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Learn how to make a game or create a Flash animation with our expert-taught Flash Professional video tutorials. Find out how to create Flash ads, build games and web animations, program interactivity in ActionScript, and much more.
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Get a running start with Adobe Flash Professional, and learn the concepts, tools, and techniques you'll need to create your own animations, web experiences, and mobile applications.

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— every online web course includes free flash professional training. Become a member to keep learning the latest tips, with unlimited access to every course in our library. lynda.com offers other tutorials related to Flash Professional, such as creation, animation and more.

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  • view course page for Learning Flash 5

    Learning Flash 5 with Garo Green

    Covers the essential features of Flash for new users: the authoring tool, drawing tools, importing, and more.

    6h 17m

  • view course page for Intermediate Flash 5

    Intermediate Flash 5 with Shane Rebenschied

    Learn the secrets of Flash 5 mastery, including tips on site design strategy and workflow.

    11h 9m

  • view course page for Optimizing Flash 5 Content

    Optimizing Flash 5 Content with Shane Rebenschied

    Create highly interactive and fast-loading web content; learn workflow, file size, and performance optimization.

    1h 46m

  • view course page for Advanced Flash 5

    Advanced Flash 5 with Josh Ulm

    Teaches the fundamentals of object-oriented programming inside of Flash.

    6h 18m

“It is so enlightening to have the blinders removed, and see the individual parts explained and how they relate to each other.” —Daniel J.
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