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Introduction to Flash Animation

with Kelly McCathran

Video: Welcome

Guides you through the fundamentals of Flash animation, beginning with a tour of the tools and interface.
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  1. 1m 38s
    1. Welcome
      1m 38s
  2. 19m 35s
    1. Introduction to Flash CS5 and the Flash Player
      4m 28s
    2. FLA, SWF, and other file types
      5m 43s
    3. Flash feature comparison
      3m 58s
    4. Raster vs. vector
      5m 26s
  3. 27m 56s
    1. Overview of the interface
      7m 42s
    2. Panel modes and workspaces
      6m 54s
    3. Setting preferences
      4m 5s
    4. Choosing the proper document size
      9m 15s
  4. 28m 55s
    1. Merge Drawing mode vs. Object Drawing mode
      6m 43s
    2. Using primitive objects
      6m 37s
    3. Other shape tools
      6m 49s
    4. Selecting, modifying, and transforming objects
      8m 46s
  5. 17m 30s
    1. Your first animation
      6m 4s
    2. That's how the ball bounces
      6m 50s
    3. Working with multiple shape tweens
      4m 36s
  6. 34m 51s
    1. Creating and working with symbols
      8m 16s
    2. Editing symbols
      6m 39s
    3. The anatomy of a button
      4m 0s
    4. Building a button from scratch
      7m 18s
    5. The Library panel
      8m 38s
  7. 22m 42s
    1. The Timeline: Part one
      7m 48s
    2. The Timeline: Part two
      7m 7s
    3. The Timeline: Part three
      7m 47s
  8. 21m 32s
    1. Introduction to the Motion Editor
      6m 54s
    2. Using filters and color effects
      7m 29s
    3. Applying easing with the Motion Editor
      7m 9s
  9. 14m 56s
    1. Options for testing your movie
      3m 57s
    2. Full overview of Publish Settings and export options
      10m 59s
  10. 13m 31s
    1. Using sound in Flash movies
      5m 53s
    2. Importing sound into Flash movies
      4m 40s
    3. Adding sounds to a button
      2m 58s

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Introduction to Flash Animation
Video Duration: 0s 3h 23m Beginner


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Adobe Flash CS5 is the industry standard for creating dynamic, interactive graphics, and even entire websites. This workshop from expert trainer Kelly McCathran provides a solid introduction to Flash animation, beginning with a tour of the tools and interface. Plus, learn how to animate shapes and objects, create slideshows, incorporate other media into your movies, add keyframes, and much more. Each lesson takes a simple step-by-step approach—great for beginners and also helpful for more experienced users looking to develop efficient workflows—and some simple projects are included so you can test out your newly developed skills.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the Timeline
  • Working with Timeline effects
  • Adding keyframes
  • Creating slideshows
  • Incorporating other media into your movies
  • Distributing your work effectively
  • Organizing your assets
  • Developing efficient workflows
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Flash Professional


(music playing) Hi my name is Kelly McCatherine, I am a certified technical trainer plus and an Adobe certified instructor. I have been teaching Flash for about 9 years and I specialize in web and print training. But as of now, also mobile and tablet publishing. The web and mobile devices have become so sophisticated over the last five years. That static content will no longer do. For that reason, any designer worth their salt really needs to understand how to create, deliver and publish this new class of dynamic content. In this course, I'll be guiding you through the fundamentals of flash animation.

Getting you comfortable with flashes, tools and interface. And showing you how to create Flash animations from scratch. After you're comfortable with the Flash workspace, we'll jump into creating and animating shapes and objects, creating slideshows, and incorporating other media into your movies. As your projects grow and grow, it's a good idea to organize all of your assets into libraries. A core feature of Flash, and no Flash course would be complete without a through tour of the timeline. So prepare to get nerdy with me.

Finally we'll give you guidelines for distributing your work, so the world can see your great animations. After completing this workshop, you should feel very comfortable with the Flash interface, and building basic animations. I had a lot of fun creating these lessons, and I hope you'll have as much fun Learning these exciting new skills. So, let's sit back, relax and get ready to animate.

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