Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter (2009)
Illustration by Richard Downs

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Video: Designing a cover image

We have our profile picture but what we're still missing is a cover image and a cover image, a big fat wide landscaped cover image that we can change as often as we like, is one of the best things to happen to Facebook page owners because you could create really interesting looking images to give your page that special look that keeps people's attention. Let's take a look at some of the ones that we've been looking at. We'll take another look. Here is the cover image from that they obviously created on their own.
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  1. 1m 3s
    1. Welcome
      1m 3s
  2. 22m 45s
    1. Understanding online marketing
      9m 12s
    2. Comparing Twitter and Facebook
      8m 38s
    3. Preparing for online marketing
      4m 55s
  3. 26m 10s
    1. Setting up your business account
      6m 45s
    2. Creating and applying custom backgrounds
      9m 1s
    3. Tweeting and following
      5m 21s
    4. Following Twitter's terms of service
      5m 3s
  4. 25m 46s
    1. Setting up your personal profile
      7m 42s
    2. Understanding the News Feed
      5m 47s
    3. Controlling access to your posts
      4m 48s
    4. Customizing privacy settings
      3m 30s
    5. Following Facebook's terms of service
      3m 59s
  5. 1h 5m
    1. Crafting follow-worthy Tweets
      8m 55s
    2. Attracting followers
      7m 41s
    3. Following the right people
      6m 10s
    4. Responding to mentions
      5m 40s
    5. Tracking keywords in the Twitter stream
      7m 8s
    6. Using hashtags
      4m 12s
    7. Getting Retweeted
      9m 7s
    8. Adding your Twitter feed to your blog or web site
      4m 51s
    9. Integrating a "Tweet This" feature into your online marketing
      4m 12s
    10. Measuring your impact
      8m 1s
  6. 2h 2m
    1. Touring Facebook Page timeline features and controls
      9m 49s
    2. Creating a new Facebook Page
      7m 50s
    3. Creating a profile picture
      8m 26s
    4. Designing a cover image
      7m 39s
    5. Creating a combined cover-and-profile image
      8m 43s
    6. Using the admin panel
      4m 26s
    7. Editing important Page settings
      7m 19s
    8. Adding and featuring Page admins
      6m 0s
    9. Customizing the apps bar
      5m 39s
    10. Posting to your Page strategically (for EdgeRank)
      5m 18s
    11. Pinning, highlighting, and adding milestone posts to the timeline
      6m 19s
    12. Managing spam by hiding and unhiding user posts
      6m 3s
    13. Using the Notes app for longer posts
      5m 43s
    14. Using Facebook as your Page
      4m 58s
    15. Adding favorite Pages to your timeline
      4m 9s
    16. Building an audience for your Page
      7m 22s
    17. Adding a Facebook Page feed to your web site
      7m 38s
    18. Analyzing traffic with Facebook Insights
      9m 8s
  7. 59m 23s
    1. Reducing your workload with social media management programs
      9m 27s
    2. Enhancing your Page with Facebook apps
      5m 53s
    3. Creating your own iframe app to customize your Page
      14m 55s
    4. Using a third-party iframe app
      6m 39s
    5. Adding a Like button to your content outside of Facebook
      6m 30s
    6. Advertising on Facebook with Facebook Ads
      12m 28s
    7. Advertising on Twitter with sponsored Tweets
      3m 31s
  8. 3m 59s
    1. Next steps
      3m 59s

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Watch the Online Video Course Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter (2009)
5h 27m Intermediate Oct 16, 2009 Updated Apr 16, 2012

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In Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter, Anne-Marie Concepción shows dozens of ways to promote a company's brand, increase sales, engage customers, and drive site traffic using Facebook and Twitter. The course covers not only the fundamentals of social media marketing, but also the basics of creating a top-level online presence. From building Facebook pages to authoring SEO-friendly Twitter bios, the course dives into the details of both services and discusses how to maximize the impact of social marketing with third-party add-ons.

Topics include:
  • Understanding online marketing
  • Keeping business and personal accounts separate
  • Developing a marketing funnel strategy
  • Creating a branded Twitter page background
  • Optimizing tweets to help them go viral
  • Leveraging the latest Facebook features for pages
  • Managing your Facebook Timeline
  • Creating targeted Facebook social ads
  • Customizing Facebook pages with iFrames
  • Using Twitter and Facebook analytics to measure impact
  • Reducing your workload with social media management programs
Facebook Twitter
Anne-Marie Concepción

Designing a cover image

We have our profile picture but what we're still missing is a cover image and a cover image, a big fat wide landscaped cover image that we can change as often as we like, is one of the best things to happen to Facebook page owners because you could create really interesting looking images to give your page that special look that keeps people's attention. Let's take a look at some of the ones that we've been looking at. We'll take another look. Here is the cover image from that they obviously created on their own.

It looks beautiful. You don't have to fill it completely. You can leave some white background showing if you like, but Facebook will always put this one pixel gray overlay on top of it; just FYI. Another idea is to showcase your products. So take a picture of your store or people using your products. Again, you don't need to actually have a cover image. You could just leave it empty, if you want, but it looks kind of boring though, wouldn't you say? But it does bring up the interaction a little faster.

