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Uploading from Lightroom

Uploading from Lightroom provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Derrick Story as… Show More

Flickr Essential Training

with Derrick Story

Video: Uploading from Lightroom

Uploading from Lightroom provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Derrick Story as part of the Flickr Essential Training
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  1. 1m 34s
    1. Welcome
      1m 34s
  2. 17m 51s
    1. Signing in to the Flickr mobile app
      1m 31s
    2. Choosing photo preferences on the Flickr mobile app
      3m 51s
    3. Setting privacy preferences on the Flickr mobile app
      3m 58s
    4. Enabling sharing on the Flickr mobile app
      1m 51s
    5. Finding friends on the Flickr mobile app
      2m 41s
    6. Exploring Flickr on the Flickr mobile app
      1m 26s
    7. Getting started with Flickr on Android
      2m 33s
  3. 20m 32s
    1. Taking pictures with the Flickr app
      4m 36s
    2. Choosing filters with the Flickr app
      2m 33s
    3. Editing pictures with the Flickr mobile app
      3m 52s
    4. Adding tags and other metadata with the Flickr app
      2m 10s
    5. Setting privacy and adding a venue on the Flickr mobile app
      1m 58s
    6. Adding existing images from your camera roll
      2m 14s
    7. Photography with Flickr on Android
      3m 9s
  4. 16m 51s
    1. Following your contacts via the Flickr mobile app
      4m 4s
    2. Managing your photostream on the Flickr mobile app
      4m 14s
    3. Keeping track of activity on the Flickr mobile app
      1m 33s
    4. Viewing EXIF data
      1m 50s
    5. Marking favorites
      1m 26s
    6. Exploring and sharing with Flickr on Android
      3m 44s
  5. 11m 15s
    1. Creating your Flickr account
      3m 57s
    2. Exploring the homepage
      2m 26s
    3. Adding contacts
      2m 4s
    4. Opting for ad-free
      2m 48s
  6. 15m 36s
    1. Editing your personal information
      3m 40s
    2. Specifying privacy and permissions settings
      6m 25s
    3. Specifying email settings
      3m 18s
    4. Sharing and extending
      2m 13s
  7. 24m 31s
    1. Uploading photos using the upload link
      5m 45s
    2. Using the old Uploadr link
    3. Using the Flickr Uploadr software
      1m 11s
    4. Uploading from iPhoto
      3m 47s
    5. Uploading from Aperture
      3m 43s
    6. Uploading from Lightroom
      2m 40s
    7. Uploading video clips
      2m 7s
    8. Connecting Flickr to Facebook
      2m 25s
    9. Connecting Flickr to Twitter
      1m 59s
  8. 8m 28s
    1. Getting around in your photostream and lightbox
      2m 40s
    2. Viewing photos as a slideshow
      2m 11s
    3. Sharing photos via email
      1m 16s
    4. Searching techniques
      2m 21s
  9. 11m 40s
    1. Creating and editing titles and descriptions
      1m 39s
    2. Make photos easy to find: Adding tags and searching with tags
      4m 3s
    3. Adding a photo to your map
      3m 0s
    4. Creating notes to identify things in a photo
      1m 12s
    5. Adding the name of someone who appears in a photo
      1m 46s
  10. 5m 48s
    1. Deleting a photo that you've uploaded
    2. Replacing a photo that you've uploaded
      1m 40s
    3. Changing the license for a photo
      1m 32s
    4. Changing the location where a photo was taken
      1m 8s
    5. Changing the date that a photo was taken or posted
  11. 19m 14s
    1. Enabling online editing
      1m 22s
    2. Rotating, cropping, and resizing
      3m 58s
    3. Working with Enhance, Brightness, and Saturation
      2m 52s
    4. Sharpening and focus
      2m 35s
    5. Applying effects
      1m 41s
    6. Adding text and frames
      3m 1s
    7. Red-eye, teeth whitening, and blemish removal
      3m 45s
  12. 13m 22s
    1. Creating a set
      2m 46s
    2. Adding photos to an existing set
      1m 23s
    3. Organizing sets
    4. Creating collections
      2m 36s
    5. Applying changes to a batch of photos
      2m 43s
    6. Creating a gallery
      1m 58s
    7. Viewing your archives
  13. 8m 8s
    1. Adding a comment to a photo
      1m 53s
    2. Viewing recent activity on your photos
    3. Marking a photo as a favorite
      1m 16s
    4. Adding contacts
      1m 7s
    5. Knowing when someone adds you as a contact
      1m 22s
    6. Managing FlickrMail
      1m 48s
  14. 5m 51s
    1. What are groups?
      1m 8s
    2. Joining and contributing to a group
      2m 40s
    3. Starting and administering your own group
      2m 3s
  15. 10m 11s
    1. Exploring the Explore page
      1m 4s
    2. Perusing The Commons
      1m 18s
    3. Looking at the Getty collection
      1m 18s
    4. Exploring the galleries
      1m 23s
    5. Charting the World Map
      1m 37s
    6. Accessing the App Garden
      1m 3s
    7. Finding cameras with the Camera Finder
      1m 29s
    8. Reading the Flickr blog
  16. 11m 42s
    1. Single-key keyboard shortcuts
      1m 35s
    2. Printing your Flickr images
      1m 36s
    3. Viewing your stats
      1m 49s
    4. Seeing what's popular on your Flickr page
      1m 58s
    5. Reviewing your Flickr profile
      1m 23s
    6. Editing your cover photo
      1m 45s
    7. Grabbing the embed code
      1m 36s
  17. 1m 2s
    1. Next steps
      1m 2s

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Uploading from Lightroom
Video duration: 2m 40s 3h 23m Appropriate for all


Uploading from Lightroom provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Derrick Story as part of the Flickr Essential Training

Business Photography

Uploading from Lightroom

Flickr and Lightroom, they communicate well, and all you have to do is establish a connection. And then, Lightroom looks at the management of the photos as a collection. It uses the collection system. You start by making sure that the connection is set up between the two. And if you haven't done that yet, you would just go to Flickr, click on the Set Up link and add the information. Once you're set up, you'll see something like this. And this is actually an online collection.

That's the way Lightroom treats that. I'll show you how that works. Let's add a photo to this, so go to photographs here. And let's say that I want to add this shot to my Flicker account. I want it to be present online, so just drag it down to the photostream here. And now we'll click down there. Again, this is a collection, so what we manage here is virtual. If we delete a photo, we're not deleting it from Lightroom, just from this collection.

So, it's ready to go here, so we have to publish it in order to make it live. So, I'll click on the Publish button. Okay, now, Lightroom has said that this should be on our Flickr account. Let's take a look at it. So I'm going to refresh. And look at that, there's our photo. Click on it, we can give it a title. And also play with the description, and then save. We have more information right down here.

And then I'll go back to my photostream, because I want to go back to Lightroom. So, go ahead and minimize this, here we are in Lightroom. I want to show you one other kind of unique feature, so if I click on an image and I right-click on this image, I can tell it to show me in Flicker. And it will take me directly to that image online with the image URL, just like that. And if I decide that I want to delete an image from Flickr, all I have to do is delete it from this collection. I'll click on it, Remove from Collection, I would choose that. And then I would republish and that would remove that from the Flickr site. So, they talk really nicely to each other.

The main thing is to establish a connection and then think of this as a collection. And then once you make your changes, remember to publish and you'll be in great shape.

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