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Drupal 6: Creating and Editing Custom Themes

with Chris Charlton

Video: Welcome

Shows how to manage the look and feel of a web site via Drupal's themes.
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  1. 8m 19s
    1. Welcome
      1m 3s
    2. Using the exercise files
      7m 16s
  2. 5m 17s
    1. Learning about Drupal themes
      2m 0s
    2. Building sites today with Drupal
      1m 7s
    3. Required knowledge and software
      2m 10s
  3. 22m 26s
    1. Installing Drupal 6 using Acquia
      4m 4s
    2. Configuring the appropriate modules for a Drupal site
      1m 59s
    3. Creating pages with standard node content types
      4m 36s
    4. Creating custom node content types
      6m 19s
    5. Adding RSS secondary content
      3m 11s
    6. Finalizing site navigation
      2m 17s
  4. 21m 47s
    1. Installing the Theme Developer module (aka Devel)
      6m 27s
    2. Ensuring cross-browser compatibility with conditional style sheets
      5m 3s
    3. Using Firefox extensions for site development
      6m 57s
    4. Working with Dreamweaver
      3m 20s
  5. 35m 13s
    1. Choosing a default theme
      2m 5s
    2. Touring the core themes
      5m 25s
    3. Configuring global theme features and post settings
      4m 46s
    4. Adding a logo and shortcut icon (favicon)
      4m 7s
    5. Setting the administration theme
      4m 0s
    6. Installing a new theme
      3m 47s
    7. Positioning blocks in theme regions
      5m 56s
    8. Setting user theme permissions
      5m 7s
  6. 40m 36s
    1. Using the Color module to change color schemes
      5m 0s
    2. Preparing to build a sub-theme
      7m 13s
    3. Building a sub-theme: Creating the .info file
      8m 51s
    4. Building a sub-theme: Adding custom styles (CSS)
      7m 25s
    5. Building a sub-theme: Adding custom theme regions
      12m 7s
  7. 35m 0s
    1. Exploring a theme folder
      3m 19s
    2. Setting up a theme .info file
      4m 7s
    3. Adding styles (CSS) to a theme
      7m 9s
    4. Including a style sheet for right to left readers
      1m 43s
    5. Creating a print style sheet
      3m 30s
    6. Adding JavaScript to a theme
      5m 49s
    7. Adding graphics and images to a theme
      3m 7s
    8. Understanding theme templates (tpl.php)
      3m 19s
    9. Understanding template variables
      2m 57s
  8. 30m 33s
    1. Understanding page templates
      8m 2s
    2. Creating a template to theme every page (page.tpl.php)
      6m 54s
    3. Creating a template to theme just the front page (page-front.tpl.php)
      4m 33s
    4. Creating a template to theme individual pages (page-node-nid.tpl.php)
      3m 43s
    5. Creating a template for "site offline" maintenance pages
      7m 21s
  9. 13m 20s
    1. Understanding node templates
      4m 24s
    2. Creating a template to theme every node (node.tpl.php)
      2m 16s
    3. Creating a template to theme custom node types (node-type.tpl.php)
      5m 10s
    4. Discovering node templates using the theme developer module
      1m 30s
  10. 21m 32s
    1. Understanding block templates
      3m 32s
    2. Creating a template to theme every block (block.tpl.php)
      2m 37s
    3. Creating a template to theme an individual block (block-module-delta.tpl.php)
      8m 26s
    4. Creating a template to theme all blocks from a single module (block-module.tpl.php)
      3m 41s
    5. Creating a template to theme all blocks in a certain region (block-region.tpl.php)
      3m 16s
  11. 7m 33s
    1. Exploring the comments template (comment.tpl.php)
      5m 20s
    2. Exploring other core modules and their templates (other tpl.php files)
      2m 13s
  12. 10m 5s
    1. Removing unnecessary modules
      1m 43s
    2. Optimizing site performance
      2m 17s
    3. Streamlining site files for launch
      1m 26s
    4. Troubleshooting when a white screen appears instead of Drupal
      3m 15s
    5. Touring Drupal community groups
      1m 24s
  13. 11s
    1. Goodbye

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Drupal 6: Creating and Editing Custom Themes
Video duration: 0s 4h 11m Intermediate


Drupal is widely recognized as a powerful back-end system for web sites, but Drupal 6: Creating and Editing Custom Themes shows how the application can also be used to manage the look and feel of a web site. Web architect Chris Charlton introduces the core themes that ship with Drupal. He shows how to install and administer new themes, change color schemes, and add sub-themes to existing themes. He also demonstrates how to build a custom theme from scratch; integrate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; and apply themes to specific nodes and blocks. Exercise files are included with this course.

Topics include:
  • Setting themes and theme permissions
  • Using the Color Module to change color schemes
  • Building sub-themes
  • Adding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to themes
  • Understanding templates
  • Applying themes to pages, nodes, and blocks
Developer Web


(Music playing.) Hi! I am Chris Charlton. Welcome to Drupal Creating and Editing Custom Themes. In this course, we will explore all of the tools and techniques needed to improve the design of a Drupal website by building and implementing custom themes. We will begin by building a basic Drupal website with a default theme and getting familiar with the tools every Drupal theme designer needs. I will go through how to control and build on top of the standard themes that come with Drupal 6.

Then we will create a custom theme for Drupal by integrating graphics and web technologies like CSS and HTML. Finally, we will cover the specifics of applying custom designs to various pages and elements in Drupal, known as Nodes and Blocks. I have been teaching how to develop web pages for almost a decade and manage one of the largest Drupal user groups in the world. From my experience, Drupal is the most exciting web platform I have come across in my career. It is my favorite solution for building websites.

So let's get started with Drupal themes.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Drupal 6: Creating and Editing Custom Themes .

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Q: I'm editing the code in the file page.tpl.php as shown in the movie "Building a sub-theme: Adding custom theme regions":

<?php if ($content_top) ?>
<div id="content-top" class="clear-block">
<?php print $content_top ?>
<?php endif; ?>

But the browser shows the following error message: 
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENDIF in /home/u/u5522419/www/drupal/sites/all/themes/subgarland/page.tpl.php on line 80.
A: The code is incorrect. (The syntax error, by the way, displayed indicates which line of code contains the error.) The line containing the IF statement is missing the colon character ( : ). It should read:
<?php if ($content_top): ?>
Q: I have a button in Flash, but Internet Explorer is blocking it from opening up. At the top of the window, a message appears saying "Pop-up blocked. To see this pop-up or additional options click here..."
What can I do to this button so that it opens a new browser window and keep IE from thinking it's an unauthorized pop-up?
A: To get around the pop-up blocker, try using the "_self" parameter in Flash. So instead of:
navigateToURL(myURL, "_self");





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