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FileMaker Pro 13 Essential Training

with Cris Ippolite

Video: Welcome

Learn how to build a smart, secure database with FileMaker Pro 13—the database solution used in both home offices and Fortune 500 companies.
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  1. 12m 5s
    1. Welcome
      1m 4s
    2. Introducing the FileMaker 13 platform
      5m 21s
    3. Touring the FileMaker Quick Start screen
      2m 49s
    4. Explaining backward compatibility with FileMaker version 12
      1m 22s
    5. Using the exercise files
      1m 29s
  2. 24m 12s
    1. What is a database?
      2m 33s
    2. Comparing flat and relational databases
      5m 15s
    3. Reviewing how FileMaker works
      6m 58s
    4. Touring essential preferences
      3m 9s
    5. Exploring the interface
      6m 17s
  3. 16m 4s
    1. Creating databases from Starter Solutions
      4m 27s
    2. Converting spreadsheets into FileMaker databases
      5m 45s
    3. Adding tables by importing
      5m 52s
  4. 10m 23s
    1. Determining which tables your solutions will need
      5m 2s
    2. Creating tables in the Table tab of the Manage Database window
      5m 21s
  5. 37m 18s
    1. Understanding relationship types
      8m 30s
    2. Diagramming relationships with entity-relationship (ER) diagrams
      10m 9s
    3. Understanding key fields
      5m 34s
    4. Defining primary and foreign keys
      8m 3s
    5. Creating relationships in FileMaker
      5m 2s
  6. 34m 28s
    1. Deciding which fields you will need
      6m 2s
    2. Understanding field types
      5m 12s
    3. Defining fields
      8m 32s
    4. Using field auto-enter options
      8m 15s
    5. Using field validation options
      6m 27s
  7. 27m 34s
    1. Using container fields in your database
      6m 48s
    2. Working with container inspector options in Layout mode
      5m 44s
    3. Applying field options and using remote container storage
      15m 2s
  8. 11m 47s
    1. Creating and duplicating records
      4m 50s
    2. Editing and locking records
      4m 35s
    3. Deleting records and backing up files
      2m 22s
  9. 21m 12s
    1. Importing data
      9m 50s
    2. Importing records to refresh data
      5m 40s
    3. Exporting data
      5m 42s
  10. 28m 6s
    1. Introducing layouts
      4m 1s
    2. Working with themes in new layouts
      5m 9s
    3. Using the New Layout/Report assistant to create list views
      9m 27s
    4. Using the New Layout/Report assistant to create labels and envelopes
      5m 2s
    5. Applying themes to existing layouts
      4m 27s
  11. 25m 4s
    1. Using the Layout Setup dialog
      6m 10s
    2. Understanding layout parts
      6m 1s
    3. Previewing the Inspector
      1m 39s
    4. Exploring layout tools and the status area in Layout mode
      6m 10s
    5. Managing layouts and layout folders
      5m 4s
  12. 1h 10m
    1. Using guides and arranging, aligning, grouping and locking layout objects
      10m 0s
    2. Applying Screen Stencils
      3m 25s
    3. Placing and formatting graphics in layouts
      5m 34s
    4. Applying gradients
      2m 19s
    5. Formatting fields and applying field attributes
      6m 24s
    6. Understanding states
      5m 9s
    7. Setting field behaviors
      3m 23s
    8. Using the Tab Control feature
      9m 6s
    9. Using the Slide Control feature
      6m 42s
    10. Using the popover feature
      7m 40s
    11. Setting the tab order
      4m 29s
    12. Learning how to hide layout objects conditionally
      6m 4s
  13. 42m 56s
    1. Using the basic find functions
      7m 53s
    2. Reviewing new requests in Find mode
      3m 47s
    3. Establishing search operators
      5m 58s
    4. Constraining or extending found sets
      4m 14s
    5. Finding records using date, time, or timestamp criteria
      8m 48s
    6. Using Fast Match and Quick Find
      6m 1s
    7. Saving find requests
      6m 15s
  14. 21m 23s
    1. Sorting with a single criterion
      7m 25s
    2. Sorting with related fields
      2m 21s
    3. Sorting with multiple criteria
      2m 59s
    4. Sorting using custom values
      3m 44s
    5. Sorting using buttons
      4m 54s
  15. 18m 49s
    1. Introducing field control styles
      5m 56s
    2. Creating and applying static value lists
      4m 57s
    3. Creating and applying dynamic value lists
      7m 56s
  16. 36m 45s
    1. Previewing pages and print options
      7m 42s
    2. Printing in different views
      6m 15s
    3. Controlling object visibility when printing
      5m 26s
    4. Sliding objects when printing
      5m 9s
    5. Printing merge letters
      5m 24s
    6. Saving as a PDF or an Excel file
      6m 49s
  17. 38m 45s
    1. Building simple reports with summary fields
      5m 17s
    2. Creating subsummary reports
      8m 29s
    3. Adding charts to reports
      9m 10s
    4. Creating subsummary reports in Table view
      4m 38s
    5. Creating quick charts in Table view
      11m 11s
  18. 41m 49s
    1. Introducing calculations
      3m 11s
    2. Exploring the Calculation dialog
      5m 13s
    3. Using number functions
      6m 12s
    4. Using date and time functions
      4m 20s
    5. Using text functions
      9m 5s
    6. Using get functions
      3m 58s
    7. Using logic functions
      9m 50s
  19. 57m 56s
    1. Introducing scripts and script steps
      2m 48s
    2. Assigning script steps to buttons
      4m 50s
    3. Understanding the Scriptmaker dialog window
      7m 54s
    4. Creating multiline scripts
      10m 23s
    5. Adding find criteria to a script
      8m 19s
    6. Using the New Window script step
      7m 36s
    7. Understanding the If script step
      5m 42s
    8. Using script parameters
      5m 7s
    9. Reviewing the Send Mail script option
      5m 17s
  20. 31m 39s
    1. Introducing script triggers
      2m 13s
    2. Using object-based triggers
      13m 5s
    3. Using layout-based triggers
      9m 3s
    4. Using file-based triggers (Open and Close scripts)
      7m 18s
  21. 49m 18s
    1. A message about relationships
    2. Using related fields
      8m 10s
    3. Creating portals
      7m 48s
    4. Using related fields in calculations
      7m 2s
    5. Understanding multipredicate relationships
      12m 10s
    6. Using the Go to Related Record script step
      4m 55s
    7. Adding charts with related data to layouts
      8m 27s
  22. 1m 49s
    1. Goodbye
      1m 49s

