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Using My Day


Entourage 2008 for Mac Essential Training

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Video: Using My Day

Okay, now let's take a look at not only a brand-new feature of Entourage, but what can also be considered a brand application in Microsoft Office. It's called My Day and it's a little mini- application, almost like an OS X widget that sits on your screen, and helps you to keep track of your day's activities. Now My Day is a standalone application, but it's not stored at the same level as the other Microsoft Office 2000 applications. So if I were actually to go and look to my Applications folder and go to my Microsoft '08 folder here, you can see in this main folder here we're got Entourage, Excel, Messenger, PowerPoint and Word.
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  1. 1m 4s
    1. Welcome
      1m 4s
  2. 14m 51s
    1. The toolbar
      5m 21s
    2. The Favorites bar
      2m 13s
    3. The main window and the Quick Filter
      3m 58s
    4. Components overview
      3m 19s
  3. 24m 20s
    1. About identities and accounts
      2m 30s
    2. Creating a new account
      11m 13s
    3. Configuring POP and IMAP settings
      5m 32s
    4. Importing data from other mail applications
      3m 19s
    5. Making Entourage your default email application
      1m 46s
  4. 27m 51s
    1. Importing contacts from the Address Book
      3m 26s
    2. Adding contacts
      6m 46s
    3. Display and search options
      6m 52s
    4. Creating groups
      3m 1s
    5. Working with vCards
      3m 21s
    6. Exporting contacts
      4m 25s
  5. 24m 1s
    1. Viewing the Calendar
      6m 26s
    2. Adding events
      10m 58s
    3. Sending and receiving invitations
      6m 37s
  6. 33m 41s
    1. Working with notes
      5m 58s
    2. Creating tasks
      5m 9s
    3. Flagging an item as a to-do
      6m 19s
    4. Linking items
      5m 2s
    5. Using My Day
      11m 13s
  7. 28m 53s
    1. Creating a new message
      7m 17s
    2. Formatting text
      3m 32s
    3. Adding a signature
      4m 33s
    4. Adding attachments
      5m 18s
    5. Replying to email
      2m 43s
    6. Forwarding and redirecting email
      3m 0s
    7. Sending email
      2m 30s
  8. 25m 10s
    1. Checking for new mail
      3m 9s
    2. Receiving and saving attachments
      4m 42s
    3. Managing junk mail
      7m 57s
    4. Creating message folders
      5m 0s
    5. Creating message rules
      4m 22s
  9. 16m 30s
    1. Creating a new project
      4m 55s
    2. Adding items to the project
      8m 59s
    3. Backing up the project
      2m 36s
  10. 23s
    1. Goodbye

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3h 17m Beginner Feb 29, 2008

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From setting up Entourage as the default mail application to managing projects across the other Office applications, Entourage 2008 Essential Training teaches users how to fully take advantage of this software. Instructor Garrick Chow begins by covering how to create and configure accounts and import Address Book information, and then moves on to explore working with the Calendar to adding and updating events, sending and receiving invitations, flagging to-do items, creating project plans, and more.

Topics include:
  • Creating and configuring new accounts
  • Making Entourage the default email application
  • Importing contacts from other applications
  • Syncing with Apple Address Book and iCal
  • Managing events
  • Flagging items as to-dos
  • Writing and sending email
  • Receiving and saving attachments
  • Creating a new project in the Project Center
Garrick Chow

Using My Day

Okay, now let's take a look at not only a brand-new feature of Entourage, but what can also be considered a brand application in Microsoft Office. It's called My Day and it's a little mini- application, almost like an OS X widget that sits on your screen, and helps you to keep track of your day's activities. Now My Day is a standalone application, but it's not stored at the same level as the other Microsoft Office 2000 applications. So if I were actually to go and look to my Applications folder and go to my Microsoft '08 folder here, you can see in this main folder here we're got Entourage, Excel, Messenger, PowerPoint and Word.

If I look inside the Office folder in here, I have to dig deep and find My Day. There's the application sitting right in there. It's stored here because I guess Microsoft didn't want to seem like it was on the same level as an application as Word and Excel and PowerPoint and Entourage and you could launch My Day from here, but it's much easier to open it from Entourage rather than navigating through all these folders or, of course, you can add it to your OS X dock by dragging its icon down into your dock. But I'll show a couple other ways to open My Day. I'll just go and close that folder and we're back here in Entourage.

