InDesign: 2013 Creative Cloud Updates
Illustration by John Hersey

InDesign: 2013 Creative Cloud Updates

with Justin Seeley

Video: Important EPUB changes (January 2014)

In the latest update to Adobe InDesign CC, there

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41m 17s Intermediate May 06, 2013 Updated Jan 16, 2014

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Adobe InDesign has transformed into InDesign CC, a sleek 64-bit application with an ever-evolving toolset. But how do these changes impact designers? In this course, get an insider's take on the new feature set and performance enhancements that ship with the latest update to Creative Cloud. Author Justin Seeley reviews the most compelling features in InDesign, including HiDPI and retina display support, the modern dark interface, EPUB enhancements, and QR code generation.

Note: Adobe Creative Cloud is updated on a regular basis. We will add more tutorials as features are added or changed, so check back often.

Justin Seeley

Important EPUB changes (January 2014)

In the latest update to Adobe InDesign CC, there are many changes and improvements to the EPUB workflow. In this movie I'll discuss a few key changes that I think will be important to you. First off, let's talk about images. In the latest update to InDesign, JPEG images are now generated using the .jpg extension versus the .jpeg extension. Not a huge deal necessarily, but always good to know in case you see it and are thrown off. In most cases these extensions can be used interchangeably. Alternate text attributes on images, which are a key component in making your document more accessible to those with disabilities, is now blank by default.

Whereas previously, it would be taking the embedded alternate text from the image file itself, now you'll have to add in your own alternate text to each image that you use inside of InDesign. In the Export Dialog and Object Export Options dialog, there is now an option labeled, Use Original Image. This will allow you to skip custom rasterization options for your images and simply use the original files that you placed into InDesign. Eliminating that extra step of having to set that up and have InDesign convert the images for you. When this is turned on, InDesign will automatically try to map the transforms on the object to CSS transforms.

This is going to help to try to preserve things like rotation, scale, and crop. It's not a foolproof solution by any means. So always check your documents after exporting to make sure that everything is still lined up properly. Objects have changed a bit in InDesign CC as well. Now, when you're using custom layout options, inDesign now has a better mapping of that to CSS properties to ensure that your layout looks consistent once you export it out to the final EPUB file. Floating CSS objects will now attempt to prevent overlapping in your documents upon export as well.

And image objects with text on a path will now automatically trigger rasterization. This is an attempt to keep their look consistent in the final EPUB document. The final major change to EPUB in this update revolves around Adobe Edge Animate files. Ever since CS6, InDesign has supported the placing of widgets published from Edge Animate using the animate deployment package publish target. In this update however, InDesign now supports iframe embedding of Edge Animate content with a few caveats. Be sure to test your Edge Animate content thoroughly to ensure proper display on your target devices.

For a more in-depth look at creating EPUB files with InDesign CC, be sure to check out our InDesign CC: EPUB Fundamentals course by Anne-Marie Concepcion.

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Q: This course was updated on 01/16/2014. What changed?

A: When Creative Cloud applications are updated, we refresh our training to make sure it covers the latest features and interface changes from Adobe. This update includes a review of important EPUB changes and changes to hyperlink behaviors.

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