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InDesign for Web Design

with Michael Murphy

Video: Welcome

Shows aspiring web designers how to quickly create webpage prototypes with text and object styles, modular layouts, and interactivity.
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  1. 1m 33s
    1. Welcome
    2. Using the exercise files
    3. What you should know before watching this course
  2. 38m 44s
    1. Print vs. web: Working with pages, pixels, and the box model
      1m 34s
    2. Creating a document for the web
      5m 15s
    3. Setting up a custom web design workspace
      3m 15s
    4. Working with web colors
      9m 8s
    5. Creating web page grids and templates
      12m 46s
    6. Using master pages
      4m 58s
    7. A note about working with exact pixel dimensions
      1m 48s
  3. 23m 9s
    1. Print vs. web: Points and pixels, styles and CSS
      2m 21s
    2. Using web fonts
      8m 44s
    3. Using styles to mimic CSS behavior
      7m 32s
    4. Organizing style groups based on site content
      4m 32s
  4. 38m 34s
    1. Print vs. web: Working with object styles and divs
      1m 21s
    2. Making InDesign frames work like divs
      11m 8s
    3. Defining and using object styles
      8m 33s
    4. Using anchored objects to connect content
      10m 10s
    5. Using anchored objects and text wrap to simulate floats
      7m 22s
  5. 29m 5s
    1. Print vs. web: Using tables for design, not for HTML layout
      1m 24s
    2. Designing a simple horizontal navbar with tables
      10m 58s
    3. Designing a rounded-corner navbar with tables
      3m 36s
    4. Designing a multi-level vertical navbar with tables
      7m 22s
    5. Creating an expanding two-level navbar with tables
      5m 45s
  6. 52m 9s
    1. Print vs. web: Understanding the importance of templates
    2. Setting up a wireframe template
      13m 3s
    3. Designing the header and the footer
      7m 10s
    4. Using separate InDesign files for a modular template
      8m 58s
    5. Adding layout variations with master pages
      7m 19s
    6. Adding custom page content
      6m 29s
    7. Managing assets with object libraries
      8m 12s
  7. 53m 11s
    1. Print vs. web: Exploring the flexible page
      1m 24s
    2. Understanding basic Liquid Layout: Scale and Recenter
      4m 58s
    3. Using the guide-based Liquid Layout rule
      7m 40s
    4. Establishing object-based Liquid Layout rules
      9m 13s
    5. Using Liquid Layout for varying page heights
      7m 9s
    6. Creating alternate layouts
      5m 9s
    7. Diving deeper into the alternate layout
      8m 9s
    8. Repurposing content with the Content Conveyor and style mapping
      9m 29s
  8. 37m 53s
    1. Print vs. web: Exploring the static page and the (inter)active page
    2. Exploring the interactive capabilities and constraints of InDesign
      1m 39s
    3. Adding hyperlinks
      6m 20s
    4. Previewing interactive page elements with interactive PDFs
      4m 16s
    5. Previewing interactive page elements with SWF files
      3m 43s
    6. Creating working navigation buttons
      7m 53s
    7. Adding video
      8m 35s
    8. Adding HTML content
      4m 35s
  9. 32m 48s
    1. Print vs. web: Working collaboratively
      1m 28s
    2. Exporting flat PNG and JPEG comps
      4m 13s
    3. Exporting mockups at a device-specific resolution
      3m 35s
    4. Generating a layered PSD file
      8m 20s
    5. Exporting web-optimized images
      7m 24s
    6. Exporting HTML and CSS
      7m 48s
  10. 37s
    1. Next steps

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InDesign for Web Design
Video Duration: 0s 5h 7m Intermediate


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InDesign offers unique advantages for kick-starting a website design, such as its unmatched typographic control, pixel-perfect positioning, and fluid, intuitive layout environment. InDesign offers designers who want to quickly create webpage prototypes a powerful toolset with robust text and object styles, page grid features, and interactivity—and none of the limitations of Photoshop, complexities of Dreamweaver, or burdens of hand-coding HTML and CSS. This course shows aspiring web designers how to set up documents for the web, utilize web fonts for maximum compatibility, design a navigation bar, and even mimic CSS with InDesign styles. The final chapter shows how to export your mockups as HTML, CSS, PDF, SWF, and web-optimized images that can be shown to clients or quickly published to the web.

Topics include:
  • Understanding web concepts such as pages, pixels, and the box model
  • Working within web colors and grids
  • Working with type and type styles
  • Designing a nav bar with tables
  • Setting up a template with headers, footers, and modular content
  • Experimenting with liquid and alternate layouts
  • Adding interactive content such as links and video
  • Exporting flat PNG and JPEG comps
  • Exporting HTML and CSS content
Design Web


Hi, I am Michael Murphy, and Welcome to InDesign for Web Design. In this course I'll show you how to build and design website mockups using Adobe InDesign. I'll start by showing you how to set up your documents with web-friendly colors, grids, and measurements. Then I'll show you how to streamline your design process with styles that allow you to easily transform and edit your text, objects, and images. We'll cover how to add interactive elements to your site like hyperlinks, video, and HTML content.

Then I'll walk you through different ways to export your web design and include the necessary information and visual reference a developer might need to build the site. We'll cover all of these features, plus more. So let's get started with InDesign for Web Design.

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