Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter (2009)
Illustration by Richard Downs

Reducing your workload with social media management programs


Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter (2009)

with Anne-Marie Concepción

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Video: Reducing your workload with social media management programs

There are a number of third-party applications, mostly free-- some that you have to pay a little bit for-- that will definitely help you out so much with your social media marketing efforts. Whether you are just in to tweeting or just in to Facebook page admin or both, I want to give you a quick tour of some of the most notable ones and show you a little bit about how to use each one. The first one I want to talk about is TweetDeck, which I have shown in a couple of other videos in this title. If you go to, you'll see some information. You can download it.
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  1. 1m 3s
    1. Welcome
      1m 3s
  2. 22m 45s
    1. Understanding online marketing
      9m 12s
    2. Comparing Twitter and Facebook
      8m 38s
    3. Preparing for online marketing
      4m 55s
  3. 26m 10s
    1. Setting up your business account
      6m 45s
    2. Creating and applying custom backgrounds
      9m 1s
    3. Tweeting and following
      5m 21s
    4. Following Twitter's terms of service
      5m 3s
  4. 25m 46s
    1. Setting up your personal profile
      7m 42s
    2. Understanding the News Feed
      5m 47s
    3. Controlling access to your posts
      4m 48s
    4. Customizing privacy settings
      3m 30s
    5. Following Facebook's terms of service
      3m 59s
  5. 1h 5m
    1. Crafting follow-worthy Tweets
      8m 55s
    2. Attracting followers
      7m 41s
    3. Following the right people
      6m 10s
    4. Responding to mentions
      5m 40s
    5. Tracking keywords in the Twitter stream
      7m 8s
    6. Using hashtags
      4m 12s
    7. Getting Retweeted
      9m 7s
    8. Adding your Twitter feed to your blog or web site
      4m 51s
    9. Integrating a "Tweet This" feature into your online marketing
      4m 12s
    10. Measuring your impact
      8m 1s
  6. 2h 2m
    1. Touring Facebook Page timeline features and controls
      9m 49s
    2. Creating a new Facebook Page
      7m 50s
    3. Creating a profile picture
      8m 26s
    4. Designing a cover image
      7m 39s
    5. Creating a combined cover-and-profile image
      8m 43s
    6. Using the admin panel
      4m 26s
    7. Editing important Page settings
      7m 19s
    8. Adding and featuring Page admins
      6m 0s
    9. Customizing the apps bar
      5m 39s
    10. Posting to your Page strategically (for EdgeRank)
      5m 18s
    11. Pinning, highlighting, and adding milestone posts to the timeline
      6m 19s
    12. Managing spam by hiding and unhiding user posts
      6m 3s
    13. Using the Notes app for longer posts
      5m 43s
    14. Using Facebook as your Page
      4m 58s
    15. Adding favorite Pages to your timeline
      4m 9s
    16. Building an audience for your Page
      7m 22s
    17. Adding a Facebook Page feed to your web site
      7m 38s
    18. Analyzing traffic with Facebook Insights
      9m 8s
  7. 59m 23s
    1. Reducing your workload with social media management programs
      9m 27s
    2. Enhancing your Page with Facebook apps
      5m 53s
    3. Creating your own iframe app to customize your Page
      14m 55s
    4. Using a third-party iframe app
      6m 39s
    5. Adding a Like button to your content outside of Facebook
      6m 30s
    6. Advertising on Facebook with Facebook Ads
      12m 28s
    7. Advertising on Twitter with sponsored Tweets
      3m 31s
  8. 3m 59s
    1. Next steps
      3m 59s

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Watch the Online Video Course Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter (2009)
5h 27m Intermediate Oct 16, 2009 Updated Apr 16, 2012

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In Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter, Anne-Marie Concepción shows dozens of ways to promote a company's brand, increase sales, engage customers, and drive site traffic using Facebook and Twitter. The course covers not only the fundamentals of social media marketing, but also the basics of creating a top-level online presence. From building Facebook pages to authoring SEO-friendly Twitter bios, the course dives into the details of both services and discusses how to maximize the impact of social marketing with third-party add-ons.

