Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter (2009)
Illustration by Richard Downs

Advertising on Facebook with Facebook Ads


Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter (2009)

with Anne-Marie Concepción

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Video: Advertising on Facebook with Facebook Ads

The first thing to know about running ads on Facebook is that all ads are linked to your personal account. So it's your personal account, not a page by page basis that you would actually see an accounting for your ads. There should be an app in your Facebook personal account that says something like ads or ads in pages. But sometimes if your account is new, you might not see it. So one thing you might want to do is actually bookmark this URL, which is, and you can see it's pretty deep and broad, all the cool things that you can do when you're managing ads.
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  1. 1m 3s
    1. Welcome
      1m 3s
  2. 22m 45s
    1. Understanding online marketing
      9m 12s
    2. Comparing Twitter and Facebook
      8m 38s
    3. Preparing for online marketing
      4m 55s
  3. 26m 10s
    1. Setting up your business account
      6m 45s
    2. Creating and applying custom backgrounds
      9m 1s
    3. Tweeting and following
      5m 21s
    4. Following Twitter's terms of service
      5m 3s
  4. 25m 46s
    1. Setting up your personal profile
      7m 42s
    2. Understanding the News Feed
      5m 47s
    3. Controlling access to your posts
      4m 48s
    4. Customizing privacy settings
      3m 30s
    5. Following Facebook's terms of service
      3m 59s
  5. 1h 5m
    1. Crafting follow-worthy Tweets
      8m 55s
    2. Attracting followers
      7m 41s
    3. Following the right people
      6m 10s
    4. Responding to mentions
      5m 40s
    5. Tracking keywords in the Twitter stream
      7m 8s
    6. Using hashtags
      4m 12s
    7. Getting Retweeted
      9m 7s
    8. Adding your Twitter feed to your blog or web site
      4m 51s
    9. Integrating a "Tweet This" feature into your online marketing
      4m 12s
    10. Measuring your impact
      8m 1s
  6. 2h 2m
    1. Touring Facebook Page timeline features and controls
      9m 49s
    2. Creating a new Facebook Page
      7m 50s
    3. Creating a profile picture
      8m 26s
    4. Designing a cover image
      7m 39s
    5. Creating a combined cover-and-profile image
      8m 43s
    6. Using the admin panel
      4m 26s
    7. Editing important Page settings
      7m 19s
    8. Adding and featuring Page admins
      6m 0s
    9. Customizing the apps bar
      5m 39s
    10. Posting to your Page strategically (for EdgeRank)
      5m 18s
    11. Pinning, highlighting, and adding milestone posts to the timeline
      6m 19s
    12. Managing spam by hiding and unhiding user posts
      6m 3s
    13. Using the Notes app for longer posts
      5m 43s
    14. Using Facebook as your Page
      4m 58s
    15. Adding favorite Pages to your timeline
      4m 9s
    16. Building an audience for your Page
      7m 22s
    17. Adding a Facebook Page feed to your web site
      7m 38s
    18. Analyzing traffic with Facebook Insights
      9m 8s
  7. 59m 23s
    1. Reducing your workload with social media management programs
      9m 27s
    2. Enhancing your Page with Facebook apps
      5m 53s
    3. Creating your own iframe app to customize your Page
      14m 55s
    4. Using a third-party iframe app
      6m 39s
    5. Adding a Like button to your content outside of Facebook
      6m 30s
    6. Advertising on Facebook with Facebook Ads
      12m 28s
    7. Advertising on Twitter with sponsored Tweets
      3m 31s
  8. 3m 59s
    1. Next steps
      3m 59s

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Watch the Online Video Course Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter (2009)
5h 27m Intermediate Oct 16, 2009 Updated Apr 16, 2012

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In Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter, Anne-Marie Concepción shows dozens of ways to promote a company's brand, increase sales, engage customers, and drive site traffic using Facebook and Twitter. The course covers not only the fundamentals of social media marketing, but also the basics of creating a top-level online presence. From building Facebook pages to authoring SEO-friendly Twitter bios, the course dives into the details of both services and discusses how to maximize the impact of social marketing with third-party add-ons.

Topics include:
  • Understanding online marketing
  • Keeping business and personal accounts separate
  • Developing a marketing funnel strategy
  • Creating a branded Twitter page background
  • Optimizing tweets to help them go viral
  • Leveraging the latest Facebook features for pages
  • Managing your Facebook Timeline
  • Creating targeted Facebook social ads
  • Customizing Facebook pages with iFrames
  • Using Twitter and Facebook analytics to measure impact
  • Reducing your workload with social media management programs
Facebook Twitter
Anne-Marie Concepción

Advertising on Facebook with Facebook Ads

The first thing to know about running ads on Facebook is that all ads are linked to your personal account. So it's your personal account, not a page by page basis that you would actually see an accounting for your ads. There should be an app in your Facebook personal account that says something like ads or ads in pages. But sometimes if your account is new, you might not see it. So one thing you might want to do is actually bookmark this URL, which is, and you can see it's pretty deep and broad, all the cool things that you can do when you're managing ads.

