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Pivot tables


Excel 2003 Essential Training

with Mark Swift

Video: Pivot tables

Pivot tables provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Mark Swift as part of the Excel 2003 Essential Training
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  1. 15s
    1. Welcome
  2. 22m 42s
    1. Spreadsheet uses
      1m 58s
    2. Toolbars and menus
      8m 52s
    3. Moving around
      8m 1s
    4. Getting help
      3m 51s
  3. 18m 42s
    1. Opening new workbooks
      5m 13s
    2. Entering data
      6m 11s
    3. Commenting and saving
      7m 18s
  4. 17m 27s
    1. Opening worksheets
      1m 54s
    2. Add and delete worksheets
      2m 22s
    3. Insert and delete cells
      3m 45s
    4. Worksheet data
      9m 26s
  5. 35m 54s
    1. Width and height
      6m 7s
    2. Numeric formats
      6m 0s
    3. Alignment of data
      3m 42s
    4. Naming cells and ranges
      5m 47s
    5. Naming constants
      1m 51s
    6. Creating lists
      5m 47s
    7. Autofilter
      4m 13s
    8. Designated lists
      2m 27s
  6. 11m 17s
    1. Print options
      5m 50s
    2. Printing and hiding data
      1m 58s
    3. Headers and footers
      3m 29s
  7. 21m 50s
    1. Creating formulas
      6m 30s
    2. Relative and absolute
      6m 1s
    3. External references
      5m 59s
    4. Named constants
      3m 20s
  8. 7m 46s
    1. Functions
      7m 46s
  9. 19m 1s
    1. Fonts and merging
      3m 51s
    2. Rotate and indent
      1m 47s
    3. Borders
      2m 40s
    4. Shading and format painter
      2m 29s
    5. Rename and color worksheet tabs
      1m 51s
    6. Working with pictures
      6m 23s
  10. 11m 29s
    1. Templates
      3m 45s
    2. Styles
      3m 54s
    3. Autoformat
    4. Smart documents
      2m 55s
  11. 13m 12s
    1. Chart terminology
      2m 23s
    2. Chart wizard
      5m 9s
    3. Formatting charts
      3m 22s
    4. Inserting images
      1m 41s
    5. Printing charts
  12. 4m 59s
    1. File search
      1m 50s
    2. Find and replace
      3m 9s
  13. 8m 16s
    1. Import from Word
      1m 16s
    2. Delimited data
      2m 53s
    3. Import from the web
      1m 48s
    4. Exporting data
      2m 19s
  14. 7m 52s
    1. Consolidation
      5m 11s
    2. 3D formulas
      2m 41s
  15. 5m 32s
    1. Multiple panes
      1m 12s
    2. More screen options
      4m 20s
  16. 13m 34s
    1. If
      2m 21s
    2. Time
      4m 16s
    3. Date and time
      2m 13s
    4. Lookup
      4m 44s
  17. 6m 54s
    1. Compare text
      3m 26s
    2. Concatenation
      1m 47s
    3. Special characters
      1m 41s
  18. 6m 9s
    1. Pivot tables
      6m 9s
  19. 15m 57s
    1. Recording a macro
      8m 42s
    2. Macro menus
      3m 44s
    3. Global macros
      3m 31s
  20. 10s
    1. Goodbye

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Video Duration: 6m 9s4h 8m Beginner Mar 18, 2004

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Excel 2003 Essential Training with Mark Swift is a movie-based workshop for users who are new to working with spreadsheets, or those wanting to improve their skills. This workshop begins with a basic overview of the application and quickly advances to cover useful formulas, functions, techniques for enhancing spreadsheets, charts, and much more. Exercise files accompany the training, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Mark Swift

Pivot tables

Possibly the most advanced and complicated, if not the most misunderstood part of Microsoft Excel has long been the Pivot Table. My poor friend, the Pivot Table is grossly underused because most people are afraid, myself included, to try and tackle a Pivot Table, and then understand the results. Essentially a Pivot Table is a very sophisticated way of looking at your data. You can build a Pivot Table with just a few clicks and without entering any formulas at all.

