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Adding transitions and effects

Adding transitions and effects provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Chad Perkins … Show More

Premiere Elements 4 Essential Training

with Chad Perkins

Video: Adding transitions and effects

Adding transitions and effects provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Chad Perkins as part of the Premiere Elements 4 Essential Training
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  1. 11m 15s
    1. Welcome
      2m 23s
    2. What is Premiere Elements?
      2m 28s
    3. Why use Premiere Elements?
      1m 58s
    4. How to use the exercise files
      2m 40s
    5. About the video in this course
      1m 46s
  2. 33m 50s
    1. The basic Premiere Elements workflow
      5m 5s
    2. Importing video footage
      4m 13s
    3. Working with clips
      4m 19s
    4. Editing a movie
      2m 12s
    5. Adding transitions and effects
      5m 21s
    6. Adding a soundtrack
      3m 11s
    7. Applying a Movie Theme
      3m 54s
    8. Adding a title
      3m 23s
    9. Sharing the final movie
      2m 12s
  3. 37m 30s
    1. Tips for installing Premiere Elements
      1m 43s
    2. About the Welcome screen
      1m 32s
    3. Tips for creating new projects
      2m 40s
    4. Getting familiar with the interface
      5m 8s
    5. Getting video from camera to computer
      4m 26s
    6. Capturing stop motion footage
      2m 10s
    7. Importing media
      4m 36s
    8. Opening vs. importing
      1m 59s
    9. Using the Organizer
      3m 18s
    10. Working with the Project view
      3m 39s
    11. Finding missing footage
      2m 55s
    12. Fixing mistakes
      1m 43s
    13. Using the Help options
      1m 41s
  4. 53m 48s
    1. Introduction to editing video
      2m 21s
    2. When should we cut?
      2m 13s
    3. About the Sceneline and the Timeline
      1m 41s
    4. Navigating in time
      7m 33s
    5. Trimming video in the Sceneline
      4m 8s
    6. Trimming video in the Timeline
      1m 4s
    7. Splitting a clip
      3m 40s
    8. Rearranging the order of clips
      3m 13s
    9. Previewing a video
      1m 50s
    10. Making slow motion and fast motion clips
      4m 15s
    11. Playing a clip backward
      1m 7s
    12. Freezing a frame of video
      3m 6s
    13. Creating a temporary pause
      3m 1s
    14. Moving and transforming clips
      8m 10s
    15. Using markers to work faster
      6m 26s
  5. 18m 6s
    1. What are transitions?
      2m 31s
    2. Basic transitions
      6m 16s
    3. Customizing transitions
      4m 41s
    4. “One-sided” transitions
      2m 43s
    5. Important rules about transitions
      1m 55s
  6. 38m 31s
    1. What are effects?
      4m 4s
    2. Adjusting brightness and color
      7m 4s
    3. Chad's favorite effects
      8m 22s
    4. Giving clips an “old film” look
      2m 45s
    5. Stabilizing footage
      4m 28s
    6. Customizing effects settings
      5m 27s
    7. Making lightning shoot from your hand
      6m 21s
  7. 32m 26s
    1. The importance of audio
      2m 9s
    2. Working with audio
      4m 1s
    3. Mixing audio tracks
      5m 9s
    4. Automatically detecting musical beats
      4m 54s
    5. Unlinking audio and video
      5m 17s
    6. Using a consistent audio source
      3m 41s
    7. Recording narration
      1m 37s
    8. Applying audio effects
      5m 38s
  8. 18m 57s
    1. Understanding animation concepts
      2m 23s
    2. Creating keyframes for fixed effects
      8m 2s
    3. Animating effects
      4m 38s
    4. Fine-tuning animations
      3m 54s
  9. 28m 51s
    1. Using the titling tools
      10m 46s
    2. Animating credits
      6m 3s
    3. Creating titles using templates
      2m 56s
    4. Using the included free content
      3m 55s
    5. Making a slide show
      5m 11s
  10. 12m 5s
    1. What are Movie Themes?
      4m 33s
    2. Applying Movie Themes
      5m 25s
    3. Customizing Movie Themes
      2m 7s
  11. 20m 37s
    1. Adding DVD chapter markers
      5m 25s
    2. Creating DVD menus
      5m 10s
    3. Exporting to DVD and Blu-ray
      3m 13s
    4. Exporting to YouTube
      2m 7s
    5. Exporting to iPhones, iPods, Zunes, cell phones, and other devices
      2m 13s
    6. Exporting to a file on your computer
      2m 29s
  12. 11m 39s
    1. Tips for shooting good video
      2m 52s
    2. Getting a second hard drive
      1m 31s
    3. What camera should you buy?
      1m 46s
    4. Different types of camera storage
      3m 22s
    5. Optical vs. digital zoom
      2m 8s
  13. 49m 52s
    1. About the final project
      1m 53s
    2. Importing and setting up the project
      2m 15s
    3. Arranging the clips
      3m 1s
    4. Adding audio and markers
      3m 59s
    5. Intermediate video editing
      13m 4s
    6. Creating transitions and overlays
      7m 24s
    7. Changing colors with effects
      5m 50s
    8. Applying a Movie Theme
      6m 27s
    9. Personalizing the titles
      2m 44s
    10. Exporting and posting to YouTube
      3m 15s
  14. 1m 48s
    1. Goodbye
      1m 48s

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Adding transitions and effects
Video Duration: 5m 21s 6h 9m Beginner


