Classroom Management Fundamentals
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Classroom Management Fundamentals

with Aaron Quigley

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Hi there. Let's start off by defining what we mean by classroom management.

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52m 41s Beginner Aug 28, 2014

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K-12 educators: create a classroom culture that increases achievement and decreases disruption—without inhibiting your students' creativity or desire to learn. In this course (our first with real kids in a classroom setting), Aaron Quigley shows you how to create learning-focused environments by minimizing off-task behavior and increasing student engagement. Learn how to develop the traits of effective classroom managers, reduce distraction, give clear instruction, and escalate problems when necessary. Aaron will also provide guides for building a positive classroom culture that sets students up for success, wherever they go next.

Topics include:
  • Developing your voice and confidence
  • Being consistently proactive
  • Setting up procedures and routines
  • Timing everything
  • Intervening and redirecting
  • Making student learning the center of it all
Education + Elearning
Aaron Quigley


Hi there. I'm Aaron Quigley, and welcome to Classroom Management Fundamentals. Throughout this course, we're going to explore some best practices, routines, and even theories that can help create classroom environments that foster student success. During this journey we'll look at teaching examples and pull from my own experiences in the classroom, as well as classroom management experts from around the world. I'll present a variety of ideologies and how you can help your students perform in a classroom setting. Let's start off by defining what we mean by classroom management.

A well managed classroom is a high-performing classroom. If you picture the quintessential classroom, you probably think about students sitting silently in a row with the teacher at the front. Many educators would consider that classroom well-managed, and it might be. But it's not necessarily high-performing. In order to move students from a passive learning environment to active learning, students will need to be engaged in conversation, moving throughout the room and working in groups. That's where our true classroom management comes in as we attempt to move to a more student centric environment. This will be our goal when it comes to a well managed classroom.

We're hoping to create a classroom that can function with student interactions, differentiated groups, and will foster self-motivated learning. We are not trying to create a silent and obedient classroom, but a classroom that encourages student achievement. Let's get started exploring how to create routines, systems, and teacher actions to develop our well-managed classroom

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