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Foundations of Logo Design

with Von Glitschka

Video: Welcome

Learn to avoid pitfalls, improve your design process, respond to demanding clients, and solve the creative problems that are involved in building a brand's identity.
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  1. 6m 4s
    1. Welcome
      1m 11s
    2. What is logo design?
      4m 20s
    3. Using the exercise files
  2. 21m 37s
    1. The client introduction
      1m 5s
    2. Gauging perceptions
      9m 21s
    3. Determining scope of work
      2m 19s
    4. Auditing a request
      2m 46s
    5. Quoting a project
      4m 22s
    6. Establishing terms and agreements
      1m 44s
  3. 15m 12s
    1. An introduction to Project CSI
      1m 49s
    2. Profiling clients via customer creative briefs
      3m 27s
    3. Asking follow-up questions
      2m 16s
    4. Developing a brand name
      3m 23s
    5. Communicating through mood boards
      1m 46s
    6. Slow-boiling ideas
      2m 31s
  4. 20m 43s
    1. Exploratory process intro
      2m 32s
    2. Concepting methods: Shape association
      3m 37s
    3. Picking appropriate styles
      3m 16s
    4. Ideation through sketching
      2m 9s
    5. Isolating directions
      1m 56s
    6. Challenge scenario: Create a logo for "Adnyl"
      1m 42s
    7. Solution: Author logo for "Adnyl"
      5m 31s
  5. 33m 8s
    1. Design process introduction
      1m 42s
    2. Refining and removing the guesswork
      2m 41s
    3. Creative craftsmanship
      2m 10s
    4. Good logo attributes
      5m 46s
    5. Crafting a visual identity: Typography
      8m 24s
    6. Crafting a visual identity: Color
      5m 13s
    7. Crafting a visual identity: Shape, form, and details
      5m 8s
    8. The fresh eyes effect
      2m 4s
  6. 9m 58s
    1. Pitching your work
    2. Using close-to-final comps
      1m 37s
    3. Presenting brand systems
      2m 5s
    4. Sharing a vision
      2m 55s
    5. Writing a design rationale
      2m 28s
  7. 17m 48s
    1. Client feedback
    2. No Frankensteining
      2m 16s
    3. What to do when a client rejects your design
      3m 12s
    4. Design batting average
      3m 6s
    5. Using persuasion techniques
      3m 53s
    6. When a project changes course
      2m 10s
    7. Island of Misfit Logos
      2m 15s
  8. 10m 26s
    1. Launching a visual identity
    2. Style guides made simple
      3m 33s
    3. Developing a brand narrative
      2m 35s
    4. Managing a brand
      3m 45s
  9. 18m 55s
    1. Inspiring logo designers
      3m 16s
    2. Luke Bott
      2m 2s
    3. Paul Howalt
      2m 2s
    4. Carlos Fernandez
      1m 26s
    5. Tim Frame
      2m 3s
    6. Joe Bosack
      3m 13s
    7. Art Chantry
      2m 25s
    8. Sonia Greteman
      2m 28s
  10. 29s
    1. Next steps

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Foundations of Logo Design
Video Duration: 0s 2h 34m Appropriate for all


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Avoid pitfalls, improve your design process, respond to demanding clients, and solve the creative problems that are involved in creating a logo. In this course, Von Glitschka shows you how to take care of the nitty-gritty, like quotes and contracts, and critical design decisions involved in building a brand identity package. Learn to define your client's expectations before the project begins with customer briefs and mood boards. Find out what the attributes of a great logo are, where to look for inspiration, and how to use sketches to propel you through the design process. Then Von turns to the business side and explains how to present your designs to clients and follow up on both positive and negative feedback. Finally, learn how to launch the logo and develop a narrative that will keep the visual style of the brand intact in the future.

Topics include:
  • Gauging client perceptions
  • Determining the scope of work
  • Quoting a project
  • Profiling the client
  • Developing a brand name
  • Isolating design directions
  • Crafting a visual identity
  • Pitching your work
  • Presenting brand systems
  • Handling a change of course
  • Making style guides
  • Developing a brand narrative


We're all well aware of the larger (music playing) clients' brands. But not every client is a multinational corporation that can afford to have a team of designers from a big branding agency working on their behalf. In this course, we'll be covering working with clients while managing their expectations. How to do meaningful research in preparation for design, exploring potential concepts and directions. Understanding craftsmanship within the design process, effective formats for presenting your work, managing and replying to client feedback. So whether you're an independent designer, a boutique design firm employee, a marketing person, or an in house creative at a larger company. You can take the information I relay and easily adapt it into your own creative work flow.

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