Topics include:
  • Understanding online marketing
  • Keeping business and personal accounts separate
  • Developing a marketing funnel strategy
  • Creating a branded Twitter page background
  • Optimizing tweets to help them go viral
  • Leveraging the latest Facebook features for pages
  • Managing your Facebook Timeline
  • Creating targeted Facebook social ads
  • Customizing Facebook pages with iFrames
  • Using Twitter and Facebook analytics to measure impact
  • Reducing your workload with social media management programs
Facebook Twitter
Anne-Marie Concepción

Reducing your workload with social media management programs

There are a number of third-party applications, mostly free-- some that you have to pay a little bit for-- that will definitely help you out so much with your social media marketing efforts. Whether you are just in to tweeting or just in to Facebook page admin or both, I want to give you a quick tour of some of the most notable ones and show you a little bit about how to use each one. The first one I want to talk about is TweetDeck, which I have shown in a couple of other videos in this title. If you go to, you'll see some information. You can download it.

It's free. It works on all these operating systems. It is an AIR application. So I already have it installed. Because of the name, I think obviously you know that it's mainly for tweeting, right, so it's called TweetDeck. You click inside here and you can start typing a tweet, start typing a tweet, and over here on the right, it's counting down as you type. If you enter a long URL, or even any URL, like I'll just copy this guy, come over here, and paste, it automatically shortens it.

So you don't have to go to a shorting service, because this option was turned on. If you turn it off just by clicking it, then it would not shorten it. Sometimes for some reason, you don't want them short. But that's really useful. Also, if you have an account at a shortening service, you can use Settings to enter your username and password for that service so that the traffic to them will be tracked for you-- all sorts of cool tips here. The other cool thing is that you can follow different Twitter feeds. As I mentioned in the Tweeting for Business chapter, you can use it to track all of your feeds just like if you went to and logged in--that's this All Friends on the left.

Also, anytime anybody mentions your username, which I am logged in as blissno5, you can use it to track hash tag terms like tags for different posts. This is when then I actually follow all the time called #eprdctn, shortened form of the entire word, and it's mainly for people who are creating e-books, specifically ePubs for iBook and Android and the Kindle. So anytime anybody wants to post something having to do with an ePub topic, they add this hash tag, and even though I'm not following them or they're not following me, because I have TweetDeck set to find me every post where this hash tag is included, I can follow a conversation between a whole bunch of people from around the world, that everybody talking about something having to do with ePubs. Pretty neat.

Of course, you can use TweetDeck to also have a column to listen to the entire Twitter stream for any mentions of your company name, keywords important to you in your industry. Like if my company is blissno5 and I am located near the Los Angeles area, I might want to hear if anybody is talking about chocolate and Los Angeles in the same tweet, and it actually does happen, as you can see. So I can use this then to reply to this person who's posting or retweet or send them a private message--very useful.

Now, one of the other really useful things about TweetDeck that's not so obvious is that you can also use it to post to your Facebook personal account, to multiple Facebook pages, and to multiple Twitter accounts. So if you are managing some clients' Twitter feeds for example, you could add those to TweetDeck. Or if you have three or four different companies, or you have a personal and a professional Twitter feed, or maybe you have a Twitter account just for your customers and one just for your employees, you can add all those and choose, on the fly, which ones you want, whatever you type in here to be directed to.

So if I just go to Settings, I'll add the Facebook page right now. I am going to go down to Accounts. Right now, I just have the Twitter account for blissno5. I am going to add a new account and notice that you can add Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, LinkedIn, Foursquare, or MySpace. I want to add Facebook. So, I am already logged in to Facebook, so it already knows about me and it's saying can I grab that information, it notices that I am logged in as Anne Smithson. If I want to be logged in as somebody else to grab some other account, I could click here to log out and then log back in.

So there is my Facebook account, and it says you don't have any Facebook pages added. To add a page, click the button below. It notices that I have a Bliss No.5 page, so I am going to say go ahead, and there is the page. I am just going to close this, and now look at the icons at the top. By default, this one that's highlighted means that if I click Send way over here, it's going to send this tweet to anybody who is following me, right or actually it will just post it to my Twitter feed for Bliss No.5. That's the big t.