You can see the My Day button sitting right up here and clicking it opens My Day, the same as if you clicked on its icon in the dock or open it from your applications folder. So this is the My Day window. Notice that it floats above all other applications on my screen. So even if I were to open a non-Microsoft Office application like my browser, you can see that My Day still floats here on top of it. Now on a small screen resolution like the one I'm recording this movie on, this can get a little bit annoying because My Day just sits there covering up space I probably need to use for other things. But on a larger monitor at a high-resolution, you can just tuck the My Day window into a corner or if you have a second monitor, it's nice to drag it somewhere on a secondary monitor and you just leave it open all the time on there.

But if you don't have screen real estate to spare to keep My Day open, you can toggle the window open and closed by pressing Control + M, M as in mandible. So Control + M hides it, Control + M shows it. And as long as My Day is running, Control + M will always show and hide it, no matter what application you are working in. So even if I am working here in Safari, and I'm at lynda.com, if I want to get rid of My Day for the moment, I can press Control + M and I can browse through the Online Training Library here.

And whoops! I need to check my schedule. Press Control + M and again it pops up. Let's go ahead and close the browser. Now the My Day window is itself divided into two main areas and this is the divider line right here, these little 3 dots you see here. It's kind of hard to see sometimes when you have a lot of events or items inside your My Day window. But the top half contains your calendar events and the bottom half displays any To Do items you've created. And as its name implies, the entire My Day window is basically showing me my day. Today is January 28th, as you can see up here.

And this is the current time, 10:36 AM, and it tells me that I'm free today because I have nothing scheduled for today in my Entourage calendar. It does display my next upcoming appointment. In this case I have a lunch meeting on Wednesday. It says Upcoming on Wednesday at 12 noon. Now if there's any other information about the meeting, you can see I clicked on it and as I roll over it, you can see it gives me more information about that. It's a lunch meeting at the Veggie Joint and if I hold my mouse there for moment, that actually pops up in the little tool tip window there. Now if I want to get more info I can always double click the item here in My Day and that actually opens the listing in its entirety in Entourage. I've got a lunch meeting scheduled here and here's all the other information.

Go ahead and close that. I can also navigate through my schedule, day by day in the My Day window, using either the right arrow or the left arrow found up here. So if I go forward to Wednesday I can see, okay here's my Wednesday lunch meeting. Also notice that the hour of noon is highlighted right here. I've got a 12 to 1 meeting, and so it's highlighted and that just gives me a quick visual tipoff that I've got something going on at that time. And this time bar is pretty cool because it actually moves ahead very slowly as the day goes by so you can always see if something's coming up the next several hours. You can see right now it shows me all the way to four o'clock that day.

And if I want to check out the rest of my current day I can always just click the Today button, which is this a little dot here. I don't have to hit the Back arrow several times just to get back to today. Now let's say a co-worker just popped by my office right now to tell me about a conference call that I should probably be in on at say four o'clock this afternoon. I want to add that to my Entourage Calendar so I'll come over to Entourage, go to my Calendar and today is the 28th. So I'm just going to double-click on the 28th. Conference call. I'll make that 4 PM, and let's say that's going to run until 5:30.

Let's close and save that. And you can see right away that appears on My Day window. There's a conference call 4:00 to 5:30. Notice it now says I'm free until 4 PM up here and if I scroll a little bit forward in this bar you can see that four o'clock to about 5:30 is highlighted in there, telling me that I'm busy for that span of time. So how cool is that? And still, because I have the room here, it shows me that I do have another meeting coming up on Wednesday. Now down here in the bottom half, as I mentioned earlier, you see list of the To Do items you've created and as you accomplish these tasks instead of checking them off in Entourage, you can just check them off right here.

So if I've done this E-mail Lenny task, I can go ahead and check that. It gets crossed off for a brief second and actually disappears from the screen, freeing up room for other To Do items to appear. So if I had a longer To Do list, that item would have gone away and the next item would have popped up at the bottom. If I go to actually check out the To Do list in Entourage, you can see that line is now crossed out. Pretty cool. You can also create new tasks right here in the My Day window too. So if I want to remember to e-mail the notes from this conference call to my supervisor after I sit in on that conference call, I can click the New Tasks button right here to open up this little field here. I can say, E-mail Jan conference call notes.

You can see it's added right there and it was also added to my To Do list here in Entourage. Now if I wanted to be more specific and add things like due dates or reminders to this task, I just double click it to open up the window here in Entourage and I can be as detailed I want here. But My Day just gives me a quick way to jot down a task and if I finish that task, I can just check it off here without ever having to go into Entourage to do it. My Day also features a nice little Print button here, which lets you print out your schedule for the day. Just come in in the morning and hit this Print button and I'll just do a Preview so you can see what it would look like a paper.