Adding transitions and effects provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Chad Perkins as part of the Premiere Elements 4 Essential Training

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Digital video is a medium that is now available to almost everyone. It can be captured on anything from a mobile phone to a high-definition camera, and published anywhere from YouTube to Blu-ray discs. In Premiere Elements 4 Essential Training, Adobe Certified Instructor Chad Perkins explores all the video editing capabilities of Premiere Elements 4. Chad starts with a real-world sample project, then covers techniques for importing and editing video; and adding effects, transitions, and animation. He concludes with a final project incorporating all the steps, including exporting and posting. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Purchasing a video camera and shooting video Capturing and importing video and audio Editing video in the simplified (Sceneline) and traditional (Timeline) interfaces Making titles and slideshows Mixing audio tracks, recording narration, and applying audio effects Creating animation and applying special effects Sharing videos on YouTube, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and iPods
Premiere Elements Elements

Adding transitions and effects

Now, we're going to add some pizzazz to our project by adding Transitions and Effects. If you'd like to follow along, I'm using the 04 Transitions and Effects Projects found in the Chapter 02 folder of the Exercise Files. First let's talk about transitions. Transitions are basically special effects that happen between clips to guide us from one clip to the next. Let's back up little bit and go to our first clip. In the beginning of the first clip, we fade from black into our clip and we see the kids in regular motion here and then we go to the second clip, they jump in slow motion. It's really cool but as we look at the end of the first clip and the beginning of the next clip, there is a kind of disconnect there.

They are not really jumping and then all of a sudden they are jumping, it's a little awkward. So what we want to do is soften up the transition between these two clips. We do that of course with a transition. So what we're going do is go over the Tasks panel and click on the Transitions button and as you can see here there are loads of transitions to choose from. Every single one of these boxes is a transition. If you want to preview what some of them do just hold your cursor over it to get a little demonstration of that particular transitions will do. So there is a Clock Wipe, so somebody is in a video waiting for somebody to hurry up and get there or whatever, there is a little Clock Wipe.

We are definitely going to cover a lot of these in Chapter 5, when we talk specifically about transitions. What I'm looking for right now is this in the Dissolve category, Cross Dissolve. Cross Dissolve is probably the most common type of transition, basically it's a very soft way to get point A to point B, it fades out one clip as it fades in the next one. So what I'm going to do is simply drag the Cross Dissolve, just click on it and drag it down to this space, these like right facing arrows here in between the two clips and let go. All of a sudden, as you can see here now, we have a transition.

So now as these kids get ready to jump, there is a nice fade between these two clips. Isn't that better? Yes, that's lot better. I like it much better. Now, let's talk about the end of this clip. The end of this clip, we get to the Dolphin Harbor sign. That's also a little jumpy and a little unexpected. So what we could is we use transitions here to transition from the kids jumping to Dolphin Harbor. We could do something little bit crazier here, so I am going to scroll down and I'm going to look for this one in the New Blue Art Blends elements.

I am going to select this Metallic Ice. Basically it turns both videos clips, this cool Metallic Blue. That's kind of like the transition between them. I like it. So I'm going to click on Metallic Ice and drag and drop in the same way in between these two clips here. By the way, as we'll talk about later, if you want to replace a transition, all you have to do is drag and drop a different one on top of existing one. So if I want replace Metallic Ice with Metallic Copper, all I have to do is drag and drop Metallic copper on to this spot. Metallic Ice would be gone, replaced by Metallic Copper.

It's just that easy. So at the end of this clip, it's kind of cool, these kids turn Metallic Ice and the Dolphin Harbor logo turns Metallic Ice and then its fades out, and starts playing the clip. So let's play that in full speed and see what's it look like. Kind of fun little way to say something different is happening now. Pretty cool stuff. Now lets talk about Effects. Effects can be any thing from a special effect on screen to a color adjustment. The gamut is really huge when we talk about effects.

So I'm going to click on the last clip in the entire sequence here. I am going to go over to the Effects button. As you could see here, there are plenty of effects just like with transitions and they do any one of number of crazy things. There is this cool Earthquake in the NewBlue Motions Effects Elements category. The Earthquake effect, so just like with transitions, we drag and drop to apply it except instead of dragging and dropping it on the space in between two clips, we actually drag an drop it to the clip itself.

So I drag and drop Earthquake on this clip and now when I play it, it's fluttering in and spinning around like crazy. I need to go back to that clip there, there we go. So what I'm actually going to do is hit Ctrl+Z on the keyboard, the Ctrl key and the letter Z to undo that action, to take off the Earthquake. If we go up a little bit farther, one of my favorite effects is under the Generate category. That is Lens Flare. So if you have some sunlight coming in or you just want like an extra little glare, you can drag and drop Lens Flare, and you see that effect that adds.

It's pretty beautiful. I am going to hit Ctrl+Z, one more time. Another thing we can use effects for, right above that are Distortions and I'm scroll down little bit farther, over the Pixelate category, you'll find an effect called Facet and if I drag and drop this on to my dolphin clip, you will see that it's a subtle effect, but it turned everything kind of artistic and painterly. Almost looks like it's a water color now. So If I scrub this Timeline and look at this dolphin playing, all the splashes in the water look like they were drawn by hand with water colors. It's a beautiful artistic effect.

Effects are capable of this type of thing as well. So as you can see with transitions and effects, you can really create a lot of interesting looks for your video projects. In the next movie, we're going to look at adding some audio and additional soundtrack to our movie project.

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