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FileMaker Pro 7 Essential Training

with Vincenzo Menanno

Video: welcome

Uses hands-on examples of a small business solution and a school database to demonstrate relationship models and other features.
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  1. 29s
    1. welcome
  2. 26m 16s
    1. the history of FileMaker
    2. flat vs. relational
      6m 42s
    3. example: flat vs. relational
      8m 26s
    4. context and perspective
      6m 39s
    5. general preferences
      3m 43s
  3. 22m 51s
    1. browse mode
      15m 9s
    2. layout mode
      2m 18s
    3. find mode
      2m 28s
    4. preview mode
      2m 56s
  4. 40m 15s
    1. field types
      8m 46s
    2. auto-entry options
      12m 19s
    3. field validations
      7m 37s
    4. validation part 2
      4m 19s
    5. field storage
      7m 14s
  5. 22m 35s
    1. creating tables
      6m 27s
    2. tables vs. table occurrences
      4m 5s
    3. ramifications of deleting tables
      12m 3s
  6. 8m 10s
    1. standard toolbar
      2m 51s
    2. text formatting toolbar
      1m 15s
    3. arrange toolbar
      2m 23s
    4. tools toolbar
      1m 41s
  7. 38m 45s
    1. create, edit and delete
      15m 39s
    2. making use of relationships
      10m 25s
    3. understanding relationships
      9m 38s
    4. sorting relationships
      3m 3s
  8. 1h 32m
    1. creating layouts
      7m 23s
    2. exploring layout tools
      11m 20s
    3. layout preferences
      5m 8s
    4. arrange layout objects
      2m 36s
    5. group layout objects
      2m 35s
    6. lock layout objects
      2m 41s
    7. rotating layout objects
      2m 20s
    8. alignment and the grid
      4m 59s
    9. text formatting
      6m 10s
    10. tab settings
      2m 5s
    11. inserting objects
      11m 5s
    12. formatting graphics
      4m 52s
    13. formatting objects
      8m 23s
    14. formatting fields
      5m 40s
    15. formatting behaviors
      4m 32s
    16. field borders
      3m 57s
    17. alignment using t-squares
      1m 18s
    18. rulers and page margins
      2m 12s
    19. revealing layout objects
      2m 54s
  9. 26m 58s
    1. creating portals
      9m 53s
    2. adding data to portals
      7m 33s
    3. creating new windows
      3m 10s
    4. record locking
      5m 20s
    5. save record changes
      1m 2s
  10. 14m 28s
    1. creating value lists
      2m 23s
    2. creating value lists from fields
      2m 45s
    3. creating value lists from related fields
      6m 10s
    4. using value lists from other fields
      3m 10s
  11. 38m 22s
    1. understanding context
      2m 15s
    2. creating calculations using context
      9m 27s
    3. the power of the relationships graph
      2m 51s
    4. exploring the calculation dialog
      8m 20s
    5. creating and using summary fields
      15m 29s
  12. 25m 58s
    1. using find mode
      3m 27s
    2. finding a phrase
    3. finding with an unknown character
    4. finding with unknown characters
    5. using escape characters
    6. finding with values
      2m 31s
    7. using constrain
      2m 32s
    8. using extend
      1m 39s
    9. confusing results
      4m 2s
    10. sorting with one criterion
      3m 34s
    11. sorting with related fields
      2m 46s
    12. sorting using buttons
      2m 46s
  13. 35m 3s
    1. building sub-summary reports
      14m 34s
    2. context for sub-summary reports
      3m 31s
    3. layout parts and sub-summary reports
      13m 19s
    4. page breaks and sub-summary parts
      3m 39s
  14. 21m 44s
    1. exploring ScriptMaker
      5m 19s
    2. hello world - your first script
      2m 10s
    3. writing scripts to view reports
      4m 8s
    4. tweaking scripts to get them just right
      3m 34s
    5. attaching scripts to your buttons
      2m 46s
    6. context - very important
      3m 47s
  15. 24m 15s
    1. security model overview
      2m 33s
    2. file options
      1m 39s
    3. creating accounts
      5m 11s
    4. creating a re-login script
      13m 27s
    5. managing accounts
      1m 25s
  16. 17m 51s
    1. plan on paper first
      3m 17s
    2. understanding the problem
      2m 12s
    3. does the model answer your questions
      1m 39s
    4. prototyping and testing ideas
      1m 50s
    5. iterative process
      1m 36s
    6. converting older files
      4m 16s
    7. structure / interface / security
      3m 1s
  17. 25s
    1. goodbye

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FileMaker Pro 7 Essential Training
Video duration: 0s 7h 36m Beginner


FileMaker Pro 7 Essential Training with Vincenzo Menanno is a movie-based tutorial for those new to FileMaker Pro 7, the tool of choice for many data management needs. Previous users of FileMaker Pro will also benefit from the description of key concepts. The workshop begins with a discussion of two fundamental concepts for mastering the underlying philosophy of FileMaker Pro 7, and quickly advances, using examples of a small business solution and a school database to demonstrate the new relationship model, the differences between Tables and Table Occurrences, and the full-featured and unified security model. Exercise files are included, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Topics include:
  • Key concepts for grasping 7.0
  • Tables vs. table occurrences
  • Understanding relationships
  • Creating calculations using context
  • The power of the relationships graph
  • Converting from older versions
  • Creating portals
  • Record locking
  • Exploring ScriptMaker
FileMaker Pro


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