Google AdWords Essential Training
Illustration by Richard Downs

Google AdWords Essential Training

with David Booth

Video: Welcome

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  1. 2m 26s
    1. Welcome
      1m 6s
    2. Getting the most from this course
      1m 20s
  2. 22m 35s
    1. Dissecting online advertising
      3m 14s
    2. Understanding pay-per-click advertising
      4m 19s
    3. Valuing the benefits of AdWords
      3m 39s
    4. Understanding AdWords ad types
      5m 3s
    5. Understanding where ads show up
      6m 20s
  3. 16m 1s
    1. Creating your account
      2m 37s
    2. Exploring the AdWords account structure
      3m 14s
    3. Organizing campaigns and ad groups
      5m 37s
    4. Learning the interface
      4m 33s
  4. 27m 23s
    1. Valuing keyword research
      3m 30s
    2. Understanding keyword match types
      6m 27s
    3. Using negative keywords
      3m 51s
    4. Evaluating a keyword
      6m 18s
    5. Using the Keyword Planner tool
      7m 17s
  5. 26m 18s
    1. Creating a new campaign
      4m 15s
    2. Targeting locations and languages
      3m 32s
    3. Setting your bidding strategy and budget
      5m 58s
    4. Setting your delivery and advanced settings
      4m 21s
    5. Using ad extensions
      5m 34s
    6. Using callout extensions
      2m 38s
  6. 21m 48s
    1. Writing effective text ads
      6m 8s
    2. Creating a new ad group
      5m 23s
    3. Working with additional ad groups
      4m 45s
    4. Using bid adjustments
      5m 32s
  7. 13m 11s
    1. Understanding the AdWords auction
      5m 20s
    2. Understanding Quality Score
      3m 32s
    3. Identifying Quality Score issues
      4m 19s
  8. 18m 29s
    1. Defining conversions
      2m 36s
    2. Using AdWords Conversion Tracking
      3m 3s
    3. Installing Conversion Tracking code
      5m 52s
    4. Using website call conversions
      3m 19s
    5. Linking Google Analytics to AdWords
      3m 39s
  9. 23m 32s
    1. Measuring return on investment (ROI)
      6m 1s
    2. Enabling and finding conversion metrics
      3m 11s
    3. Using the Conversion Optimizer
      4m 29s
    4. Testing your ads with split tests
      6m 16s
    5. Understanding the balance between performance and volume
      3m 35s
  10. 16m 46s
    1. Understanding remarketing in AdWords
      3m 30s
    2. Creating a remarketing list
      6m 27s
    3. Using display formats
      3m 2s
    4. Creating a remarketing campaign
      3m 47s
  11. 13m 4s
    1. Understanding video ads
      2m 41s
    2. Using YouTube TrueView formats
      2m 30s
    3. Creating a video campaign
      4m 35s
    4. Reading video campaign reports
      3m 18s
  12. 45s
    1. Next steps

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Watch the Online Video Course Google AdWords Essential Training
3h 22m Beginner Jan 27, 2014 Updated Nov 12, 2014

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Quickly harness the power of Google AdWords and get the most value from your pay-per-click (PPC) spend. Learn how to choose the best keywords, write compelling ad copy, and measure the effectiveness of your ads on the leading PPC platform. AdWords expert David Booth explains the PPC landscape and shows how to use AdWords to get more clicks, conversions, and ultimately more return on your investment in search advertising. This course explains the best practices for setting up your account and offers lessons on keyword research, bidding strategies, the all-important Quality Score, conversion tracking, and campaign optimization. Plus, learn about remarketing with display ads and video advertising with YouTube.

Because Google frequently adds new features and functionality, we're committed to keeping this course up to date with the latest training. Check back for updates!

Topics include:
  • Creating an AdWords account
  • Researching keywords with the Keyword Planner tool
  • Targeting locations and languages
  • Writing great ad headlines and copy
  • Setting campaign budgets and bidding
  • Using ad groups
  • Working with and optimizing your Quality Score
  • Installing conversion tracking code
  • Measuring ROI
  • Testing ads with split tests
  • Creating a remarketing campaign
  • Creating a video ad campaign
Google AdWords
David Booth


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm David Booth, and this is Google AdWords Essential Training. Google has made AdWords so easy, that you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. But don't be fooled. This is a very sophisticated advertising platform filled with features and controls, and this course will help you understand how it all works to avoid wasting your money. Through these videos, you'll see how to leverage AdWords to bring targeted visitors to your pages, and measure exactly what kind return you're getting on your advertising investment.

I'll explain the benefits of pay per click advertising, and show you how to create your own AdWords campaigns, and customize how they run. Helping you to not only to drive traffic to your website, but to convert those visitors into customers. By watching this course, you'll be taking the time to learn the ins and outs before you get started. And this will help you avoid pitfalls and create campaigns that you can continually optimize for performance against your organizational objectives. Growing your business and increasing your profitability, doesn't have to be hard. Let me show you how, with Google AdWords Essential Training.

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Q: Hey, the interface changed! What does that mean for this course?
A: Happily, this course remains a comprehensive guide to Google AdWords. It's true that about a month after we posted this course, Google changed the top bar from green to gray and moved the admin drop-down into the "gear" icon. While we understand it's distracting that the look and feel isn't exactly the same, the core functionality is almost entirely unaffected. When game-changing new features and functionality are introduced, we'll update the course.
Q: This course was updated on 11/12/2014. What changed?
A: We added two new movies: one to cover AdWords website call conversions, which help you measure conversions from phone calls, and the other to review AdWords callout extensions, which enable you to add additional descriptive information to Google ads.
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