Advanced Google AdWords Tips and Tricks
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Advanced Google AdWords Tips and Tricks

with David Booth

Video: Measuring AdWords with Google Analytics

When you're spending money in online channels, it's In our case, we won't take on a new client unless we've And while there are lots of great web analytics Essentially what this is saying is that if the keyword includes Now, I've apply these two segments to compare my Now, we're going to use the advanced conditions area to set this to Perfect.

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Ready to take the next step with AdWords? David Booth presents tips and tricks used by expert practitioners at his company Cardinal Path to improve their AdWords account management, organization, and reporting skills. First, you'll see different ways to use AdWords' labels, filters, and automated rules to improve visibility into your accounts. Agencies and freelancers managing multiple accounts will love learning how to use the My Client Center (MCC) features of AdWords—which provide a unified view of all your accounts in one place. Next, you'll learn how to save tremendous amounts of time with the AdWords Editor, where you can perform bulk edits, get rid of duplicate keywords, and create new campaigns extremely efficiently. Plus, you'll learn about the Auction Insights data, which will help you see how you stack up vs. the competition. Last, we'll dive into AdWords scripts and useful analytics and custom reports for evaluating Quality Score, attribution, and other key metrics and components of your AdWords account.

Google AdWords
David Booth

Measuring AdWords with Google Analytics

When you're spending money in online channels, it's absolutely essential that you're using a well through out and well implemented analytic solution over and above the platforms you're buying your ads from. In our case, we won't take on a new client unless we've either installed the web analytic solution ourselves, or audited it to our satisfaction. And every one of our search engine marketing clients has a dedicated web analyst on the delivery team. That's how important good analytics is to managing an AdWords account. And while there are lots of great web analytics platforms out there, and all of them have specific advantages. If you're spending money on AdWords and you're using a different analytics tool like Adobe Analytics or Web Trends or Core Metrics or others.

It's often a good idea to install Google Analytics alongside your primary tool of choice, just to get that native integration between the two Google products. This can ensure that you're getting pre-click and cost data alongside the click stream data that's captured after the click on the ad. And for Google Analytics premium users, you can also use this to get not just AdWords but also Doubleclick integrated into your stack. There are other courses that cover getting this integration set up, and there's plenty of coverage around using google analytics to measure marketing initiatives.

So, in this video, we're just going to focus on a few tips that you might find helpful as you use google analytics to manage your AdWords campaigns. First, let's take a look at some useful segments that you might want to use in your ad words specific reports. And we'll start out with the branded and non-branded terms. We'll go ahead and create a new segment. And under traffic sources, we're going to set our keyword to look for and match a regular expression that covers different variations of our brand. Essentially what this is saying is that if the keyword includes cardinal or path, or cpt, then we'll call it a branded search.

Now we'll create a similar one for none cardinal path branded search terms. And we'll just use the does not match regular expression option. Now, I've apply these two segments to compare my branded and non-branded traffic across all of my reports. Here in the All Traffic report, it looks like most of my organic Google revenue is coming from non-branded searches. But watch out. Remember that Google stopped providing keyword data. So it's counting that not provided as a non-branded keyword. This row can be very misleading if you don't remember that.

So let's go ahead and fix our segment. Now, we're going to use the advanced conditions area to set this to match our regular expression but make sure it's not that, not provided term. Perfect. Now, I can see that my brand is actually pretty important to me. Not just with AdWords but, also, across organic search and other search marketing campaigns. And remember, I can apply these segments to just about any report inside GA. For example, if I wanted to see if my branded terms are getting more impact in different countries or different states, I could head over to some geographic reports.

Here, I can see that something's not right again. I've got way too many visits showing up in the non-branded area. So I'm going to go back and fix this. Here in the keyword drop-down, I can see that lots of visits are being attributed, not only to that not provided but also to not set and content targeting. The column thread here is that all of these things start with a parenthesis. So, let me update this criteria to filter out everything that starts with one of those parenthesis. There we go, much better. Remember you should always make sure to review your segments to make sure things are making sense.

And that you know exactly what you're looking at. Okay, let's take a look at some other segments that might be interesting for managing AdWords. Especially now that we're using bit adjustments for things like mobile traffic. Let's go ahead and apply the mobile and tablet segments to our all traffic report and take a look. For my entire site I can see that mobile and tablet devices both account for about 5% of traffic. But if I go down to my Google CPC row which is AdWords, I can see that my mobile traffic is just 35 clicks out of my thousands.

This might mean that I'm missing out on mobile traffic. But before I go and up all my mobile bid adjustments. I can also see that so far, tablet users coming from AdWords haven't bought anything. And across my site, i've only had two transactions of my nearly 200 that came from mobile or tablet devices. Alright moving on, I want to go over one of my favorite reports in GA. The matched search query report. Especially now that Google and other search engines have started hiding the actual keywords that people are typing in, this is one of the few places you can still get at this kind of data.

Here, I've removed by segments, and I'm going to add a secondary dimension of keyword, which is actually the keyword that you're bidding on and not necessarily what they typed in. What the user actually typed in to trigger your ad is in that first column. That's the matched search query. Now, this is interesting. I can see all the things that people are typing in, and which of my bids is getting clicks on my ads in response. In our case, we've got a lot of exact match keywords in our accounts. So you'll see a lot that are exactly the same. But you can also see where they diverge.

In this row, I can see 23 sessions looking for Google Analytics Training Boston. And luckily, my broad match modifier picked this one up. But this even resulted in a transaction. So maybe I want to add this as a specific exact match keyword to a Boston ad group. Of course, you can use this same method to find bad keywords that you'll want to create negatives for. And a good tip is to open up the date range pretty wide when you're exploring this report. Last, let's talk about custom reports. You'll probably find yourself clicking from one standard report to another to get all the data you need.

And in many cases you can combined all those important metrics and dimensions right in the same report. And of course you can check out the other courses to see how to create and manage these in general. But I want to point out that all this work doesn't need to be from scratch. Let's take a look at the gallery where you can import custom reports that other people have created and find helpful. And then, once you've imported it, you can customize it further to make it your own. Here, I'm gong to filter down to just campaign related custom reports. And I'll grab Rachel's end-to-end page search report.

Once I've installed it, I'm going to add one more filter here to make it specific to only AdWords instead of all paid search sources. I definitely encourage you to browse the gallery and play around with some of the great work that others have done and shared here and maybe you can even upload a few of your own. Google Analytics is an essential tool for managing your AdWords accounts, and hopefully you're using it to get the most out of your online advertising efforts

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