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Excel 2008 for Mac Essential Training

with David Rivers

Video: Welcome

Fully explores the intricacies of working with this information management software.
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  1. 1m 0s
    1. Welcome
      1m 0s
  2. 27m 6s
    1. Starting Excel
      2m 59s
    2. The user interface
      10m 13s
    3. Customizing the user interface
      13m 54s
  3. 34m 43s
    1. Creating and opening workbooks
      8m 16s
    2. Importing workbooks
      9m 11s
    3. Saving workbooks
      5m 38s
    4. Using Undo and Redo
      4m 5s
    5. Sheets vs. pages
      7m 33s
  4. 1h 16m
    1. Adding and removing sheets
      6m 55s
    2. Copying and moving sheets
      5m 4s
    3. Renaming and hiding sheets
      4m 18s
    4. Selecting sheets and their components
      7m 17s
    5. Cell basics
      8m 3s
    6. Auto-filling cells
      4m 44s
    7. Restricting input with validation rules
      8m 41s
    8. Quick and easy functions
      6m 53s
    9. Manipulating cells
      8m 49s
    10. Working with rows and columns
      9m 27s
    11. Sorting and filtering
      6m 6s
  5. 52m 7s
    1. Using pre-defined ledger sheets
      8m 46s
    2. Using AutoFormat
      6m 42s
    3. Conditional formatting
      6m 53s
    4. Working with styles
      3m 50s
    5. Creating, renaming, and selecting styles
      5m 55s
    6. Applying themes
      5m 30s
    7. Creating and deleting themes
      6m 28s
    8. Using headers and footers
      8m 3s
  6. 56m 48s
    1. Using basic formulas and functions
      8m 50s
    2. Using the Formula Builder
      6m 46s
    3. Understanding cell references
      6m 32s
    4. Using common functions
      11m 1s
    5. Joining text in cells with concatenation
      6m 25s
    6. Using the SUMIF function
      6m 38s
    7. Using the Lookup function
      5m 46s
    8. Performing a Goal Seek analysis
      4m 50s
  7. 41m 37s
    1. Adding charts
      8m 25s
    2. Modifying charts
      5m 25s
    3. Adding data to a chart from multiple sheets
      4m 53s
    4. Formatting general chart attributes
      10m 37s
    5. Advanced chart formatting
      12m 17s
  8. 38m 48s
    1. Adding and removing text
      8m 11s
    2. Formatting text
      13m 38s
    3. Using the Format Painter
      3m 1s
    4. Using special characters
      5m 29s
    5. Using hyperlinks
      8m 29s
  9. 34m 27s
    1. Splitting and freezing rows and columns
      5m 53s
    2. AutoCorrect options
      7m 34s
    3. Checking spelling
      7m 34s
    4. Other reference tools
      6m 49s
    5. Find and Replace
      6m 37s
  10. 1h 19m
    1. Inserting text boxes
      4m 9s
    2. Copying with text boxes
      4m 27s
    3. Modifying text in a text box
      12m 17s
    4. Creating bulleted and numbered lists in a text box
      5m 4s
    5. Working with shapes
      8m 28s
    6. Adding and adjusting images
      11m 41s
    7. Adding SmartArt graphics
      8m 14s
    8. Adding WordArt
      8m 44s
    9. Adding video
      5m 37s
    10. Aligning and layering objects
      10m 37s
  11. 20m 52s
    1. What are PivotTable reports?
      3m 15s
    2. Creating a PivotTable report
      9m 24s
    3. Manipulating your PivotTable report
      8m 13s
  12. 30m 34s
    1. Printing a sheet
      7m 30s
    2. Exporting to other formats
      6m 40s
    3. Protecting a workbook
      4m 54s
    4. More protection and tracking changes
      7m 25s
    5. Sending a spreadsheet with comments via email
      4m 5s
  13. 11m 17s
    1. Creating a template
      4m 32s
    2. Modifying a template
      2m 57s
    3. Adding a template to the Elements Gallery
      3m 48s
  14. 28s
    1. Goodbye

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Excel 2008 for Mac Essential Training
Video Duration: 0s 8h 27m Beginner


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From customizing the interface to producing professional reports, Excel 2008 for Mac Essential Training fully explores the intricacies of working with this information management software. Using real-world examples, instructor David Rivers explains how to manipulate workbooks; use formulas and functions; perform goal-seeking analyses; lay out and present text and charts; use basic templates; and create custom templates, themes, and layouts. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Customizing the user interface Using workbooks Adding and removing sheets Restricting input with validation rules Formatting workbooks Using formulas and functions Working with charts Adding, removing, and editing text Aligning and layering objects Creating PivotTable reports Sharing spreadsheets Creating custom templates
Excel Excel for Mac


Hi, I'm David Rivers and welcome to Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac Essential Training. You know, Excel is the world's leading spreadsheet application, and there have been a number of improvements and enhancements made to this latest version from Microsoft. In this title we'll be exploring changes to the user interface before moving on to the basics of working with a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel. We'll explore tips and tricks for working efficiently with sheets in a workbook. We'll get into common formulas and functions as well as some of the more advanced functions when it comes to working with numbers in Excel.

And then we'll explore ways to make your spreadsheets standout by enhancing your data and adding components like charts, graphics and other objects. Of course sharing your work with others is always important, so we'll examine several ways to effectively do that while protecting the integrity of your data at the same time. So let's not waste any time. Let's get started with Microsoft Excel 2008 for the Mac.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Excel 2008 for Mac Essential Training .

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Q: How does one generate an average using cells in columns that are not consecutive i.e. a7,c7,e7...?
A: To get an average of non-contiguous cells, you can either select them individually, or type them in manually.  Here are the steps involved:
1. Click in the cell where you want the average to appear
2. Start the function by typing: =average(
3. Now, either type the cells addresses (ie A7,C7,E7) or select each cell by clicking them while holding the Command key.
4. Close off the function with closing round bracket: ) and press Return key
You should see the answer in the cell where you entered the function.  Checking the formula bar, your finished "formula" will look something like this:





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