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Soundtrack Pro 2 Essential Training

with Larry Jordan

Video: Welcome

Apple Certified Trainer Larry Jordan shows how Soundtrack Pro can be used to get professional-quality results.
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  1. 1m 13s
    1. Welcome
      1m 13s
  2. 9m 25s
    1. Why use Soundtrack Pro?
      1m 21s
    2. Audio terminology
      7m 6s
    3. New features in Soundtrack Pro 2
  3. 32m 59s
    1. Interface overview
      1m 5s
    2. Starting the application and using panes
      4m 31s
    3. Working with tabs
      1m 31s
    4. Creating custom window layouts
      2m 43s
    5. Creating custom toolbars
      2m 48s
    6. Global Waveform view
      2m 26s
    7. Playing, stopping, and moving around
      7m 35s
    8. Working with timecode
      4m 19s
    9. Understanding track headers
      5m 30s
    10. Navigation keyboard shortcuts
  4. 31m 3s
    1. System setup overview
    2. Working with the Project tab
      4m 48s
    3. Setting system preferences: General tab
      5m 40s
    4. Setting system preferences: Project tab
      2m 35s
    5. Setting system preferences: Record tab
      2m 24s
    6. Setting system preferences: Sync tab and MIDI
      1m 44s
    7. Setting system preferences: Control Surfaces tab
      6m 29s
    8. Setting system preferences: Video Out/In tab
      1m 6s
    9. Finding and organizing loop libraries
      3m 36s
    10. Trashing preferences
      1m 52s
  5. 6m 35s
    1. Opening and saving files
    2. Opening files
      2m 28s
    3. Saving files
      3m 32s
  6. 15m 37s
    1. Round-tripping
      3m 40s
    2. Sending single clips to Soundtrack Pro from Final Cut Pro
      4m 42s
    3. More sending options
      2m 39s
    4. Sending multitrack clips to Soundtrack Pro from Final Cut Pro
      4m 36s
  7. 14m 16s
    1. Audio recording overview
      1m 24s
    2. Recording audio
      8m 38s
    3. Punch recording
      4m 14s
  8. 12m 14s
    1. Multitake Editor overview
    2. Working with cycle regions
      3m 17s
    3. Creating a multitake clip
      4m 39s
    4. Using multitake clips and transitions
      3m 20s
  9. 11m 52s
    1. Marker overview
    2. Creating markers
      4m 35s
    3. Working with markers
      3m 41s
    4. Navigating with markers
      2m 56s
  10. 3m 29s
    1. Selecting audio files
      3m 29s
  11. 1h 15m
    1. Audio repair overview
      2m 22s
    2. The audio file interface
      5m 3s
    3. Working with waveforms and zero crossings
      8m 10s
    4. Understanding scale and audio levels
      3m 0s
    5. Analysis, actions, and the File Editor
      3m 36s
    6. Normalizing audio
      8m 35s
    7. Using the Actions tab
      3m 3s
    8. Working with ambient noise
      6m 0s
    9. Cleaning up audio manually using sample values
      4m 51s
    10. Cleaning up audio automatically using the Analysis tab
      4m 38s
    11. Cleaning up audio with silence and noise
      3m 52s
    12. Converting stereo to mono
      4m 4s
    13. More repair tricks and using the Time Stretch tool
      4m 26s
    14. Reducing noise
      5m 32s
    15. Cleaning up explosive Ps and Ts
      2m 25s
    16. Using the Lift and Stamp tools
      2m 16s
    17. Using the File Editor
      3m 16s
  12. 10m 41s
    1. Frequency spectrum editing overview
    2. Frequency Spectrum view
      6m 55s
    3. Frequency spectrum editing
      3m 0s
  13. 26m 8s
    1. Multitrack interface overview
    2. Adding clips
      7m 17s
    3. Selecting clips
      7m 1s
    4. Adjusting clips
      4m 53s
    5. Working with the TC display and multipoint video
      6m 11s
  14. 27m 12s
    1. Multitrack editing overview
      1m 28s
    2. Multitrack editing
      10m 40s
    3. Audio cleanup techniques
      3m 27s
    4. Adding transitions
      7m 14s
    5. Three-point editing
      4m 23s
  15. 7m 26s
    1. Soundtrack Pro script overview
    2. Creating scripts
      2m 58s
    3. Accessing scripts inside Final Cut Pro
      3m 32s
  16. 27m 22s
    1. Music loop overview
      2m 11s
    2. The music loop interface
      10m 9s
    3. Using loops to create songs
      4m 55s
    4. Transposition and doubling
      6m 33s
    5. Time, key, and tempo
      2m 8s
    6. Introducing the Apple Loops Utility
      1m 26s
  17. 7m 19s
    1. Effects overview
    2. Finding effects
      6m 49s
  18. 54m 39s
    1. Principal mixing overview
      5m 41s
    2. Mixing on the Timeline
      6m 50s
    3. Using the Tracks tab
      3m 50s
    4. Using the Mixer
      7m 8s
    5. Envelopes and automation overview
    6. What are envelopes?
      3m 41s
    7. Recording envelopes
      8m 23s
    8. Working with surround sound
      8m 13s
    9. Buses and submixes
      1m 10s
    10. Creating submixes
      3m 26s
    11. Creating buses
      5m 19s
  19. 34m 27s
    1. Filter overview
      2m 46s
    2. Applying filters
      5m 12s
    3. Using the Limiter filter
      6m 32s
    4. Using the Fat EQ filter
      5m 20s
    5. Using the Match EQ tool
      2m 19s
    6. Using the MultiMeter
      2m 28s
    7. Using Channel EQ
      4m 14s
    8. Using the Reverb filter
      5m 36s
  20. 7m 9s
    1. Conforming overview
      1m 22s
    2. How to conform
      5m 47s
  21. 11m 30s
    1. Exporting and outputting
      1m 46s
    2. Exporting an audio file
      1m 49s
    3. Exporting a multitrack project
      7m 55s
  22. 46s
    1. Goodbye

