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Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Fundamentals

with Deke McClelland

Video: Welcome to One-on-One

The first in a four-part series by industry-pro Deke McClelland on creating elegant, optimized graphics with the tools in Illustrator CS6.
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  1. 2m 16s
    1. Welcome to One-on-One
      2m 16s
  2. 29m 56s
    1. Opening from the Windows desktop
      2m 40s
    2. Opening from the Macintosh Finder
      5m 27s
    3. Creating a new document
      4m 50s
    4. Advanced document controls
      4m 43s
    5. Modifying your document
      3m 6s
    6. Saving changes
      6m 4s
    7. Closing all open documents
      3m 6s
  3. 29m 37s
    1. Pages of any size, at any angle
    2. Moving and modifying artboards
      4m 33s
    3. Changing the size and shape of artboards
      3m 54s
    4. Creating and copying artboards
      5m 3s
    5. Introducing the Artboard panel
      7m 10s
    6. Auto-arranging artboards
      3m 25s
    7. Artboards and rulers
      4m 35s
  4. 31m 12s
    1. Navigating your artwork
    2. The dark vs. the light interface
      3m 29s
    3. Zooming a document and its artboards
      4m 9s
    4. Honing in a specific detail
      3m 3s
    5. Scrolling (or panning) a document
      2m 15s
    6. Using the Page Up and Page Down keys
      1m 57s
    7. Navigating numerically and from a panel
      3m 6s
    8. Working with multiple open documents
      3m 55s
    9. Panels and workspaces
      5m 17s
    10. Cycling through screen modes
      3m 25s
  5. 46m 1s
    1. Now, we draw
    2. Meet the line tools
      2m 8s
    3. Creating custom guides
      4m 13s
    4. Drawing a heart with the Arc tool
      4m 6s
    5. Adjusting control handles
      4m 35s
    6. Reflecting and completing a shape
      3m 13s
    7. Drawing a target with the Polar Grid tool
      4m 44s
    8. Pasting one shape inside another
      3m 57s
    9. Drawing an arrow with the Line tool
      6m 18s
    10. Rotating, filling, and stacking
      3m 37s
    11. Using the Spiral tool
      3m 29s
    12. Tracing existing spirals
      5m 2s
  6. 1h 15m
    1. And now, we draw better
    2. Meet the shape tools
      2m 9s
    3. Using the Ellipse tool
      6m 33s
    4. Creating compound paths
      7m 5s
    5. Drawing a multi-point star
      7m 28s
    6. Adding and aligning a center point
      6m 58s
    7. Drawing rounded rectangles
      7m 35s
    8. Aligning to a "split location"
      5m 27s
    9. Reflecting across an axis
      5m 30s
    10. Modifying the constraint axes
      6m 34s
    11. Turning a triangle into an arrowhead
      8m 28s
    12. Using the Flare tool
      6m 25s
    13. Using the top-secret tilde key trick
      4m 11s
  7. 46m 24s
    1. Auto-tracing in Illustrator
    2. Opening an image to embed it
      3m 49s
    3. Placing an image to create a dynamic link
      3m 45s
    4. Auto-tracing and resolution
      5m 48s
    5. Adjusting layer previews
      3m 3s
    6. Cleaning up with the Threshold option
      6m 43s
    7. More clean-up with the Noise option
      3m 34s
    8. Expanding and simplifying traced paths
      7m 51s
    9. Flipping and fusing shapes
      5m 54s
    10. Scaling resolution-independent vectors
      5m 10s
  8. 41m 5s
    1. The realm of transformations
      1m 24s
    2. Creating a tracing template
      4m 50s
    3. Drawing a diamond with the Polygon tool
      3m 51s
    4. Dragging and duplicating
      2m 55s
    5. Using the Scale tool
      6m 50s
    6. Scaling along a constraint axis
      6m 11s
    7. Using the Rotate tool
      5m 6s
    8. Rotating and duplicating
      5m 52s
    9. Group, stack, and organize
      4m 6s
  9. 1h 28m
    1. The best tools for painting
      1m 12s
    2. Painting closed path outlines
      5m 49s
    3. Erasing and painting selected paths
      7m 8s
    4. Reassigning keyboard shortcuts
      4m 24s
    5. Painting in the Outline mode
      6m 5s
    6. Using the Shape Builder tool
      6m 16s
    7. Subtracting with the Shape Builder
      7m 7s
    8. Assigning colors with the Shape Builder
      7m 29s
    9. Reflecting across an angled axis
      6m 22s
    10. Cleaning up Shape Builder leftovers
      8m 35s
    11. Working in the Group Isolation mode
      9m 29s
    12. Establishing hierarchy with groups
      4m 44s
    13. Simulating beveled edges
      7m 34s
    14. Creating a network of interlocking paths
      6m 24s
  10. 1h 16m
    1. Text formatting at its best
    2. Creating page margins
      6m 1s
    3. Placing and flowing text
      5m 39s
    4. Selecting words and lines of type
      5m 46s
    5. Working with point text
      4m 53s
    6. Previewing and assigning fonts
      6m 4s
    7. Incrementally adjusting type size
      4m 8s
    8. Leading and paragraph indent
      5m 2s
    9. Pair-kerning and tracking
      8m 9s
    10. Hanging indents and paragraph spacing
      4m 54s
    11. Creating and applying paragraph styles
      5m 11s
    12. Redefining paragraph styles
      6m 16s
    13. Using the Glyphs panel
      8m 37s
    14. Spell-checking your text
      4m 41s
  11. 1h 32m
    1. The tool that can drawing anything
      1m 26s
    2. Drawing straight-sided paths
      5m 5s
    3. Editing a path as you draw it
      5m 33s
    4. Inserting and removing anchor points
      5m 8s
    5. Faking simple spline curves
      6m 49s
    6. Adding curvature with Round Corners
      7m 23s
    7. Introducing control handles
      6m 5s
    8. Drawing perfectly smooth outlines
      8m 41s
    9. Tracing a freeform, curving path
      8m 18s
    10. Three ways to make a cusp point
      8m 40s
    11. Converting an existing anchor point
      5m 24s
    12. Drawing inside or behind other paths
      8m 2s
    13. Copying and repurposing segments
      8m 15s
    14. Copying and transforming entire layers
      7m 35s
  12. 46s
    1. See ya