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FileMaker Pro 13 Essential Training
Video duration: 0s 10h 59m Beginner


Learn how to design and build a smart, secure database with FileMaker Pro 13—the database solution used in both home offices and Fortune 500 companies. Cris Ippolite, drawing on years of experience with clients at his own development firm, walks through the essential FileMaker Pro skills, from creating tables and managing fields to designing layouts that display your data. He'll show you how to find and sort data, create reports, import and export data, write scripts, diagram relationships, and more. Start now and start building your first database from scratch.

Topics include:
  • Creating databases from Starter Solutions
  • Determining what tables you need
  • Defining key fields and creating relationships between tables
  • Creating fields
  • Creating, duplicating, editing, and deleting records
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Managing layouts and layout objects
  • Using the Layout Assistant
  • Applying themes to layouts
  • Finding records and working with found sets
  • Building reports and charts
  • Exploring calculations
  • Creating and triggering scripts
  • Working with relationships in scripts, calculations, and charts
FileMaker Pro


Hi, I'm Cris Ippolite, and welcome to FileMaker Pro 13 Essential Training. FileMaker Pro is the leading desktop database software. Popular for it's ease of use, and used by everyone from Fortune 500 companies to individuals who just want to be a little bit more organized. You'll learn the basics behind how a database works. How to manage the various fields to store your data properly. How to work with layouts to display data. As well as, how to format your layouts in a number of different ways. I'll show you how to build interesting and attractive reports, including some summary reports.

And we'll take a close up look at how to setup relationships in FileMaker, and some of their interesting uses. Throughout the course, I'll be providing guidance and examples based on my experiences with my clients. We'll be working with a bunch of integrated data, based around a database that we'll create from scratch. This will act as the example for all of our needs throughout the title. And now without any further delay, it's time for us to dive into FileMaker Pro 13, Essential Training.

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