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Bert Monroy: The Making of Amsterdam Mist, the Structures

with Bert Monroy

Video: Introduction to Amsterdam Mist

Follow along with the development of <em>Amsterdam Mist</em>, artist Bert Monroy's latest digital painting, and learn Photoshop and Illustrator techniques you can apply to your own artwork.
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  1. 20m 21s
    1. Introduction to Amsterdam Mist
      1m 32s
    2. The street research
      7m 43s
    3. Establishing the perspective
      7m 32s
    4. Organizing the files
      3m 34s
  2. 52m 51s
    1. Creating railings in Illustrator
      4m 49s
    2. Refining railings in Photoshop
      6m 53s
    3. Starting a rail upright in Illustrator
      5m 18s
    4. Adding to the rail upright
      11m 34s
    5. Finishing a rail upright in Photoshop
      7m 47s
    6. Placing the rail upright
      6m 54s
    7. Connecting the main railings
      6m 38s
    8. Finishing the main railings
      2m 58s
  3. 27m 10s
    1. Creating a brick pattern
      8m 6s
    2. Creating other brick patterns
      8m 50s
    3. Placing bricks above a window
      5m 21s
    4. Creating sidewalk bricks
      4m 53s
  4. 43m 51s
    1. Creating the shapes that make up the statue on the bridge
      6m 1s
    2. Looking at the textures of the statue
      6m 34s
    3. Starting the sidewalk in the foreground
      6m 11s
    4. Creating the sidewalk stones
      3m 2s
    5. Creating sidewalk separations
      5m 20s
    6. Creating a curb
      9m 5s
    7. Creating street lines
      7m 38s
  5. 43m 30s
    1. Creating a windowsill
      6m 52s
    2. Creating a window frame
      4m 7s
    3. Adding window glass
      4m 50s
    4. Working inside the window
      3m 36s
    5. Adding depth to the window
      5m 23s
    6. Finalizing the window
      3m 6s
    7. Duplicating the window
      5m 13s
    8. Creating a window guard
      4m 42s
    9. Adding dimension to a window guard
      5m 41s
  6. 23m 10s
    1. Creating a flagpole in Illustrator
      10m 24s
    2. Creating the flag
      12m 46s
  7. 5m 15s
    1. Creating a bridge post
      2m 53s
    2. Shading of a post
      2m 22s
  8. 30m 2s
    1. Creating the base of a staircase in perspective
      8m 18s
    2. Creating the staircase steps
      7m 53s
    3. Applying the shading to the staircase
      3m 22s
    4. Creating the railing on the staircase
      10m 29s
  9. 41m 4s
    1. Creating a lantern
      8m 26s
    2. Starting a 3D streetlamp
      8m 0s
    3. Finishing a 3D streetlamp
      5m 18s
    4. Creating a lamppost
      5m 32s
    5. Creating a small light
      10m 16s
    6. Creating a shadow from the light fixture
      3m 32s
  10. 21m 8s
    1. Creating the effect of mineral deposits on the bridge
      5m 17s
    2. Starting bridge reflections
      4m 59s
    3. Finishing bridge reflections
      5m 37s
    4. Creating railings on the bridge
      5m 15s

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Bert Monroy: The Making of Amsterdam Mist, the Structures
Video Duration: 0s 5h 8m Intermediate


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Bert Monroy creates digital paintings that fool the eye and delight the senses. And he's been at it for over thirty years, producing illustrations for clients such as Adobe and Pixar. Follow along in this course with the development of his latest work, Amsterdam Mist, and learn how to apply his techniques to your own artwork in Photoshop or Illustrator. Bert concentrates on the structures in the painting: the bridges and buildings that make up the incredibly detailed canal scene. He'll show how to model elements like railings, curbs, windows, posts, staircases, lamps, and even flags. He'll also create textures and show how to repurpose them throughout the painting. Join him on this journey to the Netherlands and return with souvenirs that you can add to your artistic toolbox.

Illustrator Photoshop

Introduction to Amsterdam Mist

- Hi, my name is Bert Monroy, and welcome to The Making of Amsterdam Mist. Amsterdam Mist is a painting that took me 22 months to create, and for me, the main challenge was to create that mood of the atmosphere: foggy day in fall in Amsterdam, to give you the feeling that it's moist and that it's gloomy, and kind of overcast. And that's what was important to me, and there were many techniques that went into it: the creation of the environment itself and the atmosphere, the trees, and all these different elements that make up the scene. Now, what's important here is not what I'm doing exactly, it's how I'm doing it, because the techniques I'm gonna teach you can apply to so many problems you might be faced with.

In this, the first volume of The Making of Amsterdam Mist, I'm gonna talk about the structures, structures like the bridge I'm standing on, and everything that went into it, like these railings that you see right behind me, the bridge beyond, and all the buildings that line up the two sides of the canal. And there's a lotta details that go into those buildings, like the doors, the windows, and how all these things were done. We're gonna go into detail on how everything was researched and how they were created. Now, you might never have to create a building or a bridge like that, but it's all the steps that are important.

I want you to see, not what I've done, but how I did it, because some little solution that I came up with on how to create that particular brick texture for the wall of the canal or whatever, that might be just the answer you're looking for for something you're currently faced with. So, let's see how this was all put together.

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