But if I also want to post it to my Facebook page, I could just turn this on. This is kind of hard to see, but it's my Bliss No.5 logo next to the Facebook logo, meaning that it is the page. So this is how you would post one time to two different venues that you are using for social media marketing. If I also wanted to post my personal Facebook page, I could turn that on as well. So you might have marching list going across here of your multiple Twitter feeds, multiple pages that you are in charge of administering, your LinkedIn accounts, all that kind of stuff.

Then you can just on the fly turn them on and off, whichever ones you want to sent stuff to. TweetDeck is a multipurpose tool that I think is essential to anybody who is doing any kind of social media marketing. Now, let's look at some other services. One that I use a lot is actually called TweetChat because I do use this hash tag a lot. Because I am on Twitter so often, sometimes I want to follow what's happening with a certain tag, and then I want to be able to save it, and that's what TweetChat will do for you. You can enter a hash tag to follow, and then it will just track it, and you can save it or you can print it out.

It's also great for something called a TweetChat. A TweetChat is this phenomenon where people will gather together at an appointed time on Twitter to discuss something having to do with a particular event or topic. I mentioned before that you might have a hash tag for a conference. So if you enter that hash tag for the conference in TweetChat, then you can see everybody posting to that one particular hash tag, and you can color-code people so that you can see like if it's the presenter who's actually writing a tweet, versus people who are there. It would be difficult for the presenter to write a tweet.

More often you're using it for meetings, like this #eprdctn group has a meeting every Wednesday morning for an hour where people discuss different topics having to do with ePub, and it's a lot easier to follow in a program like TweetChat. Monitter is a free web-based service that's similar to TweetChat in that you can add multiple columns and have each column track certain keywords or phrases in a Twitter stream. Then there are two mainstream programs that people use to manage everything having to do with social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and all that.

One is called hootsuite, and the other one is Either one of these would be great for you if you want one portal in which you do all of your social media marketing. You can post, you can track, you can schedule tweets, you can have multiple log-ons, and you can use mobile versions of these programs. So you could have hootsuite or for your iPhone or Android. There is also Twitter for those as well. There is a Twitter application that you can get from But both hootsuite and have a whole lot of fans, so you should definitely check those out and see if one of these will help you.

One that I'm personally have been using for number of years is called SocialOomph. It's changed names over the years. But I use it because it's wonderful for scheduled tweets. Sometimes, I know I am going to be gone all day and I want to post some marketing-related tweets to an event that's coming up and I want it to go out like every couple of hours. What I can do is write them all one right after the other right here on SocialOomph and set them to be timed to go out for my account during the day. There are so many features available to you in SocialOomph. It's crazy.

Here is the scheduled status updates for Facebook as well, scheduled page Wall updates you can do. You can even schedule blog posts updates with this program, and as I scroll down, you should see some of these are the choices here. It is just mind-boggling, so definitely check out SocialOomph for any kind of automation or scheduling issues that you'd like to do having to do with posting to any of your social media accounts. Finally, moving more into like the enterprise realm is this service called CoTweet.

CoTweet is when you have a company and you have more than one person who needs to be able to post to Facebook and to Twitter. This is one program that let's you manage a single company's multiple Twitter accounts and multiple Facebook page accounts. You can assign roles and privileges to different people to see. Is somebody allowed to post to one account but not to another? Maybe only one person is allowed to delete tweets or Facebook posts. Maybe they are moderated; one person has to sign off before they actually get published. This is a program to use if you have multiple people who are trying to market your company through social media marketing.

It helps you organize multiple people under one company's address. So these are just a few of the very useful social media marketing programs that can help you that are out there. I encourage you to test these out and to explore more on your own.

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Q: This course was updated on 4/16/2012. Can you tell me what changed?
A: This course was updated to reflect the introduction of the Facebook Timeline, the new way Facebook organizes the posts, photos, and shares on your page, and the ability to extend your social media marketing campaign on Facebook with new tools such as Social Ads (paid advertisements which display your ads when a user takes an related action, like becoming a fan of your business or sharing their location when they visit it) and the iFrame app, for increasing your fan base controlling how content is shown to non-fans.
Q: Where can I learn more about internet marketing?
A: Discover more on this topic by visiting internet marketing on
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