But we haven't even created one yet, but because I've gotten so many questions about this, people get confused about who gets charged for the ads for my client's pages. It's whatever account that you're currently logged in as, it's your personal account that gets charged, but you can always change the credit card that it gets billed to. Let's go back to the regular page. The ads that I'm talking about are these kind of ads on the right. The only ads that Facebook allows on Facebook's pages are its own ads. You don't see a Google ad, you don't see banner ads from other companies here; only the ones that people actually create within the ad creation program built into Facebook.

You can advertise your Facebook page. You can pay to get people to click and arrive at your page. You can pay to advertise a Facebook event that you've created and people would link to Event page, and you can advertise an external web site, so you can push people to your store, to your Eventbrite registration page, to your blog and there's other kinds of advertising that Facebook offers that I'm not really going to cover, such as sponsored stories. For now, we're just going to create an ad to the Bliss No.5 web site, and if you don't have the Create an ad page bookmarked, you can simply go to your page and in the Admin Panel, go down to Build Audience and choose Create An Ad.

There's also a link to create an ad in Manage in Resources, but we'll just choose it right here. If you want, you can follow this link; if you see a link at the top about learning more, they're constantly updating Facebook ads. As you can imagine, this is how they stay in business by selling ad space. So I'm going to close it right now though. This is one of my favorite parts about creating Facebook ads is that the beauty of creating an ad on Facebook is that you can target it really closely. It's saying that right now, if we want to put an ad for everybody in the United States, it's going to target 154 million people and change who live in the United States.

That doesn't mean that our ad is going to appear on 154 or 760,000 different web pages, but I'll get to that in a minute. The very first thing you need to do is simply say, where do you want your ad to link to? Do you want it to link to your external web site? Do you want it to link to one of your pages, to any application that you've created? I'm going to say I want it to link to my web site, After a few seconds, it's going to open up and show you some new fields based on what you entered.

Now I think it's remembering what the last time that I did this video and what I entered here, but normally this would be blank. So what headline do you want to use, something arresting like let's say, free chocolate, that would be good. And you have a certain number of characters and it counts down as you go and here on the right, keep an eye out, we see a preview. So I'm going to, let's say, that's too long. As you can see it's 39 characters, so we'll just say, Come to our grand opening of the redesigned web site for your chance to win free chocolate! That's good. Then you can upload an image, if you like, it's not required but you get much better responses with images.

So I'll choose, Choose image and it's looking at the images that we already have uploaded and I think I like one of these or you can actually upload a new file. I'll choose this guy. That looks good. Now if you want, you can choose to show the page that is related to this ad; you can choose to hide it if you want or show it. So then, why not show it, why not drive people to your Facebook page as well? Then let's scroll down, and this stays right here upper-right which I like. So let's say that yes, United States is fine, but we need to narrow this down much more.

So I might say I just want to target this to women and let's say that we just want women from the ages of 25-45 and you watch this number, you want it to get smaller and smaller and smaller because you want to have the most impact on your target market. So it really helps to know who your target market is and there's nothing stopping you from running two or three ads at the same time that target different markets because you're going to get a report that shows which one performs better.

We can enter a precise interest like, who would be somebody that would be interested in free chocolate other than everybody in the world. Okay let's just say people who have entered the word, gourmet. You see down here, let me scroll down a bit, I'm entering the keyword, gourmet, and it's telling me already that 3,700,000 people have entered the word gourmet somewhere in their Facebook profile. So we'll say gourmet and you can continue adding more. So let's say gourmet and cooking and watch that number, do you see? So it's doing like a cross-section of people who live in the United States, are women between the ages of 25 and 45, meaning they've entered their birthdate in their profile, and that have mentioned gourmet and cooking and I wish there was a way where you can say Refresh, because there we go.

Now, it's 4,435,000. So this is actually an ADD; it's not an OR. So it's either gourmet or cooking. If you wanted to narrow it down more, you just put fewer keywords. So let's just leave it at gourmet. Then depending on the keywords that you enter, Facebook will suggest other keywords, like gluttony. But I want to make it even more specific. So let's continue. Connections. Only people connected to Bliss No.5. Well, we have a very meager audience.

So we're not going to do that. Or you can do Friends of connections, or when they say I'm interested in, men or women, you could choose that or you could also choose any of these. Let's just say, we're only interested in single women. Now that brings it down to 70,000. Who speak Spanish, let's see what happens there. We would probably need to write our ad in Spanish. So according to Facebook, there are 1,060 people who fit all these criteria.

