Simplified Drupal Sites with Drush
Illustration by John Hersey

Simplified Drupal Sites with Drush

with Jon Peck

Video: Using the exercise files

In this course, I'll be creating a Drupal 7 site

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1h 22m Intermediate Dec 06, 2012

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Manage your Drupal sites even more efficiently with Drush, the shell interface for managing and scripting Drupal site development. In this quick course, author Jon Peck describes what Drush is, how to install it, and how to use it effectively for everyday—and exceptional—tasks.

The course describes how to manage users, download and install modules and themes, archive and restore your entire site, and employ site variables for fast, full control over your Drupal sites. Plus, discover how to script an entire Drupal site installation with and without site profiles.

Topics include:
  • What is Drush?
  • Installing the prerequisite files
  • Installing Drush with PEAR, manually, and just for Windows
  • Installing Drupal sites
  • Managing themes
  • Controlling user access
  • Controlling cache and cron
  • Reading logs
  • Updating modules
Developer Web
Drupal Drush
Jon Peck

Using the exercise files

In this course, I'll be creating a Drupal 7 site from the ground up using the Drush command's line utility. Drush typically resides in the same web hosting environment as the sites it manages. The recommended configuration for the host environment is, PHP 5.3 or above, Apache 2 or above, and MySQL 5 or above. Other web servers, such as nginx or IIS, and other databases like postgreSQL, should function, but will not be supported. Setting up an AMP stack is beyond the scope of this course.

If you do not already have a development server, I recommend using a local development server, running on your work station. The, Up and Running with Linux for PHP Developers, course. Here in the Online Training Library will allow you to have an optimized virtual server running like any other program in your existing operating system. Additionally, an overview of how to interact with a Linux command line is provided with many principles that also apply to Mac OS as well. I will be demonstrating using a server created using this technique.

Alternatively, you can use a web server solution stack package in your native operating system. XAMPP, from, has distributions for Lennox, Windows, Mac OS 10, and Solaris. WampServer, from, is explicitly for Windows, and MAMP, from, is for Mac OS 10 only. Each of these packages will allow you to execute the exercises found in this course. Installing additional software within your native operating system is covered in the course Installing Apache, MySQL and PHP with David Gassner here in the online training library.

If local development is not an option, remote and third party hosted servers that have the appropriate versions of PHP, MySQL, and Apache also support Drupal 7. SSH access to a command line shell is also required to be able to use Drush, so verify that the third party provides shell access. You will need access to the Command's line in the location of the Drupal side installation. For Mac and Linux, the Terminal allows you to access the Command's line, which includes access to the ssh command if a site is hosted remotely.

In Windows, the Command prompt will work with Drash, but does not provide SSH access. You can use the free program PuTTY to connect via SSH to remote servers available from the official PuTTY website. The files for this course are contained in a folder named Sandbox that my virtualized Linux server can access. Depending on your web server configuration, you may need to store these files in a different place such as a remote web server or in a folder accessible by a local Apache, MySQL, and PHP stack.

A quick reference to the brush commands covered in this course is provided as a PDF. Feel free to print out and distribute this quick reference. A final note as different web hosts and configurations serve content from different URLs the address you see in my browser may not exactly match what you see on your work station. Additionally, the locations shown in the command prompt demonstrations will differ depending on the location of site files. The commands will still apply in the same way.

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