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Adding data content to discs

Adding data content to discs provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Chad Perkins as… Show More

Encore CS4 Essential Training

with Chad Perkins

Video: Adding data content to discs

Adding data content to discs provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Chad Perkins as part of the Encore CS4 Essential Training
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  1. 3m 56s
    1. Welcome
      1m 19s
    2. Is there a trial version of Encore?
    3. Using the example files
      1m 43s
  2. 18m 55s
    1. Using this chapter
    2. Using content included with Encore
      3m 19s
    3. Adding a menu to a project
      2m 51s
    4. Importing assets
      3m 7s
    5. Understanding timelines
      2m 19s
    6. Creating links and navigation
      4m 5s
    7. Introduction to exporting
      2m 33s
  3. 23m 6s
    1. Understanding disc formats
      1m 46s
    2. About television standards
      1m 56s
    3. What is transcoding?
      2m 55s
    4. Exporting video for Encore
      3m 17s
    5. About compression
      3m 10s
    6. Bits vs. bytes
      1m 50s
    7. The importance of bit budgeting
      2m 45s
    8. About pixel aspect ratios
      3m 21s
    9. About overscan and safe areas
      2m 6s
  4. 28m 13s
    1. Knowing your audience
      1m 6s
    2. Creating a new project
      3m 50s
    3. A quick look at the interface
      4m 42s
    4. Rules for importing
      2m 47s
    5. Importing assets as Encore objects
      1m 22s
    6. Previewing assets in the Project panel
      2m 3s
    7. Organizing the Project panel
      2m 24s
    8. Using the Properties panel
      2m 48s
    9. Getting familiar with the Library panel
      5m 39s
    10. Using the Resource Central panel
      1m 32s
  5. 21m 26s
    1. Understanding menus
      3m 51s
    2. Creating a menu
      4m 48s
    3. Editing menus
      4m 31s
    4. The Menu Viewer vs. the Menu panel
      2m 27s
    5. Creating motion menus
      3m 43s
    6. About submenus
      2m 6s
  6. 24m 40s
    1. The anatomy of a button
      5m 8s
    2. Using the black and white arrows with buttons
      1m 39s
    3. Viewing and adjusting button routing
      4m 20s
    4. Using buttons with video preview
      3m 4s
    5. What is a subpicture?
      2m 15s
    6. About subpicture states
      2m 2s
    7. Changing subpicture colors
      4m 14s
    8. Creating subpictures from text
      1m 58s
  7. 18m 15s
    1. What is a timeline?
      2m 19s
    2. Using the Monitor
      3m 19s
    3. Creating chapter markers
      1m 51s
    4. Setting poster frames
      2m 16s
    5. Creating chapter points automatically
      1m 39s
    6. Editing video in the timeline
      3m 38s
    7. The Timeline Viewer vs. the Timeline panel
      1m 33s
    8. Exporting a frame as a file
      1m 40s
  8. 18m 54s
    1. Creating navigation with the Properties panel
      2m 53s
    2. Linking chapter markers to submenu buttons
      2m 1s
    3. Setting a "first play" object
      1m 25s
    4. About end actions
      1m 51s
    5. Creating navigation with the Flowchart
      2m 42s
    6. Using some new Flowchart tricks
      1m 1s
    7. Auto-selecting button names from links
      1m 54s
    8. Creating user permissions for a disc
      2m 1s
    9. Creating user permissions for a menu
      1m 6s
    10. Creating user permissions for a timeline
      2m 0s
  9. 18m 45s
    1. Creating and using guides
      1m 41s
    2. Creating and adjusting text
      5m 12s
    3. Adding drop shadows to text and other objects
      3m 28s
    4. Adding styles to text and other objects
      2m 46s
    5. Automatically arranging objects
      1m 38s
    6. Transforming objects
      4m 0s
  10. 22m 43s
    1. Using audio in Encore
      2m 15s
    2. Understanding 5.1 surround sound
      1m 31s
    3. Adding audio while a menu plays
      1m 27s
    4. Allowing users to change the disc language
      6m 27s
    5. Creating subtitle tracks
      3m 1s
    6. Using imported subtitles
      2m 45s
    7. Exporting subtitles as a text file
    8. Creating subtitles with multiple colors
      4m 28s
  11. 18m 1s
    1. Introducing slideshows
      2m 50s
    2. Adjusting slideshow properties
      5m 2s
    3. Adding transitions to slides
      3m 13s
    4. Adding motion to slides
      3m 14s
    5. Syncing slideshows to audio
      1m 41s
