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Illustrator CS2 FAQs

with Mordy Golding

Video: Welcome

A handy reference guide to all the common problems and questions with Illustrator CS2.
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  1. 1m 7s
    1. Welcome
      1m 7s
  2. 14m 56s
    1. What are the key Preferences settings?
      6m 27s
    2. How do I change or add a keyboard shortcut?
      1m 36s
    3. Can I delete files or content I never use?
      1m 44s
    4. Why are certain words underlined in the Control palette?
      1m 51s
    5. What's the best way to arrange the palettes on my screen?
      3m 18s
  3. 9m 25s
    1. How can I determine which color settings to use?
      2m 53s
    2. When should I use sRGB as my working space?
      1m 14s
    3. What should I do when I get the Missing Profile or Embedded Profile Mismatch dialog box?
      1m 24s
    4. How can I make what I print match what's on my screen?
      2m 12s
    5. Why do my solid blacks show up as dark gray?
      1m 42s
  4. 17m 24s
    1. What preview mode should I use when drawing?
      3m 22s
    2. All new shapes that I draw have drop shadows. How can I make it stop?
      2m 11s
    3. Can you draw a line with variable stroke weight?
      1m 34s
    4. Why does the Pencil tool erase the lines I've already drawn?
      2m 24s
    5. How can I draw stars and starbursts in Illustrator?
      2m 45s
    6. How do I use Illustrator's Flare tool?
      2m 19s
    7. What is Live Paint?
      2m 49s
  5. 27m 53s
    1. What is the Appearance palette for?
      3m 41s
    2. What are blending modes and how do I use them?
      1m 30s
    3. How do I reset the Fill and Stroke colors to their default settings?
      1m 14s
    4. How can I better control the angle and appearance of a gradient fill?
      2m 45s
    5. Can I create a gradient that goes from a color to transparent?
      2m 31s
    6. What are global process colors?
      2m 54s
    7. What is a Spot Color and when can/should I use one?
      2m 50s
    8. How can I quickly find a Pantone color?
      1m 33s
    9. Can I create and share my own custom library of colors?
      1m 43s
    10. How can I create a dashed or dotted line?
      2m 22s
    11. How can I convert dashed strokes to filled paths?
      1m 39s
    12. How can I use a repeat pattern to fill a shape?
      1m 26s
    13. Why do some Pathfinder functions keep shapes intact?
      1m 45s
  6. 18m 29s
    1. How can I align other objects to a specific object?
      2m 5s
    2. How can I align artwork to the artboard?
    3. Can a blend follow a specific path that I define?
      1m 35s
    4. How can I reduce the number of anchor points on a path?
      2m 18s
    5. How can I clone an object in Illustrator?
      1m 0s
    6. How can I scale an object's width or height in proportion?
      1m 5s
    7. How can I scale an object but not its stroke weight?
      1m 2s
    8. How can I scale just the pattern fill, but not the object itself?
      1m 57s
    9. How can I transform multiple objects at once?
      2m 30s
    10. How can I edit vector paths after I've applied an effect?
      1m 39s
    11. How can I use a gradient in a pattern swatch?
      1m 13s
    12. How can I rotate an object from somewhere other than its center?
      1m 29s
  7. 8m 10s
    1. Why does Illustrator have two Arrow tools?
      2m 9s
    2. When do I use the Magic Wand?
      2m 12s
    3. Can I save and reuse a selection?
      1m 59s
    4. Is there an easy way to select similar objects all at once?
      1m 50s
  8. 8m 32s
    1. Why does Illustrator create layers for every object?
      1m 56s
    2. How can I move artwork from one layer to another?
      1m 21s
    3. What is a layer color and what is it for?
      1m 14s
    4. Why are the names of some items in my Layers palette underlined?
      1m 16s
    5. What are the circles that appear next to each layer in the Layers palette?
      2m 45s
  9. 15m 49s
    1. How do I crop a photograph in Illustrator?
      1m 36s
    2. How can I colorize an image to create a monotone?
    3. What's the difference between a linked image and an embedded one?
      2m 20s
    4. How can I convert a bitmapped image into vector art?
      1m 12s
    5. How do I specify my own colors when using Live Trace?
      3m 2s
    6. How can I remove the white background from traced images?
      1m 9s
    7. How can I collect the images used in my file for sending to others?
      1m 22s
    8. How can I create a vignette effect in Illustrator?
      2m 9s
    9. What's the best way to bring Illustrator art into Photoshop?
      2m 2s
  10. 21m 11s
    1. What are object-based slices?
      2m 3s
    2. What are SVG filters?
      3m 4s
    3. How can I export just part of an image for use on the web?