You can achieve what would take you maybe hours if you were working with strictly formulas. Let's go our Student Files, and open up 17 Pivot Tables. Now this is a sample file that I downloaded from in their free templates section. This template is half useful and half tutorial and when you open it, here we go, you'll see I have one tab marked SourceData, originally there were three tabs and they completed a lot of the work for us. So I got rid of those tabs, so we can go right from scratch to make this the most useful example that I possibly can. I know you yourself, when you start getting into building your own data tables and wanting to try to create a Pivot Table, it's going to be important to start from scratch. Again I've been very impressed with the amount of material that's available on It's a great place to go to continue your learning and to find great examples of finished projects that you can utilize. So here we are. We're looking at a data table that describes sales in the UK and the US, various sales people over dates, the order numbers associated with each sale and the order amounts. There are 800 rows of sales recorded here in this file. That was another thing that motivated me to download this template; 800 items are a lot to enter. Let's go back up to the top, and we're going to indicate to Excel that we want to create a Pivot Table. Let's go up to the Data menu, choose Pivot Table and Pivot Chart Report.

We have options to pull from an Excel database, in other words, the information we're using is on another sheet, or we can pull information from an external source like an Access database. We also need to choose at this time whether we're going to create a Pivot Table or a Pivot Chart Report. A Pivot Chart Report is going to combine a Pivot Table with a graph so you can visualize your data all in one move. Let's use the Pivot Table for now and keep it as simple as possible. We'll click Next. Now it's asking us to specify the range that we want to look at. Well I'm going to click here and simply click and drag 800 rows of data. Not the easiest way to do it, cause I have to stop right at 800.

There we go, and you can see the cell reference is referring specifically to this worksheet, from A1, and that's an absolute reference, to E800, another absolute reference. Let's close that off, and we see that it's brought that cell reference over beautifully. Let's go Next, and here we have a choice of building our Pivot Table in the existing worksheet or, this is our choice, we're going to select a new worksheet, and we'll say Finished. And here we are.

We have a brand-new sheet in our workbook, a Pivot Table ready to go. Now this is known as a Pivot Table template or a layout. What we're going to do is decide what information we want to compare and how we want it compared, and then begin dropping in our values. For example, the people that we want to compare should go here, so we'll drag the Salesperson to here. Overall, we'd like to be able to sort by country, whether it be sales in the UK or sales in the USA, so let's drag Country up here. And ultimately it's important that we look at the order information, so we'll drag the Order Amount here. And you can see that it's going to sum all of the order amounts for each salesperson. Let's begin using our Pivot Table, and yes that's right, with just a few clicks and a little bit of dragging information into place, we're ready to query our data and get results. For example, you can see all of the salespeople that were responsible for sales this year and they're all added up. Let's look at only the UK. There are the salespeople who have made sales in the UK. Now only the US. There are US salespeople. If the formatting's bothering you, let's go back to All and make sure that this formatting is set to Currency. We'll need to increase the size here a little bit, there we go, and we can even isolate individuals. We can look at a sales for, let's check the Show All, get rid of that. Let's look at Callahan, and there's a grand total summary for Callahan and again this Pivot Table is allowing me to maneuver all 800 rows of that data effortlessly. The hardest part to understand when you're working with a Pivot Table is what data to drag into what portion of the template. What you need to keep in mind is who are you trying to compare and for what data? Let's go back to looking at all salespeople again. You notice when I clicked away from my Pivot Table, the Pivot Table field list disappeared. Let's go back in there. We can further sort through this data by dragging in the Order Date. We can look at specific dates and see exactly what sales were made on those dates. Pivot Tables, although they take some work to understand can really make data analysis a beautiful thing.

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