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Up and Running with Excel 2010

with Chris Grover

Video: Welcome

Teaches you the fundamental skills you need to work with Excel.
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  1. 1m 51s
    1. Welcome
      1m 51s
  2. 22m 26s
    1. Why use Excel?
      3m 21s
    2. Checking out the Backstage view with the File tab
      5m 53s
    3. Examining your file's info
      2m 54s
    4. Exploring the Ribbon
      6m 38s
    5. Customizing the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar
      3m 40s
  3. 24m 21s
    1. Creating workbooks from templates
      5m 40s
    2. Saving workbooks to different file formats
      5m 52s
    3. Switching between views
      3m 28s
    4. Moving around your worksheets and workbooks
      5m 56s
    5. Adding, copying, and removing worksheets
      3m 25s
  4. 43m 4s
    1. Entering and formatting text and numbers
      6m 32s
    2. Aligning text and numbers
      3m 49s
    3. Choosing number formats
      4m 40s
    4. Totaling rows and columns with AutoSum and Fill
      3m 40s
    5. Referencing cells by row and column
      4m 42s
    6. Referencing cells in another worksheet
      3m 21s
    7. Cutting, copying, and pasting
      7m 14s
    8. Clearing contents and deleting cells
      2m 32s
    9. Splitting the worksheet view and freezing panes
      3m 43s
    10. Working with two workbooks and syncing the view
      2m 51s
  5. 47m 40s
    1. Writing your own formulas
      6m 11s
    2. Understanding relative and absolute references
      4m 39s
    3. Using functions like ROUNDUP, AVERAGE, and IFERROR
      9m 52s
    4. Formatting dates and times
      5m 46s
    5. Using date and time functions
      4m 13s
    6. Naming cells and ranges
      5m 18s
    7. Fixing common errors
      6m 20s
    8. Tracing Errors
      5m 21s
  6. 14m 44s
    1. Moving, inserting, and removing cells, rows, and columns
      3m 27s
    2. Transposing rows and columns
      2m 28s
    3. Merging and unmerging cells
      4m 19s
    4. Adding comments to worksheets
      4m 30s
  7. 34m 57s
    1. Changing worksheet colors, fonts, and effects
      4m 25s
    2. Creating charts
      5m 33s
    3. Choosing the right chart for your data
      4m 59s
    4. Changing your chart's appearance
      4m 47s
    5. Using sparklines as "data words"
      4m 5s
    6. Inserting photos, graphics, and clip art
      7m 4s
    7. Using an image for a header
      4m 4s
  8. 29m 50s
    1. Creating a data table
      3m 57s
    2. Adding records and modifying a data table
      2m 33s
    3. Sorting and filtering data in a table
      5m 5s
    4. Importing data from an outside source
      5m 4s
    5. Grouping data in outlines
      3m 12s
    6. Building a pivot table
      5m 4s
    7. Highlighting data with conditional formatting
      4m 55s
  9. 13m 27s
    1. Printing a worksheet with column and row headers
      5m 52s
    2. Setting up page breaks
      4m 13s
    3. Emailing a workbook
      3m 22s

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Up and Running with Excel 2010
Video Duration: 0s 3h 52m Appropriate for all


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Excel is the industry-standard spreadsheet program, and almost all of us find ourselves using it at one point or another. In this workshop veteran author Chris Grover teaches you the fundamental skills you need to work with Excel, starting with basics like entering and formatting numbers and text, then moving on to writing formulas and using Excel's built-in functions. Learn about sorting, filtering, and lookup, as well as charts, graphs and sparklines, and even advanced tools like pivot tables. Along the way, Chris covers the new features in Excel 2010 and techniques for troubleshooting your spreadsheet when something goes wrong.

Topics include:
  • Understanding Excel and its user interface
  • Getting started with basic tasks
  • Developing your spreadsheet
  • Creating more complex formulas
  • Making changes to your workbook
  • Visualizing your data with color, charts, and graphics
  • Analyzing data
  • Printing and sharing your worksheet
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Excel Office


(music playing) Hi, I'm Chris Grover, author of several books on Microsoft Office and a long time spreadsheet developer. Over the years I've used Excel to create budgets, sales plans, statistical reports, and many other business systems. Today I work with a number of clients, helping them to develop and use spreadsheets that are customized for their needs. The purpose of this course is to get you up to speed, not only using Excel, but making the most of it. In addition to teaching you the basics, I'll also share some helpful tips and tricks that I've learned throughout the years, and show you how to avoid of the some common pitfalls people encounter when using this powerful program. This course starts with basic spreadsheet skills like entering and formatting numbers and text, and then it moves on to writing formulas and using Excel's built in functions.

Data techniques like sorting, filtering, and look up are covered thoroughly. Excel provides a number of ways to analyze data through charts, graphs and sprite mines, so several lessons explore those topics. Along the way, you'll become familiar with the new features in Excel, like the ribbon, a recently introduced tool for choosing and using commands. Each lesson builds on techniques already covered. By the time you get to the end, you'll know how to use advanced tools, such as data tables and pivot tables, and you'll have the knowledge to troubleshoot your spreadsheet when something goes wrong. After watching this course, you'll be prepared to create spreadsheets for all sorts of business applications.

You'll become familiar with the most frequently used and popular features that Excel has to offer. So whether you're a first time user or you just want to expand your skills, this course should give you the information you need to use Excel capably and confidently. So let's get started.

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