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Why use Google+ Pages?

Why use Google+ Pages? provides you with in-depth training on Marketing. Taught by Lorrie Thomas Ros… Show More

Google+ for Business (2012)

with Lorrie Thomas Ross

Video: Why use Google+ Pages?

Why use Google+ Pages? provides you with in-depth training on Marketing. Taught by Lorrie Thomas Ross as part of the Google+ for Business (2012)
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  1. 1m 25s
    1. Welcome
      1m 5s
    2. Using the exercise files
  2. 4m 10s
    1. Why use Google+ Pages?
      4m 10s
  3. 23m 20s
    1. Creating a Google+ profile
      7m 45s
    2. Adding contacts to circles
      3m 46s
    3. Gathering the graphics for your business page
      2m 19s
    4. Creating a business page
      9m 30s
  4. 17m 42s
    1. Customizing the business name and introduction
      6m 10s
    2. Customizing the tagline
      1m 2s
    3. Adding photos
      2m 6s
    4. Customizing Google+ Page settings
      4m 32s
    5. Adding page managers
      3m 52s
  5. 33m 28s
    1. Starting the conversation
      8m 32s
    2. Connecting your web site
      6m 53s
    3. Sharing on the web
      6m 56s
    4. Using Google+ Direct Connect
    5. Starting hangouts
      6m 29s
    6. Utilizing the +1 button
      3m 47s
  6. 22m 56s
    1. Optimizing the profile and cover photos
      4m 45s
    2. Linking to blog posts
      3m 21s
    3. Writing a compelling About page
      4m 17s
    4. Uploading videos to the profile page
      3m 12s
    5. Sharing links
      5m 2s
    6. Updating contact information
      2m 19s
  7. 25m 58s
    1. Making your profile visible
      6m 2s
    2. Using circles strategically
      5m 30s
    3. Integrating Google+ into your overall marketing strategy with links and AdWords
      2m 38s
    4. Using video chats and hangouts strategically
      2m 54s
    5. Using Events strategically
      3m 23s
    6. Deleting photos and posts
      2m 10s
    7. Connecting with Google+ circles through Gmail
      1m 13s
    8. Encouraging conversations with Contacts
      2m 8s
  8. 8m 38s
    1. Understanding how to measure success
      1m 4s
    2. Using Google Analytics to benchmark
      3m 17s
    3. Understanding quantitative and qualitative measurement
      4m 17s
  9. 11m 9s
    1. When in doubt, Google it
      2m 44s
    2. Changing your profile
      4m 5s
    3. Deleting your profile
      3m 4s
    4. Getting help
      1m 16s
  10. 48s
    1. Goodbye

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Why use Google+ Pages?
Video duration: 4m 10s 2h 29m Beginner


Why use Google+ Pages? provides you with in-depth training on Marketing. Taught by Lorrie Thomas Ross as part of the Google+ for Business (2012)


Why use Google+ Pages?

Okay, okay, some of you maybe thinking, oh my gosh, more social media to manage. We know that there's Facebook, there's LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp. Some of you maybe thinking help! One more thing, now Google+, don't fret. Social media overwhelm is not necessary. Here's why Google Pages on Google+ can help your business marketing-wise. As you may already know, Google is the number one search engine on the World Wide Web, and the number one way that people search for product, services, and information is through search engines.

If people are using search engines to such a strong degree, and Google is the number one search engine, then it makes sense that pages like Google+ Business pages could get picked up on the search engine results pages for more visibility. Visibility for Google+ isn't on the search engines alone. You can gain visibility with a Google+ page when people talk about your brand tapping the power of peer-to-peer marketing. You can gain visibility for people who may be searching for your brand. You can search in Google+ in a number of ways, people, pages, locations, and posts.

Being part of Google+ for Business gives your brand one more way to be found. Another asset you gain with Google+ for Business is the power of connecting online in a more authentic conversational away. Just like you have conversations with people over lunch, on the phone, via text or email, Google+ for Business can allow you to have conversations with your customers, prospective customers, or fans of your brand. You can bring people together under your brand on your Google+ business page and feed them exclusive content.

People can comment on things you post, converse with each other, read, share posts, videos, and photos. Like Facebook, Google+ for Business also allows people who mention your brand to be able to tag your business when they are talking about you. One of my favorite distinctions about Google+ is their community or grouping features. There are different types of groups that you can tap for business. One, there are hangouts where you can video chat with up to nine people at a time for face-to-face chats.

There are also circles which people create personally when they start their Google+ accounts to manage their contacts. When people choose to follow your page, they are likely to receive your posts, talk about your business, and encourage other people to see and connect with your organization. It's no surprise that we trust our peer opinions over company propaganda when it comes to making decisions. This extends to virtual peers on the web as well. The +1 button bridges these personal recommendations, thanks to Google's tools and reach, and makes it easy for people to recommend your business and read reviews.

People who post your views about your business can easily connect to your Google+ page. Social recommendations can even be shared in ads. One of the last benefits I'd like to note about using Google Pages on Google+ is the connection with Google+ Local, formally known as Google Places. This is an incredibly valuable marketing asset for locally-based businesses. This tab appears in the Google+ interface for the local sections. In today's new search marketing world, personal search drives what we see on the search engine results pages, so it makes sense that Google+ listings may appear depending on recommendations that folks in your individual circles have made.

For example, if someone in your Google+ Circles recommends a product or service in a certain geographic location, you're likely to see that organization higher up in the search engine results pages. The power of peer recommendations isn't just driving credibility for brands, it can also influence visibility, thanks to the combination of Google+ with Google+ Local. Google+ for Business is simple. It's all about adding the right people and sharing content with them that matters.

It's simple to get started, easy to optimize what you already have, and fairly low maintenance to manage which we will cover in future chapters.

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