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  • view course page for Anthony Jones: Concept Artist

    Concept artist and teacher Anthony Jones tells us what he's been working on, where he's finding inspiration, and how he sees the big trends in 3D and virtual reality developing over the next few years.

    1h 11m
    Appropriate for all

  • view course page for Advanced Unity 3D Game Programming

    Learn how to use Unity's advanced features like scripting, custom GUI elements, prefab customization, networking, and code optimization.

    3h 45m

  • view course page for Unity 4.3 Essential Training

    Learn to create a simple game in Unity, and get introduced to the basics of scripting and game functionality.

    6h 49m

  • view course page for Materials and Lighting in Unity

    Learn how to craft materials like wood, metal, and glass and light your scene inside the Unity 3D game engine.

    2h 21m

  • view course page for Level Design Basics in Unity

    Learn basic level design techniques using the Unity3D game engine, and create environments that are fun to navigate, modular and easy to reuse, and highly interactive.

    3h 9m

“Because of your lessons, I can go to “class” every night to learn the new programs that are needed for my work and my other projects.” —Frances M.
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