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The essential toolbar shortcuts


Flash Professional Power Shortcuts

with Todd Perkins

Video: The essential toolbar shortcuts

The essential toolbar shortcuts provides you with in-depth training on Web. Taught by Todd Perkins as part of the Flash Professional Power Shortcuts
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  1. 1m 21s
    1. Welcome
    2. Using the exercise files
  2. 50m 54s
    1. The Break Apart command
      3m 35s
    2. The Distribute To Layers command
      1m 32s
    3. Zooming shortcuts
      2m 13s
    4. Copying and pasting shortcuts
      1m 34s
    5. The Swap and Duplicate Symbol commands
      1m 50s
    6. Shortcuts with graphic symbols
      2m 29s
    7. Editing multiple frames
      2m 9s
    8. Finding and replacing all types of content
      3m 31s
    9. Creating custom code snippets
      2m 26s
    10. Using frame keyboard shortcuts
      2m 5s
    11. The Align panel
      2m 16s
    12. Fast masking
      1m 38s
    13. Shortcuts for rulers and guides
      2m 31s
    14. The essential toolbar shortcuts
      2m 0s
    15. Exporting a movie clip or graphic symbol animation
      5m 39s
    16. Importing sequences of images
      2m 42s
    17. Snap To Guides and Snap To Objects
      3m 29s
    18. Enabling buttons and ActionScript without testing the movie
      2m 18s
    19. Muting sounds
      1m 21s
    20. Using the History panel to create custom shortcuts
      3m 36s
  3. 11m 46s
    1. Panel shortcuts
      1m 48s
    2. Drawing shortcuts
      2m 44s
    3. Testing movies
      1m 30s
    4. Using the Movie Explorer
      3m 29s
    5. Saving and loading colors
      2m 15s
  4. 8m 9s
    1. Using easing presets in the Motion Editor
      3m 21s
    2. Working with frame previews
      1m 45s
    3. Setting onion skinning and onion skinning outlines
      3m 3s
  5. 6m 2s
    1. Working with multiple libraries
      2m 50s
    2. Importing objects to the Library
      1m 5s
    3. Updating graphics in the Library
      2m 7s
  6. 6m 44s
    1. Spell-checking
      2m 19s
    2. Embedding fonts
      2m 21s
    3. Adding variables in a text field
      2m 4s
  7. 12m 35s
    1. Creating new class/interface files
      1m 28s
    2. Using code snippets and behaviors
      3m 38s
    3. Navigating the code throughout your document
      2m 43s
    4. Using the Auto Format tool
      2m 15s
    5. Fixing coding errors
      2m 31s
  8. 22m 29s
    1. Keeping SWF file sizes small
      4m 15s
    2. Making a preloader for better Flash Player performance
      7m 11s
    3. Best practices in ActionScript 3
      6m 1s
    4. Optimizing bitmaps
      3m 6s
    5. Optimizing audio
      1m 56s
  9. 13m 31s
    1. Using Auto-Recovery and Auto-Save
      4m 19s
    2. Working with Authortime shared assets
      2m 58s
    3. Using the new Library Conflict Resolution dialog
      1m 57s
    4. Showing and hiding instances with the new visible property
      2m 38s
    5. Copying and pasting layers
      1m 39s
  10. 24s
    1. Goodbye

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Watch the Online Video Course Flash Professional Power Shortcuts
Video Duration: 2m 0s2h 13m Intermediate May 18, 2011

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In this course, author Todd Perkins helps designers build their power user skills with an array of timesaving tips, tricks, and techniques that work in multiple versions of Flash Professional. Beginning with Todd's top 20 shortcuts, the course includes tips for designing and animating artwork, managing multiple libraries, writing and navigating through code, optimizing bitmaps and audio, and much more.

Topics include:
  • Editing multiple frames
  • Finding and replacing content
  • Importing sequences of images
  • Enabling buttons and ActionScript without testing the movie
  • Creating custom shortcuts with the History panel
  • Animating with easing presets
  • Setting onion skinning and onion skinning outlines
  • Embedding fonts
  • Adding vars in a text field
  • Using code snippets and behaviors
  • Fixing coding errors
  • Limiting SWF file sizes
  • Optimizing Flash Player performance with a preloader
  • Additional Flash CS5.5 shortcuts
Flash Professional
Todd Perkins

The essential toolbar shortcuts

Almost everything in Flash has a keyboard shortcut, but most of the shortcuts are for features you'll rarely use. Here some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for working in the toolbar. The Selection tool and can be accessed with the keyboard shortcut V. I honestly use that all the time. Another one that I use all the time is Q, which is the Free Transform tool. If you're drawing a lot, you may want to memorize P for the Pen tool, which is the pretty easy one, or R for the Rectangle, or O for the Oval tool.

There's also B for the Brush tool and the great thing is that these are pretty obvious, because it's the first letter of the tool that you're using. And for drawing and working in Flash those are the main keyboard shortcuts that I have memorized and use all the time. The Text tool is another one. That's T. And if you want to know any other shortcuts, just hover your mouse over any of the tools and you'll see the keyboard shortcut in parenthesis. One that's not listed here, but that is one of my favorite in Flash and in many other drawing applications is the Spacebar toggle for panning.

So you'll see that there is the Hand tool that's H. You can press that to click-and-drag and pane around your file. I can turn that off by clicking the Selection tool, but Spacebar keyboard shortcut enables you to toggle the Hand tool just while your Spacebar is down. So I can use the Selection tool to move around the kid and then I let my mouse button go, hold the Spacebar, and I can pane around, and as soon as I let the Spacebar go and my mouse go then I'm no longer panning. I am back in the Selection tool.

That was a look at the toolbar related keyboard shortcuts I use most, but if there are tools you find yourself using often, I encourage you to either memorize the keyboard shortcut or create your own if one doesn't exist already. That way you can get more done in less time.

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