And as you can see, here we have a nicely formatted sheet showing you your schedule and To Do's. So the schedule items appear here at the top. Any To Do items appear down here and they've even printed little check boxes here so I could take a pen and just check these off on paper if I wanted to. So for the kind of person that likes to have a printout of your daily schedule, you can just make this the first thing you do each day. Of course it would help if the My Day application opened itself up every time you turn on your Mac, which it should do by default, but if it doesn't you can make it do so by going to the Preferences button right here and opening up your My Day preferences.

So we have three categories here: General, Events and To Do List. Under General, we have an option here that says, Open after computer logon. So by keeping that checked, My Day will always open whenever I restart my computer. So you never have to remember to turn it on yourself. Of course that also works the other way. If you don't want My Day launching every time you start out, just uncheck this option and it won't start up each time. But if you use My Day, I definitely suggest keeping that checked. We also have several other options here to customize how My Day behaves. For example, if you don't like that it always covers up all the other programs on your screen, you can uncheck Keep on top of all other applications.

So that way it will fall behind other windows, just like any other application normally does. I'll leave that checked. You also change the keyboard shortcut that shows or hides My Day by clicking in here and then saying "Type a key." I do like Control + M so I'll keep that, and you can also whether to put the My Day icon in your dock, which it is by default and you can see it down here. Or if you want to put it in your menu bar up here. If you have space you might want to put that there because I tend to find a little less obtrusive up there. You can say Show on Mac OS X menu bar. I'll keep it in the dock for now, because it does require you to restart My Day if you change the option here. We also some other options are under Events. You can choose which calendar's information is displayed in My Day. Right now I only have my own Entourage calendar shown in here, but if you happen to work on a Microsoft Exchange server at your company and other people give you access to their calendars you can display those calendars in Entourage and choose to show them in My Day as well from here.

Down here the bottom if I want to display events that I've set up with a Free status, I can check this box. Now, I didn't really cover event status in the calendar chapter but let me show you what really means. Let me go back to Entourage here. And let's say that the conference call that I'm doing this afternoon really isn't that important. I'm just scheduling it on my calendar so I remember to call in if I don't have any other pressing business. If something more important comes up I can leave that call. So technically I'm really free between 4 and 5:30. Let's double-click this, and I'm going to come up here to the Status menu and just change this to Free.

Save that and watch the My Day window here. Notice that the conference call has now disappeared. Well I do want to see the events so I remember to call in if I'm not doing anything else so I'll go back to My Day Preferences and check Show events with "Free" status and when I click OK, you can see that now appears, but it still tells me that I'm free all day today. So that's what that option means, when you see Show events with "Free" status. And the third section in My Day Preferences covers your To Do items and here it's just a matter of determining which items you want to have displayed and I think most of these are pretty self- explanatory, Show items that are due today or starting today.

You can include any e-mails or contacts you flagged as To Do items. You can include items with no start date, no due dates or include overdue items. I'll just leave everything there checked. Some other things to keep in mind about My Day. You can resize the window as necessary by grabbing this handle here in the lower right-hand corner. So if you have the screen real estate to spare, you can make this a nice wide window or make it a tall window or even just drag it all away up. And this is about as small as you can make you right here. You'd really only see any highlights here of things you'd have to do.

Notice that also collapsed the To Do list here so I can drag this separator line here up, to show my To Do items again. There is also a live Entourage icon here. Click that to jump back to Entourage. So even if a Entourage is a closed here, I can click the Entourage button and that will bring it back. Speaking of the closed window, just like when you close Entourage, it doesn't really quit, you can see Entourage are still running here. If you uses the close button up here in My Day, it doesn't really quit either. It's still down here in the dock showing that it's still running. So I'll click on it to open it up again.

If you really want to quit My Day just make sure it's the frontmost application by clicking its window once, and you can see My Day is in the menu bar here. You choose My Day, Quit My Day or press Command + Q. You can also right-click or Control-click its icon to choose Quit from here, just like any other application or if you chose to display the My Day icon in the menu bar, you can click on that and you can choose Quit from there as well. I'll press Command + Q, and it's really quit. You can see it's no longer live in the dock here. [00:11:06..54] So that's My Day, a new application in Office 2008 that acts as a window into your Entourage schedule and tasks.

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