Google Analytics Essential Training
Illustration by Richard Downs

Google Analytics Essential Training

with Corey Koberg

Video: Welcome

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  1. 6m 45s
    1. Welcome
      1m 12s
    2. How to get the most from this course
      3m 34s
    3. What's new in this update
      1m 59s
  2. 5m 19s
    1. Pitfalls of hit counting and turning data into information
      3m 4s
    2. Digital analytics: A tool and a process
      2m 15s
  3. 16m 0s
    1. Defining goals and conversions: Why do you have a website?
      4m 59s
    2. Understanding data: Averages, segments, trends, and context
      2m 8s
    3. Introducing segments
      3m 21s
    4. Understanding Trends and context
      5m 32s
  4. 16m 1s
    1. How does Google Analytics work?
      4m 17s
    2. Setting up a Google Analytics account
      6m 6s
    3. Installing Google Analytics tracking code on a site
      5m 38s
  5. 26m 7s
    1. Understanding accounts and profile administration
      8m 11s
    2. Navigating the reports and the Data Over Time chart
      6m 8s
    3. Selecting and comparing date ranges
      8m 18s
    4. Using annotations to make notes in Analytics data
      3m 30s
  6. 26m 55s
    1. Comparing different ways to view data (overview, tabular, pie, bar, compare to site)
      7m 59s
    2. Navigating data with site usage, goals, and ecommerce metrics
      10m 18s
    3. Sorting data with inline and advanced filters
      8m 38s
  7. 18m 19s
    1. Understanding the importance of segmentation in data analysis
      8m 31s
    2. Slicing data with dimensions
      9m 48s
  8. 8m 33s
    1. Why share data?
      1m 13s
    2. Managing user accounts and profiles
      4m 41s
    3. Emailing reports
      2m 39s
  9. 41m 0s
    1. Understanding who is visiting a site
      1m 42s
    2. Analyzing location and geographic data
      6m 20s
    3. Using language identification to segment users
      1m 54s
    4. Differentiating new users and returning users
      4m 23s
    5. Understanding visitor loyalty, recency, and engagement metrics
      5m 38s
    6. Comparing data according to visits, visitors, and page views
      2m 44s
    7. Sorting data by browser capabilities
      6m 49s
    8. Analyzing data from mobile browsers
      3m 32s
    9. Visualizing visitor navigation via Visitor Flow
      7m 58s
  10. 33m 2s
    1. Linking an AdWords account to Google Analytics
      4m 55s
    2. Identifying campaigns and segmentation options
      9m 50s
    3. Using keyword reports
      2m 3s
    4. Fine-tuning your match type with the Matched Search Queries report
      4m 0s
    5. Optimizing traffic by time of day
      2m 25s
    6. Using the Destination URL report to identify landing pages
      2m 6s
    7. Identifying the best placement options for ads
      2m 26s
    8. Keyword positions
      5m 17s
  11. 1h 2m
    1. Understanding where site visitors come from
      5m 7s
    2. Analyzing the All Traffic Sources report
      3m 41s
    3. Identifying users who were referred to your site
      5m 1s
    4. Social media traffic sources
      8m 57s
    5. Viewing search engine reports (overview, organic, and paid)
      8m 22s
    6. Introducing campaign tracking
      16m 32s
    7. Planning, creating, and logging a tracking strategy
      7m 18s
    8. Tracking offline campaigns
      7m 10s
  12. 39m 44s
    1. Analyzing top content by metrics
      4m 36s
    2. Sorting top content according to page title
      5m 10s
    3. Understanding when to use Content Drilldown
      2m 55s
    4. Exploring Behavior Flow and landing pages
      7m 20s
    5. Identifying slow-performing pages with the Site Speed report
      7m 49s
    6. Understanding the Internal Site Search reports
      5m 26s
    7. Configuring Site Search
      6m 28s
  13. 31m 11s
    1. Understanding the Goal reports
      5m 32s
    2. Configuring goals
      13m 23s
    3. Identifying value through ecommerce reports
      4m 55s
    4. Visualizing funnels with Goal Flow
      7m 21s
  14. 28m 30s
    1. Using real-time data for time-sensitive analysis
      4m 10s
    2. Using intelligence alerts to flag important events
      10m 45s
    3. Creating custom intelligence alerts
      6m 39s
    4. Creating and customizing dashboards
      6m 56s
  15. 1m 14s
    1. Next steps
      1m 14s

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Watch the Online Video Course Google Analytics Essential Training
6h 0m Appropriate for all Jun 12, 2014

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Do you want to know more about your site visitors and how your content is performing? Google Analytics is the de facto standard for web analytics and provides the means to track, analyze, and report on site visits, marketing goals, and ad revenue generated from your site. In this course, Corey Koberg shows how to use Google Analytics to measure traffic, ad performance and ROI, and conversions, and understand how people use your website. This course covers the out-of-the-box functionality, from account creation to reporting fundamentals, and explains how to glean insights from the vast array of data available: from averages and segments to trends and context.

Topics include:
  • Setting up an account
  • Installing tracking code on a site
  • Using flow visualization to see how visitors navigate through a site
  • Defining goals and conversions
  • Reading the dashboard and understanding high-level metrics
  • Performing real-time analysis
  • Analyzing visitor and traffic source reports
  • Tracking AdWords and other marketing campaigns
  • Utilizing segmentation for deeper analysis
  • Understanding the raw data and how it's collected
  • Selecting and comparing date ranges
  • Identifying slow-performing pages
  • Using annotations and best practices
  • Configuring and analyzing internal site search
  • Working with reports
  • Cleaning up data with inline filters
  • Sharing data and reports
Google Analytics
Corey Koberg


[MUSIC] Hi. I'm Corey Koberg. And I'd like to welcome you to Google Analytics Essential Training. In this course, I'll show you how the free digital analytics tool from Google can help you dramatically improve your ability to understand and improve your site. I'll show you how to evaluate your marketing efforts, and determine not just how your visitors are reaching your site, but how to evaluate the value of each of those visitors. We'll take a look at exactly how your visitors are interacting with, and using, your site's content.

We'll show you how to track all of your marketing through Google Analytics, even your offline print, radio, or even TV ads. We'll identify the areas of your site that perform well. And perhaps, more importantly, we'll identify the areas that are holding you back. Now, whether you're brand new to Analytics, or you just want to fill in some gaps on how to utilize Google Analytics, we'll show you all the essentials you need to know to take advantage of this powerful and free tool. In my background as a consultant, I spent years developing techniques and best practices for some of the world's largest brands and websites. With this course, and the companion course, Google Analytics Tips, I'm going to show you how to utilize those exact same techniques to leverage, while analyzing your site's data.

We've got lots to cover, so let's get started.

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