    6. Slideshows and bit budgeting
      2m 1s
  12. 7m 25s
    1. What is a playlist?
      5m 26s
    2. Using chapter playlists
      1m 59s
  13. 18m 32s
    1. The power of end-action overrides
      3m 51s
    2. Using replacement layers
      2m 58s
    3. Looping menus
      3m 2s
    4. Replacing a menu
      1m 37s
    5. Creating a chapter index
      2m 16s
    6. Using photos and video as subpictures
      4m 48s
  14. 20m 55s
    1. Creating "Easter eggs"
      5m 15s
    2. Making games
      3m 3s
    3. Using menu transitions
      6m 7s
    4. Using subpictures as art
      3m 40s
    5. Creating a video menu
      2m 50s
  15. 9m 4s
    1. Why use Encore as a presentation tool?
      3m 25s
    2. Using subtitles with slideshows
      2m 12s
    3. Creating slideshows with manual advance
      2m 0s
    4. Adding data content to discs
      1m 27s
  16. 21m 42s
    1. About this chapter
      1m 23s
    2. Introduction to the Photoshop layer codes
      1m 19s
    3. The button set codes
      4m 11s
    4. The subpicture highlight codes
      5m 36s
    5. The replacement layer code
      3m 15s
    6. The video button code
      2m 44s
    7. The submenu navigation codes
      1m 36s
    8. Using pre-built menus as templates
      1m 38s
  17. 13m 46s
    1. About Flash and Encore
      1m 58s
    2. Creating buttons that link to websites
      1m 5s
    3. Exporting a SWF file
      2m 44s
    4. Changing the SWF output size
      1m 41s
    5. Using HTML templates as backgrounds
    6. Importing other HTML templates
    7. Using FLV vs. F4V video
      1m 47s
    8. Checking a Flash project for errors
      1m 20s
    9. Creating a SWF file with streaming video
      1m 36s
  18. 19m 39s
    1. Using Adobe Bridge to browse for assets
      4m 36s
    2. Importing sequences from Premiere Pro via Dynamic Link
      2m 54s
    3. Updating markers from Dynamic Link video
      1m 39s
    4. Using Speech Search in Premiere to help create subtitles
      2m 39s
    5. Creating motion menus in After Effects
      4m 20s
    6. Making buttons and subpictures in After Effects
      3m 31s
  19. 9m 46s
    1. What are Blu-ray discs?
      2m 2s
    2. Setting up Blu-ray projects
      1m 28s
    3. About the Blu-ray codecs
      1m 58s
    4. Creating Blu-ray popup menus
      2m 36s
    5. Previewing pop-up menus over a timeline
      1m 42s
  20. 19m 58s
    1. Encore's Automatic Letterbox
      2m 17s
    2. Previewing your disc
      1m 44s
    3. Rendering for previews
      1m 53s
    4. Checking your project for errors
      3m 27s
    5. Fixing broken projects using the cache
      2m 9s
    6. About copy protection
      1m 43s
    7. About region encoding
      1m 37s
    8. About output options
      2m 16s
    9. Duplication vs. replication
      1m 18s
    10. Fixing the audio_TS problem
      1m 34s
  21. 20m 54s
    1. Setting up a project
      1m 18s
    2. Creating a menu in Photoshop
      8m 2s
    3. Importing and organizing content
      3m 13s
    4. Creating a slideshow
      2m 32s
    5. Linking objects
      4m 6s
    6. Testing and exporting a project
      1m 43s
  22. 26s
    1. Goodbye

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Adding data content to discs
Video Duration: 1m 27s 6h 18m Beginner


Adding data content to discs provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Chad Perkins as part of the Encore CS4 Essential Training

View Course Description

Encore CS4 Essential Training covers not only the basic workflow for creating DVDs, but also the important technical concepts and advanced features that can lead to real mastery of this powerful application. Chad Perkins demonstrates how to import and organize assets; assemble them into a timeline; and provide navigation via menus, buttons, and links. He discusses output alternatives such as Flash and Blu-ray, and integration with other CS4 applications like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. A series of projects is used to reinforce the techniques and concepts. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding disc formats, compression, and pixel aspect ratios
  • Creating navigation with the Flowchart
  • Working with subtitles and surround sound
  • Adding games and "Easter eggs"
  • Using Encore as a presentation tool
  • Creating menus from scratch in Photoshop
  • Testing and exporting

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