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Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Fundamentals
Video Duration: 0s 9h 19m Beginner


View Course Description

This course is the first in a four-part series by industry-pro Deke McClelland on creating elegant, optimized graphics with the tools in Adobe Illustrator CS6.

This installment covers subjects such as working with shapes and closed paths, including painting, grouping, and coloring, and placing and adjusting type. Deke shows you how to select fonts, create hanging indents, and tweak the kerning and leading of your text. Additional chapters cover drawing and editing paths (and their points) and moving and transforming objects in your artwork.

Topics include:
  • Rotating and duplicating objects
  • Grouping and stacking
  • Erasing and painting selected paths
  • Using the Shape Builder tool
  • Reflecting across an angled axis
  • Simulating beveled edges
  • Creating a network of interlocking paths
  • Placing and flowing text
  • Creating page margins
  • Adjusting type size
  • Creating and applying paragraph styles
  • Using the Glyphs panel
  • Inserting and removing anchor points

Welcome to One-on-One

Hi! This is Deke McClelland. Welcome to Illustrator CS6 One-on-One Fundamentals. Part one in a series of four video courses devoted to your ultimate mastery of the world's most powerful vector-based drawing software. Adobe Illustrator recently turned 25 years old. I began using the program when it first came out back when I was 25 years old. I like to joke that makes Illustrator and I about the same age. But the truth is I've been using a program writing books about it and recording videos about it for more than half of my life, which is why I feel uniquely suited to make you this promise: Give me your time and attention, and I will mentor you through every facet of the software you need to know in the order you need to know it.

No crowded classroom and no scheduling conflicts. It's just you and me one on one any time that is convenient for you to learn. This course is devoted to project-based learning, meaning you're going to make stuff, you'll create professional quality artwork from scratch using nothing more than Line and Shape tools. You'll trace a piece of scan line art and scale it to any size you like, you will paint an elaborate mosaic design again from scratch using some of Illustrator's simplest tools.

You'll create a beautifully- formatted text document. And you'll experience the unbridled power of the Pen tool. The result is a contextualized learning program. Illustrator's features will make sense because you'll apply them to a clearly defined task. And you will leave each chapter with a sense of accomplishment. I really hope there are moments where you feel, "I rule, I did this, and I can do more." I will start by showing you how to open a file in Illustrator by double-clicking on it, first in Windows and then on the Mac.

Then I will show you how to make a new document, add a few text elements, and save your changes. This may not be the most exciting stuff we will do, but it's stuff that you have to know. And it's how you get to work in Illustrator immediately.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Fundamentals .

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Q: I'm following along with Chapter 5 movie, "Creating compound paths." Why can't I get the second shape to compound properly? The Object menu doesn't seem to work.
A: This problem is due to a bug in Illustrator that has developed since this movie was recorded. To work around it, click off the Object menu (or press the Escape key); take another action, such as opening and closing the drawing layer; and revisit the Object menu.





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