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Element 3D Essential Training

with Chad Perkins

Video: Welcome

Walks you through the Element 3D third-party compositing plugin for After Effects.
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  1. 3m 41s
    1. Welcome
      2m 46s
    2. Using the exercise files
  2. 9m 14s
    1. Creating 3D lightbulbs
      3m 7s
    2. Turning on the light
      3m 23s
    3. Adding the final touches
      2m 44s
  3. 16m 18s
    1. Overview of the Element 3D workflow
      4m 24s
    2. Previewing 3D objects
      2m 6s
    3. Applying materials
      3m 5s
    4. Using lighting presets
      2m 40s
    5. Using the environment
      4m 3s
  4. 23m 34s
    1. Assigning groups
      2m 52s
    2. Adjusting basic transforms
      5m 11s
    3. Isolating model components
      4m 10s
    4. Working with multi-object objects
      4m 10s
    5. Using Scatter and Displace
      5m 32s
    6. Changing an object's anchor point
      1m 39s
  5. 44m 38s
    1. Creating 3D text
      3m 47s
    2. Creating 3D shapes
      5m 59s
    3. Using Photoshop to create 3D objects
      4m 11s
    4. Working with bevel presets
      6m 59s
    5. Tweaking bevel settings
      7m 52s
    6. Adding multiple bevels
      5m 56s
    7. Importing 3D objects
      5m 24s
    8. Using expansion packs
      4m 30s
  6. 42m 2s
    1. Creating custom materials
      6m 40s
    2. Using custom textures
      5m 23s
    3. Working with reflections
      5m 26s
    4. Adding illumination
      3m 26s
    5. Customizing the environment
      3m 45s
    6. Faking opacity reduction
      1m 56s
    7. Faking complex materials
      6m 15s
    8. Obscuring objects with materials
      5m 26s
    9. Creating bumps with normal maps
      3m 45s
  7. 38m 53s
    1. Replicating 3D objects
      10m 43s
    2. Using replicator shapes
      11m 16s
    3. Using a custom replicator shape
      8m 27s
    4. Animating Position Noise
      8m 27s
  8. 24m 53s
    1. Adding lighting
      10m 50s
    2. Using an After Effects camera
      3m 5s
    3. Aligning with nulls
      3m 25s
    4. Working with expressions
      3m 23s
    5. Using the Elementary script
      4m 10s
  9. 30m 21s
    1. Using the animation engine
      4m 53s
    2. Understanding animation types
      6m 35s
    3. Making groups similar
      3m 3s
    4. Fracturing objects
      4m 27s
    5. Animating object materials
      4m 2s
    6. Fading objects in and out
      1m 47s
    7. Animating text
      5m 34s
  10. 24m 27s
    1. Adding fog
      5m 2s
    2. Using ambient occlusion (AO)
      4m 29s
    3. Using AO with invisible objects
      2m 40s
    4. Enabling motion blur
      2m 15s
    5. Enhancing with supersampling
      2m 13s
    6. Working with World Transform
      2m 30s
    7. Creating a shallow depth of field
      5m 18s
  11. 34m 35s
    1. Surveying the project
      1m 52s
    2. Looking at the models
      5m 6s
    3. Replicating the objects
      4m 48s
    4. Adding animation
      6m 16s
    5. Creating the materials
      5m 2s
    6. Examining the lighting
      4m 11s
    7. Telling a story with the camera
      2m 5s
    8. Adding the final polish
      5m 15s
  12. 4m 25s
    1. Final tips and tricks
      4m 6s
    2. Goodbye

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Element 3D Essential Training
Video Duration: 0s 4h 57m Appropriate for all


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Element 3D is a third-party plugin that allows actual 3D models to be created from scratch or exported to Adobe After Effects, and rendered and composited at a high level of quality and impressive speed. Element 3D Essential Training walks you through the entire workflow and feature set. Author Chad Perkins starts with an introductory project to get you comfortable with the overall workflow in Element 3D, including transforming objects, applying materials, and lighting scenes. The course then details how to create 3D text and shapes, apply translucency and reflections, animate objects, and polish your projects with effects like ambient occlusion and motion blur. The course concludes with an advanced project that leverages each of these techniques.

Topics include:
  • Assigning objects to groups
  • Adjusting basic object transform properties
  • Creating 3D objects from text and masks
  • Working with bevel presets
  • Creating custom materials
  • Adding illumination
  • Creating bumps with normal maps
  • Using replicator shapes
  • Animating with the animation engine
  • Creating a shallow depth of field
After Effects Element 3D


Hey folks! My name is Chad Perkins. On behalf of, welcome to this training series. We're going to take an in-depth look at Element 3D from the ground up. First of all, what is Element 3D? Element 3D is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects created by the hero of the After Effects community, Andrew Kramer from After a simple starter project, and some explanation of basic features, we'll look at how Element allows you to create simple 3D objects from scratch, such as text, and extruded masks.

We'll even look at how you can use shapes from Photoshop and Illustrator to create 3D objects in Element. But you could also import 3D objects. Yes, you heard that correctly; you can now, with Element, import 3D objects into After Effects, and we'll look at how to do that. Element also allows you to create and apply materials to 3D objects. We'll look at how to do that from scratch to really improve the quality of our renders in After Effects. We'll also look at some tricks to fake more complex materials.

But Element is even more than this; Element is also a 3D particle generator, allowing you to quickly create an array of 3D objects. We'll see tons of examples of this in action, and really get a firm hold on how to use this replication system in practical ways. We'll also look at evil, stampeding, tiny cows. We'll also be learning a bit about cinematography, so that you can use After Effects' lights and cameras to get the best possible renders out of Element, including how to get the ever popular shallow depth of field look.

On top of all of this, Element also has a powerful animation engine, which allows you to animate between 3D objects. This can create some amazing results that we'll look at, like this. (music playing) Also, really cool text animations, like this. (music playing) Throughout this training series, we'll also be looking at how easy it is to integrate 3D footage into live action shots using Element. Finally, we'll wrap everything up by looking at a little project I made entirely in After Effects using Element 3D.

(video playing) We're going to start from scratch, and learn a ton in this training, so let's get to it.

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