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Fixing lighting in Quick Edit


Up and Running with Photoshop Elements 10

with Jan Kabili

Video: Fixing lighting in Quick Edit

Fixing lighting in Quick Edit provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Jan Kabili as part of the Up and Running with Photoshop Elements 10
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Video Duration: 3m 22s2h 5m Beginner Sep 20, 2011

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This course introduces the photo organizing, editing, and sharing features of Photoshop Elements. Author Jan Kabili begins with a look at the Organizer, whose features make it easier to manage and find photos. She describes how to work with keywords and albums and how to use Elements 10's visual search features to find visually similar photos and duplicate images.

Next, Jan addresses Elements’ Quick Photo Edit and Guided Photo Edit workspaces, which streamline and simplify many common photo-editing tasks. She then introduces the basics of editing in the Full Photo Edit workspace, which provides tools for selecting portions of images, retouching, compositing images, adding text, and more.

The course wraps up with an overview of Elements 10's sharing features, including creating greeting cards, printing and emailing photos, and sharing photos on Facebook.

Topics include:
  • Importing photos
  • Keyword tagging
  • Arranging photos in albums
  • Finding similar photos
  • Processing photos in Quick Edit
  • Simulating depth of field with Guided Edit
  • Retouching blemishes
  • Adding text to a selection
  • Correcting lighting and color
  • Making photo creations
  • Sharing photos via email
  • Printing photos
Photoshop Elements Elements
Jan Kabili

Fixing lighting in Quick Edit

Many photos will look better with corrections to brightness and to contrast. You can fix lighting using controls in the Quick Photo Edit workspace. To do that, I'm starting in the Organizer where I'll select a couple of photos to correct. I'll click on one, I'll hold the Control key, that's the Command key on Mac, and click on the other, and then I'll go over to the Fix tab and click the arrow to its right, and I'll choose Quick Photo Edit. Here in the Quick Photo Edit workspace I'm going to start with a different photo. So I'll go down to the Project Bin and I'll double-click the photo of the rose.

My Quick Edit workspace is set up to show a Before view, the original photo, and an After View, a view of the photo with whatever changes I make in the controls on the right. Here in the Lighting section of the controls, I have a couple of Auto buttons, and then if I want more control over lighting, I can try using the sliders down here. On this photo, I am going to with the Auto buttons. I'll start by clicking the Auto Levels button, and that does change the appearance of the photo. There is more contrast in the rose, but I also see an increased color cast up here, and that's often what Levels does: it can shift the colors in a photo.

So I am going to undo the Auto Levels fix by clicking the Undo button at the top of the screen, and I am going to try the Auto Contrast button instead. I'll click that, and now I like the result better. I've increased the contrast a bit. You can see the shadows are darker and the highlights are lighter, but I haven't introduced a color cast. Sometimes the Auto Levels or Auto Contrast button won't give you the result that you want. In that case, you can try to adjust the shadows, the midtones, and the highlights in an image individually using these sliders.

To show you what I mean I'm going to open this other image by double-clicking it down here in the Project Bin. I'd like more room to work with this photo, so I am going to collapse the Project Bin by double-clicking its tab, and I'll make these windows bigger by going up to the toolbar, selecting the Zoom tool, and then clicking at the 1:1 button here in the Options Bar. First I'd like to brighten the darkest areas in this photo, so I'll go to the Shadows slider, and I'll drag that over to the right. And as I do, notice that the tower is getting brighter, but the highlights in the image, particularly in the clouds, didn't really change.

I'd also like to get more detail in the highlight areas, so I'm going to go to the Highlights slider, and I'm going to drag that to the right, darkening the brightest parts of the image. Finally, I might want to increase the contrast in the midtones a bit, so I'll take the Midtones slider, and I'll drag that slightly to the right. I am happy with that result. So now I'll go back up to the top of the Lighting section, and I'll click this check mark to confirm this edit. Then I'll scroll all the way down to the bottom, and I'll add a final touch from the Sharpness section, which is to sharpen this image. Almost every image can benefit from a little sharpening at the end, so I'll click the Auto button, and there is the final result.

As I explained in the last movie, now that I'm done, I need to save a copy of the corrected photo by going to the File menu and clicking Save, and then I could close the photo by clicking the X here at the top right of the Document window. So that's how to use the controls in the Lighting section of the Quick Photo Edit workspace. In the next movie, I'll show you how to adjust color saturation, and hue, and color balance using the controls here in this workspace.

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