      2m 8s
    4. How do I export a GIF from Illustrator?
      2m 50s
    5. How do I create a Flash animation in Illustrator?
      4m 31s
    6. How do I create rollovers?
      1m 20s
    7. Can I create a web page in Illustrator?
      1m 29s
    8. Thin black lines in my artwork show up as fat gray lines on the web. Why is this happening?
      3m 46s
  11. 26m 7s
    1. Which file format should I use when saving Illustrator files?
      3m 57s
    2. What is a PPD file and do I need to choose one?
      2m 26s
    3. When I save my file as EPS, the dialog tells me that my document requires flattening. What is flattening, and do I have to do anything?
      3m 30s
    4. Is it safe to use transparency features for high-end printing?
      2m 24s
    5. The Print dialog states that my resolution is set to 72 ppi. How can I make this higher?
      4m 35s
    6. What's the best way to get my art from Illustrator into Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint?
      1m 33s
    7. How can I add security to a PDF file?
      2m 57s
    8. How can I create a multi-page PDF file?
      2m 33s
    9. What is a PDF/X-1a?
      2m 12s
  12. 32m 32s
    1. What is the difference between the Filter menu and the Effect menu?
      3m 4s
    2. What steps should I take when Illustrator doesn't work properly or as expected?
      1m 24s
    3. Why doesn't certain artwork show up on my printout?
      1m 15s
    4. Is there any way I can make Illustrator go faster?
      3m 0s
    5. What happened to my cursor? All I see is a crosshair.
      1m 17s
    6. A gray box will sometimes appear around my objects. How can I get rid of it?
      1m 36s
    7. Why doesn't the Eyedropper tool seem to work with objects that have drop shadows?
      1m 23s
    8. Why does my object stacking order change when I create a group?
      1m 18s
    9. What is Version Cue?
      1m 41s
    10. What is a Crop Area?
      1m 58s
    11. Why are some menu items grayed out?
      1m 11s
    12. How can I add multiple pages to an Illustrator document?
    13. I've selected my objects, but I don't see them highlighted. Why is this happening?
    14. How can I create a 3-D graph in Illustrator?
      1m 45s
    15. Can I import data from Excel into Illustrator to create a graph?
      1m 55s
    16. Words and objects keep flashing on my screen. How can I stop this?
      1m 4s
    17. I've created a logo that is white on a black background, but it isn't printing. Why?
      1m 22s
    18. How can I modify or update a symbol?
      1m 35s
    19. How can I modify a graphic style?
      1m 30s
    20. How can I sample a color from a placed photograph?
      1m 27s
    21. How can I bring Venus back?
  13. 17m 48s
    1. How and when should I convert text to outlines?
      2m 15s
    2. How can I fill text with a picture?
      1m 41s
    3. How can I make type flow along a path?
      1m 57s
    4. How can I make text go around an object or an image?
      1m 21s
    5. Can I make the type on a circle stay upright at the top and bottom of the circle?
      1m 12s
    6. How can I find a specific character in a font to use in Illustrator?
      1m 26s
    7. How can I create columns of text in Illustrator?
    8. What is legacy text?
      2m 52s
    9. Why is there a plus sign next to my Paragraph or Character Style?
      1m 52s
    10. What does the OpenType palette do?
      2m 23s
  14. 5m 20s
    1. What are Actions and how do I use them?
      1m 46s
    2. How do I record a custom Action?
      1m 58s
    3. What is a Script and how can I learn more about scripting?
      1m 36s
  15. 1m 30s
    1. Where can I get further assistance?
      1m 5s
    2. Goodbye

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Illustrator CS2 FAQs
Video duration: 0s 3h 46m Intermediate


As the former product manager for Adobe Illustrator 10 and CS, instructor Mordy Golding knows the challenges that users face when learning and exploring Illustrator CS2. Illustrator CS2 FAQs answers each common question about the program in detail. Mordy covers changing object and preference characteristics, adding security to PDF files, using filters and effects, importing and exporting files, understanding ambiguous terminology, and troubleshooting common issues. Illustrator CS2 FAQs is designed for viewing as a series of tutorials, or on a topic-by-topic basis for handy everyday reference. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Setting and changing preferences Understanding color settings Learning drawing tricks Editing objects and colors Working with and transforming objects Making selections Understanding layers Colorizing and image special effects Designing for the web Printing, saving, and exporting


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