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InDesign CS5 New Features

with Anne-Marie Concepción

Video: Welcome

Provides an in-depth exploration of the new features in Adobe InDesign CS5.
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  1. 4m 51s
    1. Welcome
      1m 16s
    2. The differences between InDesign CS4 and InDesign CS5
      3m 0s
    3. Using the exercise files
  2. 22m 48s
    1. Working with the Selection tool
      9m 54s
    2. Learning the live corner effects
      4m 11s
    3. Working with the enhanced Layers panel
      5m 57s
    4. Using Auto-Fit to set images
      2m 46s
  3. 40m 51s
    1. Exploring Mini-Bridge
      12m 59s
    2. Using the Gridify technique
      5m 0s
    3. Working with the Gap tool
      4m 24s
    4. Using Live Distribute
      1m 42s
    5. Getting into Live Captions
      8m 50s
    6. Mixing page sizes with the new Page tool
      7m 56s
  4. 19m 55s
    1. Working in Presentation mode
      2m 51s
    2. Understanding document-installed fonts
      5m 53s
    3. Using multithreading for faster PDF exports
      3m 0s
    4. Managing tracked changes in a document
      8m 11s
  5. 8m 4s
    1. Spanning and splitting columns
      6m 8s
    2. Balancing columns
      1m 56s
  6. 26m 20s
    1. Creating documents with interactive features
      7m 59s
    2. Using the new Preview panel
      6m 51s
    3. Exploring new FLA export options
      6m 19s
    4. Using the Export to Interactive PDF command
      5m 11s
  7. 11m 1s
    1. Using the Media panel
      6m 58s
    2. Creating and using navigation points
      4m 3s
  8. 23m 36s
    1. Animating objects with the Animation panel
      8m 57s
    2. Creating and editing motion presets
      5m 16s
    3. Controlling animations with events and actions
      4m 24s
    4. Managing multiple animations with the Timing panel
      4m 59s
  9. 9m 55s
    1. Creating multistate objects with the States panel
      6m 10s
    2. Navigating states with button actions
      3m 45s
  10. 22s
    1. Goodbye

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InDesign CS5 New Features
Video Duration: 0s 2h 47m Intermediate


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Author Anne-Marie Concepción gives a comprehensive demonstration of the latest features in Adobe InDesign CS5, including desktop publishing tips, workarounds, and practical applications of each feature. InDesign CS5 New Features covers creating interactive documents, tracking text changes with Word, a number of object selection and transformation enhancements, and the ability to mix page sizes. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Adding spanning heads over columns and splitting columns
  • Using the revamped Layers panel
  • Editing and customizing motion path presets
  • Adding interactive features
  • Controlling and managing multiple animations
  • Mixing page sizes in a single document
  • Publishing to a variety of Flash formats using the enhanced Export dialog
  • Creating multi-state objects
  • Using the new Gap tool and Gridify techniques


Hi, I'm Anne-Marie Concepcion and Adobe InDesign CS5 New Features. This release of InDesign, the world's premier layout program, brings a slew of new features that streamline tedious production tasks and also adds a number of never before seen features that let you use InDesign to create all sorts of dynamic, interactive projects without learning a bit of code. In this title I'll walk you through the most important features as well as the most useful enhancements that have been added to existing tools and techniques.

I'll show you how the Selection tool can do all sorts of new tricks and how the completely redesigned Layers panel lets you locate and manage all of your layout objects with ease. I'll show you how to create and edit your own motion paths for sophisticated animations with the new Animation panel. And I'll teach you how to user the new Track Changes feature to ensure the you can keep on top of all the editorial changes to your documents. As an InDesign user you've got to be excited about the new changes to the product. New tools, new previews, and even Mini Bridge, So if you're ready to jump in and see what's out there, let's get started with InDesign CS5 New Features.

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