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Identifying your media


Photoshop Elements 9: Scanning and Restoring Photos

with Janine Smith

Video: Identifying your media

Identifying your media provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Janine Smith as part of the Photoshop Elements 9: Scanning and Restoring Photos
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  1. 1m 40s
    1. Welcome
      1m 1s
    2. Using the exercise files
  2. 13m 20s
    1. Identifying your media
      2m 45s
    2. Determining your equipment needs
      2m 24s
    3. Setting your scanner
      3m 26s
    4. Scanning negatives, slides, and film
      1m 11s
    5. Digitizing damaged and delicate photos
      3m 34s
  3. 10m 51s
    1. Importing photos into the Organizer
      3m 34s
    2. Adding captions and notes
      2m 47s
    3. Adding keyword and smart tags
      4m 30s
  4. 25m 11s
    1. Using Levels
      4m 7s
    2. Fixing fades with Threshold
      3m 22s
    3. Adjusting contrast using Color Curves
      4m 18s
    4. Darkening images with blend modes
      2m 12s
    5. Adjusting brightness and contrast
      2m 2s
    6. Using Quick Fix for lighting
      4m 12s
    7. Fixing automatically with Guided Edit
      4m 58s
  5. 18m 59s
    1. Using Levels to fix color
      3m 29s
    2. Correcting color automatically with Enhance
      3m 39s
    3. Correcting color with complementary colors
      5m 19s
    4. Using Color Variations
      3m 28s
    5. Using Quick Fix for color
      3m 4s
  6. 22m 37s
    1. Using the Clone Stamp tool
      5m 24s
    2. Using the Healing Brush
      5m 5s
    3. Working with newspaper and magazine images
      3m 12s
    4. Softening paper texture
      4m 40s
    5. Taming fingerprints
      4m 16s
  7. 42m 52s
    1. Repairing small rips and creases
      4m 22s
    2. Repairing large tears
      8m 22s
    3. Filling in missing pieces
      5m 36s
    4. Reassembling a photo from pieces
      10m 12s
    5. Fixing and replacing backgrounds
      5m 0s
    6. Using Photomerge with panoramas
      3m 59s
    7. Repairing documents
      5m 21s
  8. 22m 48s
    1. Creating a photo book
      6m 1s
    2. Making a calendar
      3m 52s
    3. Creating a personalized greeting card
      4m 26s
    4. Making a slideshow (Windows only)
      4m 22s
    5. Creating a flyer
      4m 7s
  9. 25s
    1. Final thoughts

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Watch the Online Video Course Photoshop Elements 9: Scanning and Restoring Photos
Video Duration: 2m 45s2h 38m Intermediate Nov 11, 2010

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In Photoshop Elements 9: Scanning and Restoring Photos, professional photo restorer Janine Smith shows how to bring new life to old photos. The course begins with a look at the types of photos that may require restoration, including slides, negatives, prints, and newspaper photos, and options for scanning them. She discusses the types of scanners that are available, from flatbed to film, and the best settings to use for originals. The course then delves into Photoshop Elements tools and techniques to help restore clarity to faded photos and fix problems such as dust, scratches, and tears. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Determining equipment needs
  • Scanning negatives, slides, and film
  • Importing photos in Photoshop Elements
  • Adding captions, keywords, and Smart Tags
  • Adjusting contrast
  • Fixing fading with Threshold
  • Making automatic fixes with guided edit
  • Removing dust, spots, and texture with the healing tools
  • Repairing rips and tears
  • Sharing restored images
Photoshop Elements Elements
Janine Smith

Identifying your media

If your old family pictures are not already on your computer's hard drive, scanning or digitizing your photos is a critical step in digital restoration. But it's not actually the first step. The first thing you'll need to do is identify what you have so you can determine how it needs to be scanned. For instance, if you have slides or negatives, we will need a scanner with a transparency adapter. If you have a photo that's so damaged it's falling apart or one that's in a frame, you may need to photograph it.

It's always a good idea to know just what you're dealing with before you start scanning. So what's in your attic? Gather all your old photographs, film, negatives, slides and documents to take stock of what you have. While going through the photos, try to have an older relative on hand to tell you the story behind the photos and who the subjects are. Make notes for inclusion later. Have a number of archival storage or photo boxes like this, handy to helping categorizing your images.

Separate newer from older photos. Then further divide the photographs into category by damage. Put photos that seemed to be lightly damaged into one pile. Perhaps they're just a little faded or have a slight bend. Create another pile for the ones that are the most heavily damaged or in generally delicate condition. These along with older frame photos might have to be digitized using a camera rather than a scanner.

If your framed photos are fairly recent or in flat frames, you'll probably be able to remove them from their frames to scan them or if they haven't got glass on them, you can simply lay them on your scanner. If photos are very old, in original frames, in cases rather than frames as many old photos such as daguerreotypes are or are in a frame with the glass shaped bubble known as convex ovals, be careful.

Damage can occur when you're trying to take them from their frames. Especially in the case of convex ovals, the photograph which is simply a photograph printed on a very thin cardboard like paper and shaped into a oval by steaming will cave in on itself once the frame is removed. Do not remove them from the frame without the help of an expert. Identifying your images and scanning them the right way for the best possible image will not only preserve your photos digitally but will also help you have the best restoration experience and the very best result.

There are currently no FAQs about Photoshop Elements 9: Scanning and Restoring Photos.

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