So you could just leave it off if you want to, or you can create an integrated cover image that I'll be talking about in another video and you could integrate that cover image with your profile as this one is, it looks like it's just all one piece and you could even have it look matchy, matchy with your little app images here that I'll talk about in a different video. So right now we're just going to talk about the cover image. The main thing you need to know is that there are some very strict rules about cover images and I have those queued up here.

You could look it up for yourself on the Facebook Help Center. How should I choose a cover photo for my page? They want you to use something unique and creative. They have to be at least 400 pixels wide. The final image will be 851 pixels wide, and I'll get to the numbers in a minute. But the main thing is that it can't be salesy, so you can't have price or purchase information; you can't trumpet an upcoming sale or say like my page and get a coupon or download from our web site. You can't even have your URL.

You can't have any contact information in that cover image; no email address, no web address, anything that should be in your page's About Section, it can't go into the cover image. They especially do not like it if you make big fat arrows and say for example, none of these pages do it, but like pointing down here, "Like our page, send me a message." They don't want anything that Facebook uses. They don't want you to use the word Like with a thumbs up. You probably can't even use Share or anything obviously from the Facebook interface.

And then they say to get the best quality image and fastest load times for your page, get one that's exactly the correct size; 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall and less than 100 KB and they recommend a JPEG file. They remind you that all cover images are public, just like all Facebook pages are public. You don't even need a Facebook account to see everything on a Facebook page. And so your images have to abide by all the other rules for Facebook. You have to own the copyright to them. They can't be false or misleading, and you can't try to sell your cover image.

There is a lot of discussion about this as you can imagine among various forums and Facebook pages where Facebook page Admins talk with each other like, does that comply, isn't that against the rules, I can't believe that we can't put our web site URL, and right now, it is all sort of in flux. This just happened in the past few weeks that we have been allowed to have cover images and these rules came down the pike. So things might change; they might loosen up. People are like, well, how can they possibly police every page? Now just let me show you really quickly that if you go to anybody's page and you have an issue with the page, you can go right here next to where it says Message and report them, and who knows if people are going to be that mean, but you don't have to report who you are.

You could just say, this page is scam, or you could even choose send Feedback and so you're visiting the page, and I want to report an issue and then describe that they're using Call to Action here and send them a screen shot if you wanted to. So I think that Facebook is relying on crowd sourcing to report violations. Let me show you one more thing about this. On my social media marketing Facebook page that you've seen already, recently somebody posted a question on the Facebook page that says he's helping other businesses to put up Facebook pages for them and he recently did one for a local business in town, and loaded a cover photo with some basic contact information along with photos, stuff that he sells, but the page got removed.

So I'm not sure why; thinking maybe it was because of prices of items added to the photos. Any ideas. So do you see what can happen is that you might think, well, this is not going to bother them. I might be in the gray area but who cares, and then one day you come back and the page is gone. They will send you an email saying that your page was removed and maybe why, but then it takes a while for you to try and get it back. Better to be safe than sorry, I guess is what I'm saying. It does happen that they close down people's pages because of violations and I'm sure there was a problem with their cover image that had contact information on it.

Those are the rules they had to lay down to deal with 800 million people. So that's just how it is; I don't work for them, I just report what they do. Bliss Number 5, we need to get a cover image for them and I have one selected here. Let me show you. Isn't that perfect for Bliss Number 5? I want to upload that one. Now it's a big image, it's 1.7 MB. So I have this one open in Photoshop and you can see it's very large, 3200 pixels by 2278 at 300 ppi. I could probably scale this down and make it nice and neat, but I want to show you that you don't have to be over careful and get your images exactly 851x315.

I'm just going to upload this one as is. It's in the right format. It's a JPEG and it's definitely at least 399 pixels along one side. So back here in Chrome, I'm going to go to add a cover and it reminds me about the rules about coverage yes, I know, and I'm going to upload a photo, melting chocolates, open. Because this is big, it might take a little while to upload all the way; well not too bad. So it's huge obviously, and it's telling me to drag to reposition the cover.

They have temporarily ghosted out my profile picture and I kind of like it like that, and now just click Save Changes. Yeah, I like that; that looks good. Now if your picture is not that large, if you have a smaller one, let me give you a tip. As long as it's over their minimum of 399 pixels, what you might want to do is upload it first to your Facebook page. So just go to Photo here or Photos here. I'll go right here and we'll add a photo and then make sure that you have checked on High Quality when you upload it.

This really reduces the amount of compression that Facebook does to your pictures. I'm going to cancel out of here and then when you upload your cover image, I'll choose Change Cover, you pick Choose from Photos and then it'll go to your photo albums, and you can choose the one you just uploaded at high quality, so that's a little tip that I learned. You can change your cover image as often as you like or you can keep it there permanently, it's up to you. I would love to see some of the cover images and profile pictures that you created so I'll make sure and visit my social media marketing page on and give me a URL.

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Q: This course was updated on 4/16/2012. Can you tell me what changed?
A: This course was updated to reflect the introduction of the Facebook Timeline, the new way Facebook organizes the posts, photos, and shares on your page, and the ability to extend your social media marketing campaign on Facebook with new tools such as Social Ads (paid advertisements which display your ads when a user takes an related action, like becoming a fan of your business or sharing their location when they visit it) and the iFrame app, for increasing your fan base controlling how content is shown to non-fans.
Q: Where can I learn more about internet marketing?
A: Discover more on this topic by visiting internet marketing on
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