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Designing a Book

with Nigel French

Video: Welcome

Explore the components of an elegant and readable book design, and the setup and strategy for designing a book in Adobe InDesign.
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  1. 1m 59s
    1. Welcome
      1m 7s
    2. Using the exercise files
  2. 4m 43s
    1. Looking at the parts of a book
      1m 4s
    2. Getting to know your text
      2m 32s
    3. Understanding the use of Alice in Wonderland
      1m 7s
  3. 27m 1s
    1. Setting up the page size and format
      6m 6s
    2. Setting margins
      10m 11s
    3. Adding page numbers and running heads
      5m 54s
    4. Adding line numbers
      3m 21s
    5. Understanding the Book feature
      1m 29s
  4. 10m 28s
    1. Placing the text and looking at flow options
      3m 40s
    2. Leveraging Word import options
      2m 40s
    3. Cleaning up text
      4m 8s
  5. 41m 34s
    1. Creating and applying paragraph styles
      2m 30s
    2. Continuing with paragraph styles
      6m 55s
    3. Finishing with paragraph styles
      6m 4s
    4. Applying a style sequence
      2m 27s
    5. Formatting the chapter openers
      3m 23s
    6. Adding pauses
      1m 58s
    7. Styling verse
      5m 14s
    8. Evaluating progress and cleaning up text
      2m 2s
    9. Adding typographic effects
      8m 33s
    10. Applying Optical Margin Alignment
      2m 28s
  6. 30m 13s
    1. An overview of working with images
      2m 35s
    2. Applying and finessing text wraps
      7m 12s
    3. Placing inline graphics
      3m 3s
    4. Strategies for working with object styles and graphics
      8m 2s
    5. Positioning images
      9m 21s
  7. 31m 4s
    1. Creating and applying a master page for the chapter openers
      3m 21s
    2. Using a GREP style to fix runt lines
      6m 4s
    3. Fixing widows and orphans
      10m 32s
    4. Fixing hyphenation and justification issues
      7m 20s
    5. Fixing awkward line endings
      3m 47s
  8. 24m 36s
    1. Adding a half title and title
      10m 40s
    2. Adding a copyright and colophon
      4m 12s
    3. Creating the table of contents
      5m 23s
    4. Numbering the front matter
      2m 10s
    5. Reviewing your work
      2m 11s
  9. 28m 38s
    1. Creating the cover using the Blurb Book Creator plugin
      3m 15s
    2. Creating the cover from scratch with InDesign
      3m 29s
    3. Creating a layout grid
      3m 34s
    4. Adding cover elements
      4m 12s
    5. Designing the front cover
      5m 38s
    6. Designing the spine
      4m 15s
    7. Designing the back cover
      4m 15s
  10. 16m 50s
    1. Preflighting the finished book
      4m 58s
    2. Exporting to print-ready PDF
      3m 53s
    3. Uploading to Blurb
      2m 18s
    4. Uploading to Blurb using the Book Creator plugin
      2m 4s
    5. Archiving the project
      3m 37s
  11. 36m 1s
    1. Generating a screen PDF
      5m 13s
    2. EPUB overview
      1m 37s
    3. Linking an EPUB file to the original document
      4m 59s
    4. Structuring your book for the EPUB format
      5m 33s
    5. Adapting the EPUB file
      6m 15s
    6. Using the Object Export options
      6m 16s
    7. Creating the cover for the EPUB version
      1m 49s
    8. Viewing on an iPad
      1m 7s
    9. Exporting for the Kindle
      3m 12s
  12. 25s
    1. Next steps

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Designing a Book
Video Duration: 0s 4h 13m Intermediate


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Explore book design with Nigel French, as he breaks down the components of an elegant and readable layout and jumps into the setup and strategy for designing a book from the ground up in Adobe InDesign. This class covers document setup, placing and styling text, working with images, creating the book cover, preparing the book for print and or distribution as an ebook.

Topics include:
  • Getting to know your text
  • Choosing a page size and format
  • Setting margins
  • Creating and applying paragraph styles
  • Wrapping text around images
  • Creating a table of contents
  • Designing the front cover, spine, and back cover
  • Exporting a print-ready PDF
  • Uploading to Blurb
  • Making an EPUB


Hi I'm Nigel French, welcome to designing a book. In this course we're going to design a novel. Not just any novel, Alice in Wonderland. I've chosen this work partly because the text and images are in the public domain but also because Alice in Wonderland provides an excellent case study in book design. Along with some unusual and challenging type treatments, it contains all the major ingredients of a book length project. In designing our book, we'll be examining the aesthetics of book design, such as determining the size of margins, line length, type selection, sizing and time honoured conventions for how to treat the different parts of a book.

As well as these interior of the book would also be creating the cover, back cover and spine. And optionally uploading the finished files to so we can recieve a real printed copy of our beautifully designed book. So, let's get started with designing a book (MUSIC).

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