    8. Setting page transitions
      2m 31s
    9. Creating hyperlinks
      2m 26s
    10. Using the slug for notes
      2m 14s
  6. 23m 30s
    1. Adding a Full Screen button with a tool tip
      4m 15s
    2. Creating PDF bookmarks in InDesign
      3m 19s
    3. Using a button to go to a specific page in a PDF
      3m 11s
    4. Using animation inside a PDF presentation
      6m 15s
    5. Exporting your presentation to interactive PDF
      4m 6s
    6. Creating a PDF Portfolio presentation
      2m 24s
  7. 29m 50s
    1. Exploring the Animating Encyclopedia Script
      6m 24s
    2. Using the Animation panel
      3m 38s
    3. Animating a list
      2m 28s
    4. Designing an alternate navigation
      3m 35s
    5. Creating a multistate object
      4m 25s
    6. Creating a page number indicator
      1m 59s
    7. Animating an opening page
      1m 53s
    8. Using Page Turn vs. Page Curls
      2m 4s
    9. Exporting your presentation to SWF
      2m 21s
    10. Watching out for transitions with animations
      1m 3s
  8. 24m 3s
    1. What we're going to build
      1m 43s
    2. Creative tip: Breaking down a complex animation
      3m 2s
    3. Taming the Timing panel
      1m 43s
    4. Animating on a motion path
      3m 2s
    5. Creating a sound hot spot
      2m 34s
    6. Creating a slideshow with a multistate object
      1m 50s
    7. Creating a loaded button
      2m 43s
    8. Creating an interactive map
      4m 25s
    9. Creative tip: Have fun!
      3m 1s
  9. 15m 38s
    1. What we're going to build
      1m 19s
    2. Creating the opening transition
      4m 20s
    3. Creating a logo slideshow
      2m 34s
    4. Animating the color palette
      3m 44s
    5. Combining multistate objects and buttons
      3m 41s
  10. 28m 39s
    1. What we're going to build
      1m 26s
    2. Building an interactive table of contents
      4m 19s
    3. Building a navigation system
      2m 9s
    4. Creating PDF-only buttons
      3m 1s
    5. Using a SWF slideshow in a PDF
      4m 14s
    6. Placing a video and using the Media panel
      3m 53s
    7. Setting navigation points
      3m 24s
    8. Placing a video from a URL
      2m 2s
    9. Creating URLs from hyperlinks
      4m 11s
  11. 22m 40s
    1. Preparing your layout for Export
      5m 7s
    2. Handing off your InDesign layout to Flash
      3m 11s
    3. Opening the FLA file in Flash CS5 Professional
      2m 33s
    4. Adding a stop command and testing the movie
      2m 22s
    5. Fixing the buttons
      3m 8s
    6. Importing a video into Flash
      1m 45s
    7. Editing the animations
      2m 59s
    8. Publishing a SWF
      1m 35s
  12. 17m 0s
    1. Avoiding legacy media
      1m 11s
    2. Converting a video into FLV with Adobe Media Encoder
      1m 52s
    3. Using the JPG Pass-Through filter
      2m 32s
    4. Avoiding compatibility issues
      3m 7s
    5. Slimming down your FLA
      2m 41s
    6. Sharing motion presets
      3m 40s
    7. Testing hyperlinks in a SWF
      1m 57s
  13. 34s
    1. Further Recommendations

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What we're going to build
Video duration: 1m 43s 3h 51m Intermediate


What we're going to build provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by James Fritz as part of the InDesign CS5: Interactive Documents and Presentations

Design Web

What we're going to build

Let's take a look at what we're going to build in this chapter, an interactive microsite. A microsite is a mini web site that serves a niche purpose and in this case it's a small guide to why we should move to the city of Meridian. On the first page of this site, we're going to come down and click on the arrow to go to the next spread. (Rattling of the train) On the Move page, we'll see a train come in with a sound effect. Next we see an electric vehicle drive up and then get filled up with electricity.

At the bottom we have a small navigation system that lets us go to the next page. The Live page has a slide show where we can click to see the different images around town. If we mouse over the Pocket Mulch we can hear sound effect. (Bzzz. Flies buzzing.) On the Eat page, if we click on the Truck button we'll see the Twitter handles for local businesses.

On the Enjoy page, we have a sound hotspot with an animation. (Gears grinding) (Hum as map swoops in) And on the last page there's an interactive map. If I click on each of these buttons, I'll see different routes. And this button shows all of them. If I click on this fork, I get a pop-up window. Now that we've seen what's inside this microsite, let's get started creating it.

If you'd like to explore the finished version of this document, I've included the City Guide Master File inside this folder.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about InDesign CS5: Interactive Documents and Presentations .

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Q: I am having trouble creating a YouTube-linked video to play on a page in SWF or interactive PDF. I've followed the tutorial, but I keep getting a message that the video should be Flash compliant. How do I link directly to a YouTube video?
A: It is not possible to link directly to a YouTube video through copy and pasting the URL on the page. In order to link to the video, you need the exact link to the .flv video file.
Are the source files for the interactive publication Born Presents still available? doesn't seem to be working.
Unfortunately, the content is no longer available on Adobe's site. However, the files are currently available at

The author also posted an article related to the project at
Q: When I add audio to my multi-page project and export it as a PDF, why doesn't the music play past the first page?
A: Unfortunately, there is no way to have an MP3 play across multiple pages of a PDF. It looks like you could because of the wording of the Media panel when you have an MP3 selected, but that isn't the case. You can have an MP3 play across pages of a SWF, which is why that option exists.

This is an inconvenience, but we're not aware of a way around this limitation inside a PDF. You could try making one really big PDF and have buttons jump to another part of the page (using anchors), but every one would have to be on 1 page.
Q: Why does an ugly gray box appear when the audio is played. The author keeps the audio on the pasteboard, which for me, does not play the audio at all when exported. It only plays when on the page.
A: If you are seeing a gray box, make sure that you have set a poster for the audio file. Select the frame and open the Media panel, where you can select your own raster image as a poster frame or just leave it as none. You could also check to see if your frame has a fill applied to it, since there is a chance you could have accidentally applied an
object style or a fill.





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