I love the ability to target it to this small of a group. This means that it's more likely that these people will see the ad. As I said, they don't guarantee that everybody in the group will see the ad but it's more likely if there're only 1,000 of them. So you can narrow this down to your specific favorite customer. Now remember, we're actually going to probably lose a lot of potentially very good customers because not everybody actually mentions that they're single or that they're interested in all, right? Not everybody writes down their birth date when they create a Facebook page.

So you have to keep this in mind. Then finally we get down to the money. We're going to leave all this as is. Right now, I'm in the US, in L.A., and you can give this campaign a name which you normally should, because that's how you're going to distinguish them and the reports will say, this is Free Chocolate Spring 2012. How much money do you want to spend per day? You can put down any limit. Lifetime of the entire campaign, I'll say I'll leave it at $10 U.S money per day.

When do you want to run it? You might not want to start right away; you might want to start at a certain time and end at a certain time. So apparently, this is going to run for a month and it's going to show the ad every day in this month. We'll leave it as is for now. And now under Pricing is when I bid how much per click I want to pay. They suggest how much I want to pay based on what other advertisers are paying for this target market, and not everybody may have targeted this exact market, but these people may be part of a larger group.

If you bid more per click than the other advertisers, it's more likely that your ad will appear on your target market's Facebook pages. It's saying that we're going to be charged every time somebody clicks on our ad, that's called a cost per click or charge per click, because we have chosen to get more clicks in the Objective section above. Now the Objective section is something new that they added or they ask you as the advertiser, what is your objective: to get more clicks, to get more impressions of your page and so on, but I think that it just disappeared.

It looks like a little bug, but the choice is either cost per click or cost per impression. If we got that Objective section back, that's where we would be able to choose one or the other, but in truth, I almost always choose cost per click. Because we said that we're only going to be spending $10 a day, that means, our ad might be shown hundreds of times, but as soon as five people click it, then it's going to stop and it's not going to run again until the next 24-hour cycle, which is a wonderful way to keep control of the prices.

I could say you know what, I don't believe your $2 suggestion. I want to pay $0.50 a click. So it's saying your suggested bid is this much but I don't. Okay, fine, I'll say $1. Okay and then it wants you to review the ad and it says by clicking the Place Order button, which we'll get a chance to do in a second, you agree to these rights and responsibilities and guidelines. So you should read over those. There is nothing very surprising in them though, and then click Review Ad.

So this is what our ad is going to look like. When people click here, they're going to go to the Bliss No.5 site. Our ad name is called Free Chocolate, this is who it targets, this is how much we're going to pay at a limit of $10, when it's going to start, when it's going to end. If you change your mind about any of this, you click Edit Ad, otherwise you click Place Order. When you click Place Order is when it's going to ask you for your credit card information and then you just wait for all of those people to start visiting your web site. I want to show you one last thing before I close. In one of my pages, the one I run for InDesign Secrets, we often do events and we use Facebook ads to promote events.

So I've queued up the Reports section, so you can get a look at what this looks like after you've run a bunch of campaigns. So here are the names for our campaigns that we ran and these were all from 2011. So it's not showing us the results here, which I think is kind of a pain. I'd like to see historical results. Even though I've changed the dates back, it's still not showing us any information. But while the ad is running, while it's live, you can bet I was coming here daily, if not more often, to see how many times people had clicked on the ad and all of these other metrics as well.

Here is an ad preview of this last ad, Learn InDesign in SantaFe where I did a seminar in Santa Fe about InDesign and then we had a Click me for $15 off coupon, so a call-to-action and this led right to the Santa Fe registration page on You can see there I was targeting 1,680 users. Because it's in Santa Fe, New Mexico, they had to live in New Mexico or Arizona and who said that they liked Illustrator InDesign AIGA which is the association for graphic designers, or just InDesign by itself as opposed to Adobe InDesign, and we got some good results.

So go ahead and explore the world of social ads. You can do it for as little as $10 for one day to see what happens, and because you can get so targeted and have such control over your daily amount of spending, it's very easy to run multiple ads at the same time to see which one performs better, just changing like a picture or a word or the amount of the discount, it's a great way to test which marketing works best for you.

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Q: This course was updated on 4/16/2012. Can you tell me what changed?
A: This course was updated to reflect the introduction of the Facebook Timeline, the new way Facebook organizes the posts, photos, and shares on your page, and the ability to extend your social media marketing campaign on Facebook with new tools such as Social Ads (paid advertisements which display your ads when a user takes an related action, like becoming a fan of your business or sharing their location when they visit it) and the iFrame app, for increasing your fan base controlling how content is shown to non-fans.
Q: Where can I learn more about internet marketing?
A: Discover more on this topic by visiting internet marketing on
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