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Interaction Design Fundamentals

with David Hogue

Video: Welcome

Shows how to create interfaces, systems, and devices revolved around user behavior.
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  1. 2m 47s
    1. Welcome
      1m 17s
    2. Who is this course for?
      1m 30s
  2. 15m 51s
    1. What is interaction design?
      2m 11s
    2. The origins of interaction design
      8m 47s
    3. What interaction designers contribute
      1m 5s
    4. Understanding the interaction design process
      3m 48s
  3. 10m 16s
    1. Tools and techniques used by interaction designers
      4m 15s
    2. Documents created and used by interaction designers
      2m 12s
    3. Professional resources
      1m 33s
    4. Fields of study that underlie the work of interaction designers
      2m 16s
  4. 9m 39s
    1. Consistency
      1m 52s
    2. Perceivability
      2m 16s
    3. Learnability
      1m 5s
    4. Predictability
      1m 43s
    5. Feedback
      1m 21s
    6. How the principles form a system
      1m 22s
  5. 14m 53s
    1. Understanding the context of experience
      2m 21s
    2. Understanding need and motivation
      4m 15s
    3. Designing to meet needs
      5m 53s
    4. Persuasive design
      2m 24s
  6. 20m 36s
    1. Gestalt principles
      5m 0s
    2. Designing with grids
      4m 18s
    3. Guiding visitors with sequence, steps, and structure
      4m 19s
    4. Understanding design patterns
      6m 59s
  7. 26m 29s
    1. Effective navigation
      8m 37s
    2. Searching and filtering
      8m 10s
    3. Contextual relevance
      5m 25s
    4. Sense of place
      4m 17s
  8. 20m 16s
    1. Defining sensation and perception
      7m 10s
    2. How people respond to color
      5m 14s
    3. How people respond to motion
      6m 3s
    4. Establishing visual hierarchy
      1m 49s
  9. 31m 6s
    1. Defining cognition
      5m 53s
    2. Cognitive biases
      2m 45s
    3. Communicating with labels and icons
      4m 40s
    4. Framing choices
      3m 20s
    5. Mental models
      5m 17s
    6. Understanding cognitive load
      9m 11s
  10. 25m 31s
    1. Defining behavior for interaction design
      2m 7s
    2. Perceived affordances
      6m 26s
    3. Inputs and sensors
      5m 9s
    4. Designing for clicks and taps
      7m 33s
    5. Providing opportunity for direct action
      4m 16s
  11. 19m 58s
    1. Defining feedback for interaction design
      3m 31s
    2. Deciding on a feedback format
      5m 34s
    3. Place, time, and meaning
      5m 25s
    4. Error handling and messages
      4m 30s
    5. Feedback cycle
  12. 1m 51s
    1. Reviewing the big picture
      1m 51s

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Interaction Design Fundamentals
Video Duration: 0s 3h 18m Beginner


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Interaction design focuses on creating interfaces, systems, and devices revolving around user behavior. In this course, author David Hogue sheds light on designing effective interactions for any digital medium. The course explores the interaction design process, explains how interaction designers work and the tools they use, and details the five essential principles of interaction design: consistency, visibility, learnability, predictability, and feedback. The course also introduces basic psychological concepts and examines the roles of context, motivation, and perception in a design; offers navigation best practices; and shows how to design for motivation and behavior and provide feedback to visitors.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the origins of interaction design
  • Understanding gestalt principles
  • Designing with grids
  • Understanding design patterns
  • Exploring how people respond to motion and color
  • Communicating through labels and icons
  • Framing for content and decision making
  • Understanding mental models
  • Avoiding cognitive overload
  • Defining behavior for interaction design
  • Designing for clicks and taps
  • Understanding the feedback cycle
  • Professional resources
Dreamweaver Fireworks


Welcome to Interaction Design Fundamentals. I am Dave Houge, and in this course, we are going to explore the essential principles and best practices for designing better and more effective interactions for nearly any interface or device. We will start by taking a glimpse back at the origins of interaction design, and move to the present day, with an introduction to the tools and techniques used by today's interaction designers. From there, we'll build a foundation with the five essential principles of interaction design, and get a better understanding of how people perceive, process, understand, learn, and remember information in digital environments.

People's needs and expectations strongly influence their behaviors when interacting with devices, so we'll explore how to create successful designs, while keeping motivation and context in mind. We'll talk about how the structure and organization of content and functionality facilitates interaction, discuss how our sensory systems influence our perceptions, and how we can craft designs to help guide attention, and enhance memory. And through it all, we will show examples, and offer explanations of how to apply this information to your own design methods and techniques.

So let's get started with Interaction Design Fundamentals.

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