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Soundtrack Pro 2 Essential Training
Video Duration: 0s 7h 9m Beginner


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The soundtrack can make or break a video project, and it's easier than ever to get professional-quality results using the latest software. In Soundtrack Pro 2 Essential Training, Apple Certified Trainer Larry Jordan shows how Soundtrack Pro 2 can be used to set up, record, edit, mix, and output professional soundtracks for media projects. He teaches the best post-production techniques for Final Cut Pro 6 projects and audio files, and covers everything from setting up preferences and repairing poor audio, to working with filters and mixing. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Learning the Soundtrack Pro 2 interface
  • Setting up General, Project, Recording, and Sync preferences
  • Recording audio
  • Using the Multitake Editor
  • Creating and using markers
  • Improving and repairing audio files
  • Applying multitrack editing options
  • Using envelopes and keyframes
  • Exploring soundtrack scripts
  • Adding music loops and sound effects
  • Editing waveforms and frequencies
  • Mixing audio tracks
  • Applying filters
  • Creating surround sound
  • Conforming
  • Exporting finished files
Audio + Music Video
Soundtrack Pro


Welcome to Soundtrack Pro 2 Essential Training. My name is Larry Jordan, and I'm delighted to take you on this tour of the new features and the operation of Soundtrack Pro 2. The purpose of this title is to introduce you to the power within the Soundtrack Pro 2 and to teach you what you need to know to successfully start using the program. However, my conscience does force me to say that Soundtrack Pro is a very deep program, just like Final Cut. So when it comes to audio, there's always something more to learn.

Here's what we're going to be covering. We're going to cover getting started and new features, spent a lot of time learning the interface and keyboard shortcuts and then we're going follow the process from system set up through recording audio and repairing audio and mixing audio and output. There's a lot here to cover but before we start, I just want to mention that if you're a premium member of 's Library or if you're watching this tutorial on the disk, you have access to the exercise files which are used throughout this issue. But if you're a monthly or annual subscriber to lynda, then you don't have access to the exercise files, but before you start to get depressed, you can always follow along using your own assets.

Well, with that being said, let's get started.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Soundtrack Pro 2 Essential Training .

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Q: When sending a clip from Final Cut Pro to Soundtrack Pro, despite having the In and Out in the timeline, the whole clip gets sent to the browser. Is there a way to work only with the portions done with the razors and send only these portions to Soundtrack Pro?
A: In Sountrack Pro, this is not an option.
Soundtrack Pro 3 makes it a bit easier by marking the In and the Out, but the entire clip will always be duplicated and loaded.
The workaround is to export just the audio you need as a self-contained QuickTime file.





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